Drone News: Remote ID Rules in Effect, Drone Prepared, Country of Origin Ban, eBee Vision, New CBOs

By | December 16, 2022

n this week’s drone news update, we’ll talk about AUVSI Drone Prepared, a chance for those in Florida to comment on the country of origin ban, the new Ebee Vision, New CBOs, and finally, what happens today…

00:00 Introduction
00:15 AUVSI Drone Prepared
05:26 Country of Origin Ban in Florida
06:17 NEW eBee Vision
06:44 New CBOs
07:50 NEW Remote ID Rules in Effect!

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Your first story this week is AUVSI Drone Prepared.
This is a country wide initiative to help coach state lawmakers on creating state specific laws on drones.
The goal of the Drone Prepared program is to ensure states have uniform laws on drone use along with preventing the privatization of airspace.
We think this is a fantastic idea, and we’re big proponents of accessible airspace. To discuss this topic, we have a guest today, Scott Shtofman, the manger of grassroots advocacy at AUVSI…

The second story this week is an update on Florida’s country of origin ban. If you’re not familiar, local, state and contract drone pilots are not allowed to use Chinese drones such as DJI or Autel in Florida. This does not affect civilians but has had a severe impact on public safety agencies across the state being grounded from using their DJI or Autel drones.
And now the Florida legislature is opening comments on a cybersecurity rule for the state of Florida that may help to reduce or negate the affects of the Florida ban on non-blue UAS.
Comments should be professional, and if you are a public safety agency, explain how not being allowed to utilize these drones would cost both time and lives. We’ll put a link down in the comments section.

Your third story this week is a teaser for the new ebee Vision.
This is a new ISR (which stands for Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) fixed wing drone with a reported 32x zoom, thermal payload, and 90 minute flight time.
We are interested to see if this new ebee is a blue UAS, and if it retains the cat 3 designation of other ebees.

Your third story this week is new CBOs!
Both Flite Test Community Association (FTCA) and the FPV Freedom Coalition are now approved CBOs!
Their approved guidelines are now posted on their website and we are preparing a video comparison of all 3 currently approved CBOs.
Remember that if you are flying recreationally, you must select CBO guidelines of your choice. The list of approved CBOs is posted on the FAA website. You can choose any CBO you like, and their guidelines are available for free.

Your final story this week, is that today is the end of the Remote ID extension for manufacturer compliance.
Every drone manufactured for sale in the US (Even the ones on amazon…) need to be remote ID compliant…
We’ve got some questions that we don’t really have the answer to.
I’m not sharing these questions to stir the pot, I want everyone to think about this.
Who is responsible for verifying that their drone is Remote ID compliant?
What happens to home builders of drones operated under part 107?
Who enforces if a manufacturer doesn’t comply?
How do they enforce?
How do you find the manufactured date of your drone to ensure it’s compliant?

Let us know what you think, and have a great weekend!

In this week's draw news update we'll Talk about Au vsi drone prepared a Chance for those in Florida to comment On the country of origin ban the new EB Vision new CBO is approved by the fa and Finally what happens today that's a bit Of a story let's get to it first story This week is auvsi drone prepared this Is a Country-Wide initiative to help Coach the state lawmakers that are Creating drone specific laws in their State the goal of drone prepared is to Make sure that the states have uniform Laws on drone use along with preventing The privatization of airspace which is a Big deal we think that this is a Fantastic idea we're big proponents of Accessible airspace all across the Country to discuss this topic we Actually have a guest today Scott Stoffman who is the manager of grasswood Advocacy at auvsi Scott welcome to the Show thanks for having me Greg So this is uh this is a pretty big uh And undertaking can you tell us a little Bit more about the the reason behind why Auvsi wanted to get into uh into this Yeah thanks Greg so for drone prepared Really it's the culmination of being Involved in the states in regulation Over the last few years uh I joined avsi Officially in January so I've been there For just over a year and prior to that I Was a chapter leader in Texas and we

Were fighting these navigation easement Bills essentially a lot of this work Where we had interests that wanted to Put drones in tollways in the sky right And force us to operate only in specific Areas so what we wanted to do was start Conversations with States and really get Ahead of having to play whack-a-mole so From being really reactive to getting to A place where we're proactive we're Having useful discussions with avsi as An association with our chapters as Knowledge experts and with industry Really just to get States truly on board With an understanding of how can we be Truly ready for what drones can bring to Our states whether that's coming from The perspective of businesses that are Already operating or people that want to Bring in new operations to states and Cities So I'm lucky to live in a state that Already has an exemption can you talk a Little bit more about currently Um first off what is it that my state Does in Arizona for example and what are The what what does it prevent other Cities and things to do and uh second What is the current uh situation with Other states that that don't have that Preemption why is this uh I'm not going To say a bad thing but why is this Something that we need to be careful With yeah so our goal always is to try

And find some certainty so that Operators understand what the the rules Are and so that state and local people Who have an interest also understand What the rules are and what state level Preemption does is it establishes what Are the ground rules what what should Everyone expect to do and I think we've Got you know more than 15 states or 17 States that have some form of state Level preemption which essentially means That rules around aircraft including Drones are made at the state level right So we let the FAA a handle the air Navigation safety and operational safety Which they've been responsible for since They were established and when we let The states really touch on the issues That make sense to them whether that's Privacy or uh you know time manner in Place types of regulations things where We want to make sure that the states Have their power and the locals and Municipalities have their power and the FAA is able to provide safety of the National airspace system so we want to Avoid essentially having a patchwork System of regulations where if I wanted As an operator to go from one town to Another I wouldn't expect completely Different rules about what I'm actually Doing in the air Yeah and this is important to do now Before the system gets too complex

Before we have more complex beyond real Line of site operation and all that Right yeah absolutely you know as we Start to get more and more operations Beyond just the Drone provider who is is Flying commercial uh whether we're Talking about inspection or we're Starting to get into things like drone Delivery Beyond visual line of site Operations and then we start looking Towards Advanced dur Mobility electric Vertical takeoff and Landing larger Aircraft really true integration of Drones and other small aircraft systems In with traditional aircraft and uh Future aircraft is there anything that Uh the people are watching this video Every week can do on their side to help With this how does the community get Involved with this yeah so we set up a Website at droneprepared.org where you Can actually find out more about the Specific plan itself we are having Conversations with state and local Lawmakers and we're working with our Chapters to enable those conversations Further so if you don't know about vsi The association for uncrewed Vehicle Systems International we focus on all Things on groundwater air and this is Very our first foray into really Focusing on the state side with drones So take a look go to avsi.org go to Drumprepared.org if you have questions

Or if you have an interest in Participating reach out to us directly And we'll get you connected that's Awesome well Scott thanks a lot for all The effort and uh thanks to Au vsi for Doing this I think uh I really look Forward to seeing the results that you Get this is this is extremely critical And we you have a full support so thanks For joining us today Thank you Greg appreciate you uh Training a lot of intelligent and smart And safe students through pilot Institute well thanks all right thanks Scott the second story this week is an Update on the Florida country of origin Ban if you're not familiar local state And contract drone Pilots are not Allowed to use the Chinese drones such As DJI or autel if they fly in Florida This does not affect civilians at the Moment but this has had a severe impact On Public Safety agencies across the State being grounded from using their DJI drones or their autel drones and now The Florida legislature is opening Comments on cyber security rules for the State and this may actually help reduce Or even negate completely the effect of The Florida ban on non-blue uas make Sure that your comments remain Professional and if you're a public Safety agency make sure that you explain How not being able to utilize your drone

Is going to cost both time and possibly Even lives we'll put a link down in the Description for you to make your Comments your third story this week is a Teaser for the new EB Vision drone this Is an ISR which stands for intelligence Surveillance and reconnaissance it's a Fixed-wing drone it has a reported 32x Zoom a thermal payload and also a 90 Minute flight time it's going to be Interesting to see if this new EB drone Is actually a blue suas or not and if it Remains a category 3 designation that The other EB drone received recently Next story this week is actually a good One we have new cbos approved by the fa Flight test Community Association ftca And the fpv freedom Coalition are both Approved now as cbos their approved Guidelines are also posted on their Website we just took a look at them a Little bit earlier today we're actually Preparing a video comparison of all Three cbos that are currently approved So give us a little bit of time to Digest all of this information remember If you are flying recreationally in the US you must you must select CBO Guidelines of your choice the list Overproof CBO is posted on the fa Website you can choose any CBO you like Before any flight so if you do a flight Of a certain type and you do another Flight of a certain type you can pick

Two different cbo's just make sure that You're ready to explain those cbos to The FAA if they were to ask you Questions their guidelines are available On their website for free this is Important we did get a lot of questions Last time these have to remain free if The cbos are trying to charge you money To access the guidelines they need to be Reported to the fa your final story this Week is that today is the end of the Remote ID extension for manufacturer Compliance what this means is that every Drone manufactured for sale in the United States even the ones on Amazon Need to be remote ID compliant as of Today we do have a lot of questions that Are still unanswered I'm not trying to Steer the pot here but I do want to Share the question because I want to Make sure everyone starts to think about All of this uh first off who is Responsible for verifying that their Drone is remote ID compliant uh chances Are it's going to be you the pilot in Command Um what happens to home builders of Drones that are operated under part 107 We create drones at if at Pilot Institute here and uh these drones that Are going to be created after today are Going to have to have some sort of Remote ID compliance because that's the Way that it's written in rules we were

Told by the fa that this is not what They meant but at the moment it still is The way that it's written in the rules Who is going to enforce if a Manufacturer doesn't comply how do they Enforce those rules how do you find the Manufacturing date of your drone to Ensure that it is indeed compliant a lot Of questions very little answers make Sure you let us know in the comments What you think and we'll see you next Week Foreign If a manufacturer doesn't comply