Drone News: SkyeBrowse Freemium, New Recreational Rules, DJI Updates 3 Aircraft

By | October 28, 2022

This week in drone news: SkyeBrowse released a completely free version of their videogrammetry software called Freemium. Check it out using the link below. The FAA has released a new advisory circular that is aimed toward community based organizations and recreational flyers; we put out a video on this if you want more information. More DJI leaks and updates, the Air2S is seen with the new smart controller, Mavic 3 Classic, and more.

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04:13 New Rules for Recreational Pilots
04:57 DJI Updates Three Aircraft

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Welcome to your weekly UAS news update Halloween Edition, we have 3 stories for you this week: Skyebrowse Freemium, new upcoming rules for Recreational Pilots, and finally we have DJI updates for the Mavic 3 Classic, Air 2S, and Mini3 Pro! Let’s get to it!

For this second story, let’s talk about new potential rules for recreational pilots. The FAA released a new Advisory Circular, AC 91.57C which finally sets guidance for selecting Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). As planned 4 years ago, the FAA will soon be approving CBOs and their guidelines. Remember that by law, you have to select a CBO guidelines if you’re flying your drone for recreational purposes. And these guidelines are gonna quite in depth according to this new document. We’ve got a video out to explain all that and I’ll be honest, there are a lot of changes. We’ll leave a link in the description to the DroneXL article and to the AC itself but be sure to watch the video.

Your final story this week is kind of a combo story. The first portion is the Mavic 3 Classic. The alleged release date is yesterday as you are watching this… So I guess we will find out if this is the case or not! There haven’t been many leaks on the Mavic 3 Classic, but we’re thinking there may be more prior to release. Either way, leaks currently show a $1400 price tag and compatibility with the DJI RC (The one that came with the Mini 3 Pro). We’ll keep you updated if we learn more or see any more leaks!

The DJI Air 2S is also in the news, leaks show it bundled with the DJI RC! This would be an awesome combo, once it comes to the US Market. We anticipate this will happen before Black Friday, but time will tell.

The third portion of this story is an update to the DJI Fly app. While we don’t normally talk about firmware updates, this is a big one due to remote ID. Once updated, remote ID can no longer be disabled and this version, 1.7.8, is required to fly in the US. Other features include ISO priority and support of Master Shorts in Portrait Mode.

That’s all we’ve got! Please like, subscribe, and leave comments down below! We’re always happy to answer your questions! And we’ll see you guys next week!

Welcome to Weekly uas News update Halloween edition we have three stories For you this week Sky brass freemium new Upcoming rules for recreational pilots And finally we have a DJI update for the Mavic 3 classic the air 2s and the Mini 3 Pro let's get to it in our first story This week is Bobby ueang from Sky browse Skybrows has a new product now if you're Not familiar with Sky bras they provide The ability to do 3D models using videos Which is different than anybody else on The market right now and not only that But they do them very quickly so Bobby Welcome to the show again thanks for Having me so tell us a little bit more About this new offering that you have I Heard it's called freemium obviously Something free Sky bras offering new Stuff yeah absolutely I mean the mission Of skybrows is really to democratize 3D Modeling and reality capture so that Anyone can use it with no training so we Started off by making it really quick it Takes about five minutes total to Process the 3D model on our cloud and Also really easy just one button press You know you fly your drone above Something you press start and and the Drone flies itself and you get that one Video file to upload to our servers and Now we're making it free and accessible For everyone so we released a new tier Earlier this week called freemium and

Basically you still get all of the Premium features when you start a Two-week free trial by making an account With skybrows and afterwards he gets Converted into a freemium account which Allows you still to make unlimited 3D Models with Sky browse so this just Allows more people to explore 3D Modeling and you can do it free charge You can get your models and see them Forever so what are the things that you Can do in the paid version that you Can't in the free version So on the paid version we have a lot of Different tools uh primarily designed Around accent investigation and for Public Safety however there's a lot of Other use cases outside of that because It's 3D modeling so you have annotations Measurements slope map heat maps Rangefinders and being able to export Into other formats and other softwares As well so that's all part of the Premium package which you still get for Two weeks when you sign up for an Account so you can play around with the Full features and if you just want to Make 3D models to you know show off to Your kids or you know show some real Estate agents you can still do that I Just won't have any measurements on it For freemium Gotcha so we actually had a few students In our uh group that we just created for

The people that do mapping and uh they Were asking is this something that I can Be using just to practice and learn About mapping and kind of get started What do you think no absolutely we're Really trying to make it as easy as Possible to make a 3D model and you know In the past 3D modeling required all Sorts of phds and case studies and all Sorts of white papers and whatnot and Now we've just you know simplified it Really boiled it down to one button Press two minute drone flight two minute Processing time so you know within five Minutes you should be able to get a 3D Model really quickly just for people to Play around with explore and potentially Use for uh Enterprise use cases in the Future Awesome so where can people find more Information about the product and get Signed up yeah check out skybrows.com if You go there it's Skye spelled s-k-y-e Browse.com uh check that out so you can Find more information about our products Uh which drones we support spoil alert It's just about all of them uh on the DJI and autel side and then you can also Download the app on the app store which Has 4.8 stars out of over 150 reviews Out there and also on the Google Play Store which has I think over a thousand Downloads already and then yeah you can Check that out for smart controller just

Email us and we can send you the APK if You have a DJI Enterprise drone if you Want try Sky browse on that and um yeah Looking forward to having more people Test out freemium because when we Released freemium earlier this week I Think as of today we had over 1 000 new Users sign up and just pump out a bunch Of 3D models so really decided to see What y'all figure out with this new Product Awesome well I'm sure there will be a Lot more after this video so thanks for Joining us Bobby and we'll see you next Time thanks for having me For the Second Story let's talk about New potential rules for recreational Pilot this is kind of a big deal the fa Released a new advisory circular AC 9157 Charlie which finally sets guidance for Selecting community-based organization Called cbo's as planned four years ago The fa will soon be approving cbo's and Their guidelines now remember that by Law you have to select a CBO guideline If you're flying your drone for Recreational purposes and these Guidelines are going to be quite in Depth according to this new document now We've got a full video out to explain All of that and I'll be honest there are A lot of changes we'll leave a link down In the description to the Drone Excel Article and to The Advisory circular in

Itself But be sure to watch the video Because this is an important one and Your final story this week is kind of a Combo Story the first portion is the Mavic 3 classic the alleged release date Is well yesterday as you're watching This so I guess we'll find out if this Is the case or not there haven't been Many leaks on the mavic 3 classic but We're thinking talking that there may be More when we get closer to release Either way leaks are currently showing a Price of fourteen hundred dollars and The compatibility with the RC the DJI RC The one that came with the Mini 3 Pro Will keep you updated if we learn more And then if we see any more leaks the Second part of this is the DJI air 2s is Also in the news leaks show it bundled With the DJI RC [Music] Could be an awesome update once it comes To the US market we anticipate this will Happen before Black Friday but time will Tell and in the third portion of this Story is an update to the DJI fly app While we normally don't talk about Firmware Updates this is kind of a big One because it's linked to remote ID Once it's updated remote ID can no Longer be disabled and this version 1.7.8 is required to fly in the United States other features include ISO Priority and support for the master

Shots in portrait mode that's it that's All I have for you this week as always Like subscribe leave your comments down Below we're always happy to answer your Question and we'll see you guys next Week Happy Halloween