Drone News: Mavic 3 Enterprise, Drones vs Sports, Flying 3D Printer, Hurricane Ian DBTG, New Courses

By | September 30, 2022

This week in drone news, DJI released the Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal (as planned), two separate sporting events were interrupted by drones this week end, pausing the game each time, a company in the UK wants to use drones as flying 3D printers, a few tips on how to fly your drone after hurricanes and major disasters, and lastly our new mapping courses are live!

00:00 Introduction
00:54 Mavic 3 Enterprise
05:06 Drones Stop Sports Games
05:50 Flying 3D Printer
06:51 Huricane Ian – Don’t Be That Guy
08:46 New Mapping Courses

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Mavic 3 Thermal and Enterprise Released!
DJI Released the Mavic 3 Enterprise and the Mavic 3 Thermal this week
Enterprise (Mechanical shutter) $3299
Thermal ($4999.00)
Both have available SDKs, 56x hybrid zoom, built in beacon, SDK port on top
Both are compatible with Mavic 3 batteries
NOT compatible with DJI RC Pro – There is an enterprise RC Pro instead

Drones Stop Sports Games
Drones flew over the University of Washington and Seattle Seahawks games this weekend
Play was stopped at both location due to the rogue drones
The stadium and police CAN and WILL track your drone if you do this… Even if it’s not DJI!
Don’t be that guy

Flying 3D printer?
A Project in the UK aims to use multi rotor drones in additive manufacturing.
This is essentially 3D printing using drones.
The goal is to be able to construct tall buildings or perform repairs to buildings using drones and polyeurthane based foam
Accuracy is reported to be within 5mm

Hurricane Ian – Don’t be that guy!
While there isn’t a TFR as of this recording… one or many will likely go up!
Don’t be that guy and cause recovery or rescue operations to stop
If you have a drone and want to help, reach out to your local police or fire to determine if you can provide assistance!

Welcome to your weekly US News update This is the week of September 26 2022 We've got five stories for you this week The first one is the mavic 3 thermal and The mavic 3 Enterprise were finally Released by DJI this is no longer rumors This is the real thing and we'll talk About two drones in two different Occasions that stop sports game this Weekend that's not a good Trend we'll Talk about a flying 3D printer this is a Really interesting concept out of the UK Where they want to well build big stuff Using drones and then we will talk about Hurricane Ian that's about to make Landfall actually by the time you watch This we'll have made landfall in Florida And possibly going up into Georgia so we Have some tips for you and uh and and And hopefully nobody gets hurt with that And then the last thing is really Exciting we have not one not two but Three new courses and then we'll tell You a little bit about the topic and we Are really really excited about this so Let's get to it Foreign [Music] The first story this week we've kind of Been talking about this for a while and DJI finally released their mavic 3 Enterprise and a mavic 3 thermal now I Know some of you are probably sick of Hearing DJI information on this channel

I don't feel so good but this is kind of A big deal because this is uh somewhat What people have been asking for for a While which is a replacement for the Phantom 4 and uh as much as this is not A phantom uh this is a mavic and very Much like the mavic 3 but this comes With a mechanical shutter which is the First drone that we've seen in a very Long time from DJI with the mechanical Shutter which kind of makes us think That this was designed to be the the Replacement for the Workhorse right now Which is the the Phantom 4 for mapping Specifically and so this drone the only Downside at the moment is that it's Pretty expensive at 32.99 Shut Up And Take My Money if you're Looking to do mapping uh the the Phantom 4 was more in the 1700 range also Something that's changed uh they are Equipment available for the Enterprise Which you can put a bunch of accessories On top But the base model at 32.99 does not Come with any of these uh pieces of Equipment they did in the past so that's A bit of a drawback it is definitely an Expensive drone if you're going to be Doing mapping but uh at least we get the Mechanical shutter it still has quite a Bit of good specs so I invite you to go And look at all of them I'm not going to Talk about every single thing because

There is also another drone that was Released which is the mavic 3 thermal uh It has a slightly different payload but The rest of it looks exactly the same This is 49.99 which I think is an Amazing price for a thermal drone it's Going to be extremely competitive now Both of these have the available SDK What this means is that these drones are Actually going to be supported in order To do mapping missions for example or Supported by third-party software we've Actually already seen some of them Sky Bras already has support for the mavic 3 Enterprise so this is a big plus the big Downside to this is that it doesn't look Like they're going to create the SDK for Them mavic 3 Series the basic and the Cine I'm going to call it the basic Because that's just the mavic 3 if you Want and uh and that's a bit of a Disappointment I think a lot of people Had purchased the mavic 3 initially Because it had a good camera uh the the Micro four third sensor and then the Ability to do really good pictures but It may not be supported by uh the the The platforms that do the mapping Mission so that's a bit too bad all These drones have the 56x hybrid zoom on Them and then it also has a built-in Beacon actually was able to play with Them I just came back actually a couple Hours ago from a trip to Oregon I was at

The lead at conference which is the law Enforcement drone Association conference And they had the two drones available There and the beacon is basically Sitting on top of it extremely bright Sitting in the back of the Drone and you Don't really have to worry about having To put other lights on it it's going to Be compliant with a three statute mile Rule and uh there's also an SDK port on Top of the Drone where you can actually Plug a couple things so that's going to Be for future accessory is including the 4G module dongle that's going to go on Top of the Drone so both of these are Compatible with the mavic 3 batteries so If you already have these batteries in Stock then this is something that you Can use the platform in itself look Exactly the same the drawing itself look Exactly the same to the mavic 3. it's Just the top looks different with the New light and then the plugs and then The payload looks different it is not Compatible at the moment so that we've Been told by DJI Not compatible with the RC Pro but it Has its own Enterprise RC pro version Which looks exactly the same it's got a Different software on the inside which Looks very much if you've flown the Matrice 30 or the Matrix 300 it looks Very much like Dimitris 30 and 300 Software just on a smaller screen I was

Able to fly the uh the thermal version Uh was actually pretty impressed with it You have the ability to split the screen And zoom in at the same time and do all The cool things that you can do with uh With these thermal drones so more Information go check out drone Excel our Friend Haya over there he's got all the Specs and all the information Next story not a good one unfortunately Every couple weeks we get uh people that Are doing dumb things with drones and Then it looks bad on the rest of us but Uh this weekend two drones were seen Flying over a University of Washington Game and in the Seattle Seahawk game and Uh both times they stopped the game Actually and then uh looking for the Rogue drone and trying to keep people Safe in case this was not a good Scenario the stadium and the police will And can find your drone and uh that's Also even if it's not a DJI drone so Please be careful a lot of these big Areas are starting to use more counter Uas we're giving these people more ammo To get more counter uas equipment uh Please please please don't be that guy That's just um not a good thing all Right next story is a flying 3D printer This is a cool project out of the UK That plans on using multi-roter drones In what's called additive manufacturing And this is essentially 3D printing

Using drones so a lot large scale 3D Printing if you want to think about it This way the goal is to be able to Construct tall buildings and perform Repairs to the building using drones and Using the polyurethane based foam if You've ever seen there's a video out There of uh it's not a drone but it's a It's a this machine that pours concrete Into walls it creates walls out of Concrete by just basically being like a Big 3D printer this would be the same Idea instead of using concrete to be Using this polyurethane foam and the Accuracy they say will be as close as Five millimeters which is extremely Extremely impressive five millimeters is Really not that big so we'll put a link This is a link to the BBC again that's a Project in UK that's actually really Cool I like seeing these these kind of Things And the last thing is uh a thought to All of our friends and students that are In uh Florida and even Georgia possibly There's no TFR at the moment as I'm Recording this the the hurricane is Actually making landfall uh in the Tampa Area so uh we have quite a few friends We have quite a few uh students out There including our friend Ken from Original Dogo so we hope that these guys Don't make it out too bad with the Hurricane it's always a scary thought

I've lived in Florida long enough that I Went through a lot of different Hurricanes and it's never a fun time so We hope the damage is minimal but Remember if there's damage and if there Is recovery and rescue operations that Are happening please don't fly there Will be TFR temporary flight Restrictions make sure that you check Before you take out your drone and go See what's going on make sure that you Talk to the people in charge of the TFR If they need help at this stage it's Probably too late if you've never done This before it's very very unlikely that The local police or the local fire is Going to want to hire you or even have You help Um in a free capacity even if you have Your part 107 they're looking for people That have experience doing this so stay Out of their way and try to be Respectful of people that have lost Things so especially if you're going to Be going on site traveling from distance Remember when you get there there might Not be a whole lot of things especially If the devastation was pretty uh High You don't want to be another mouth to Feed you don't want to be another person That takes away resources from the People that have been trained to do this So again we hope that everybody makes up Right from this and we'll give you more

Information next week and then the last Thing this week is kind of a bit of a Surprise and uh I'm gonna actually hand It out to our latest guest instructor His name is Jared Jared is a Professional drone mapper and then he's Going to give you information about our Newest course Jared all yours Hey guys my name is Jared I'm with Texas Drone company and Greg has invited me Here to help teach you all about mapping My company in Dallas man we service the Architectural engineering surveying Construction mining we serve all these Industries and the one thing that we Focus on is Maps as a matter of fact we Fly hundreds of maps every month and I'm Here to help bring and unlock that magic For you and help you understand that Process from the beginning all the way Through to the deliverables to your Clients first we're going to talk about Basic mapping how do we even just get a Map and get a deliverable then we'll go Into ground control points we're going To learn about GPS and how the system Works and then we're going to open the Door to modeling and showing how we can Create digital twins of the physical World we're going to talk about Corridor Mapping terrain following and we're Going to get into some more advanced Topics as well check out the link below Get ready buckle up you're going to

Learn a whole lot Foreign