Drone News: Remote ID App, Paladin Module with LTE, Drone Show, Wing Drone Crash

By | October 7, 2022

This week in drone news: the first remote id app was released to the app store, Paladin released an LTE dongle that attaches to the DJI M30 and M300, there was a drone show in New Mexico during the balloon festival, and a Wing delivery drone crashed into a power line leaving people without power.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Remote ID App
03:14 Paladin Releases LTE Dongle for DJI Drones
04:28 Drone Show at Balloon Fest
05:03 Wing Drone Crashes into Power Line

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Free Remote ID App has been Released
The first of likely many apps for remote ID has been announced.
This app is made by Dronetag (whose RID module comes in at $299) and is called “Drone Scanner”
The app is IOS and Android compatible and tracks all nearby flights transmitting RID
Additionally, the app will STORE information about location history and can be exported.

Paladin Releases LTE for DJI Dongle for M30/300
Paladins EXT Dongle bolts on either aircraft's top and plugs into the SDK port for usage. This allows for a flight over extreme distances.

Droneshow at Balloon Fiesta
A droneshow kicked off this year’s Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.
The show celebrated 50 years of the event and used 300 drones
The show was done by Verge Aero, who we’ve previously talked to on the PiXL Drone Show.
Drone shows will continue at the balloon fiesta through Sunday the 9th!

Wing Drone Crashed into Power Lines
A wing drone in Australia attempted to land in a power line, causing a power outage for ~2000 people
This is the first time this kind of event has occurred
No damage was done to the power grid, though the electrical company did state that had damage occurred, they would seek repayment.

Welcome to Weekly uas News update this Is the week of October 3rd 2022. we've Got four stories for you this week the First one has to do with remote ID the First remote ID module was approved and Something that you may not like nearly As much as there's a new app to go along With it to keep track of drones that are Flying around with remote ID we'll talk About Paladin that came up with a module That you can put on DJI drones and That's going to turn your DJI drawing Into an LTE drone it's pretty cool we'll Talk about a drone show at a Balloon Fiesta Festival that was also really Cool and then lastly a drone in Australia crashed into Powerline and This is a wing drone which is not a Small drone so let's get to it Foreign [Music] The first story is a story about remote ID right what would be news update Without a good remote ID news update Well this is the first module that was Approved by the fa uh to be remote ID Compliant this is called a drone tag now This is a company based in Europe the Bad news is this is a 300 module this is The one thing that I was afraid of when We started talking about modules is that These modules were going to be extremely Expensive now keep in mind this is not Required for another year so the the the

Fact that this is the first one is Probably why it's expensive there's Going to be more competition in the Future My Hope if anybody is making These modules and is listening My Hope Is that these modules will cost between 20 and 30 dollars maximum so that people Actually want to buy them to put them on Their drone and actually comply with Remote ID at 300 this is going to be a Massive failure as far as people wanting To comply so I'm not super excited and Too happy about seeing this price tag Now with that comes an app called drone Scanner this app is available on iOS and On Android it is designed to keep track Of drones that have remote ID Um the the one thing that I didn't care For when I downloaded and started Playing with it is that it will have the Ability to store information about Location the history of a flight Basically going in there now it's hard To tell at this stage because we haven't Been able to get any kind of drone Picked on the uh on the on the app in Itself we flew the mavic 3 that we have We flew the Mini 3 Pro as well which are Both approved to be remote ID compliant My guess is that at this stage a DJI Hasn't turned that on just yet even Though the Drone is compliant it's not Really sending a signal also another Possibility when you go into the app in

Itself and you look at the different Settings it only has the ability to pick Up Bluetooth signals at the moment I Don't know if it's because of the phone That I'm using which is not an old phone This is a an iPhone 13 plus but it Didn't have the ability to pick Wi-Fi Signals and I'm guessing that that's What DJI is going to be using instead of Bluetooth so right now the app is not Doing much I don't think anybody can Pick up any kind of signal but I'm sure As things progress you'll be able to do That again keep in mind this is still Very new this is not required on your Drone for another year so there's going To be a lot of changes I know the price Tag is gonna is gonna be a hard pill to Swallow for many including myself but We'll have more information as we see More modules and hopefully that price Comes down drastically all right the Next story this week is from our friends At Paladin they created a DJI dongle Actually well let's put it this way they Created a dongle that that turns in a DJI drone into an LTE drone this means That the Drone can be controlled from a Distance from a long distance the idea Here is to make this a BV loss or a dfr Improvement to help with this type of Operation a dfr drones first responder The the module simply plugs in into the SDK port in the back of the matrice 300

And the Matrix 30 and then it turns the Drone into an LTE controllable drone This works with their platform at the Moment that they're using with a bunch Of different uh Public Safety Departments across the country where They're sending drones to be doing dfr Drone as first responder this is Exciting the device is called EXT it's Going to be available starting October 6. we actually got a chance to use it And test it I'll put a link into the video right up Here but we flew a drone in Texas from Our couch right here in the office in Arizona and it was just an amazing Experience Um yeah go check out the video this is Really something that you want to see All right next story is a drone show out Of Balloon Fiesta Festival this happened In Albuquerque if you're familiar with That huge Festival that happens there They celebrated 50 years this year and They had over 300 drones that were Flying this was done by Verge Arrow we Actually gave them some airspace in the Pixel drone show about a year ago Talking about what they do with drones The Drone show will continue at the Fiesta Festival until Sunday the 9th Which will be a couple days after we put This up we'll put a link down in the Description if you want to see more

Information and the last story this Happened in Australia where a wing drawn Attempted to land in a power line let's Rephrase this it attempted to land and Then landed in a power line that caused A major adage to over 2 000 people in The area this is kind of the first time That this kind of event has happened no Damage was done to the power line grid Per se to the whole grid although the Electrical company said that if they had Damage they would have a seek for Repayment this is something that I think We need to start getting used to power Lines are very difficult to detect Especially with these cans of large Drones that have detect and avoid that Are being flown Beyond visual line of Sight Australia is a bit ahead of the us As far as BV loss implementation so if Anything happens I think we'll see these Trends happening in Australia before we See them coming in the US but I thought This was interesting all right that's All I have uh packed news update this Week and then as always like subscribe Next week we're going to be at the show In Vegas for DJI airworks we're going to See all of our friends from the industry And then be able to see what DJI is Going to tell us so chances are we'll Have a news update that's going to be Pretty heavy on DJI Oh this is heavy I know some of you are

Critical sometimes when we talk about DJI a lot but they uh well they're doing A lot of things so we talk about what Happens in the industry all right that's It we'll see you guys next week Why are things so heavy in the future is There a problem with the Earth's Gravitational pull