Drone News: Matternet FAA Cert., DJI Updates Data Security, DJI Mini 3 Leak?

By | December 2, 2022

In this week’s drone news: Matternet, a medical drone delivery platform has received type and production certification from the FAA, DJI updates their data security following all the buzz about data security with Chinese company DJI, and the FCC database, amongst other things, has shown a new DJI Mini 3. Let’s get to it!

00:00 Introduction
00:12 Matternet Type Certification
00:58 Updates to DJI Data Security
01:43 DJI Mini 3 Sighting

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In this week’s drone news update, we’ll talk about Matternet’s new FAA Production Certificate, New developments in DJI Data Security, and some Mini 3 sightings on the FCC’s website!

Your first story this week is Matternet, who has received a production certificate from the FAA.
As you may recall, in September we reported on Matternet getting a standard type certificate for its M2 delivery drone.
This allows Matternet to produce, test, and issue airworthiness certificates for its delivery drone, which is a big deal. Their drones essentially follow the same process that an aircraft manufacturer such as Piper, Cessna or even Boeing to build and maintain their aircraft.
Matternet is the first drone delivery manufacturer to get this certificate.
Their CEO will be on the PIXL drone show this Tuesday to discuss how they are using drones deliveries in the medical world.

Your second story this week is about DJI and data security.
DJI made an announcement this week that both the Department of Commerce and the Canadian Center for Cyber Security have recognized their DJI Core Crypto Engine.
The DJI Core Crypto Engine is a firmware cryptographic module that provides security services for the entire platform.
This technology makes the drone compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2.
This is a continuation of the ongoing debate about Chinese drones and cyber security that has been going on for the last 2+ years.

And finally, the Mini 3, not mini 3 pro, but the mini 3 has shown up in FCC filings, suggesting a release in the next few months.
DJI Leaker @OsitaLV has also shared label information on the new drone, but information on the drone itself has been limited.
We haven’t seen any other leaks regarding camera, sensor size, flight time, or pricing.

That’s it! Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

In this week's drone news update we'll Talk about matternet's new FAA Production certificate a new development In the DJI data security and then some Mini three information that came from The FCC let's get to it Your first story this week is madernet Who has received a production Certificate from the FAA as you might Recall in September we reported that Matternet was getting a standard type Certificate for its M2 delivery drone This allows Metronet to now produce test And issue airworthiness certificate for The delivery drone which is kind of a Big deal their drone essentially follows The same process that an aircraft Manufacturer such as Piper Cessna or Even Boeing would use to build or Maintain their aircraft matanet is the First drone delivery manufacturer to Actually get this type of certificate And funny enough their CEO will be on The pixel drone show this Tuesday to Discuss how they are using their Delivery drone in the medical world your Second story this week is DJI and data Security yes it's been a while since We've talked about this DJI made an Announcement this week that both the Department of Commerce and the Canadian Center for cyber security have Recognized their DJI core crypto engine Now you may be wondering what is the DJI

Core crypto engine well it's a firmware Cryptographic module that provides Security Services to their entire Platform on the Drone this technology Makes the Drone compliant with the Federal information processing standard Called Phipps 140-2 if you know you know This is a continuation of the ongoing Debate about Chinese drones and their Cyber security that's been going on now For at least the last two years And finally this week's short week the Mini 3 not the Mini 3 Pro but the mini 3 Has shown up in FCC filings uh Suggesting that there's going to be a Release of the Drone probably in the Next few months uh DJI leaker osira LV Uh who's famous for the DJI leaks has Shared the label information on the new Drone but information on the Drone Itself actually has been pretty limited Uh we haven't seen any other leaks Regarding the camera the sensor size the Flight price or the flight time not the Flight price and the the pricing so I Will let you know when we hear more but That's all we have for you this week as Always leave your comments and we'll see You next week Foreign [Music]