Drone News: Wifi Tracking Drone, M30T Rescue, BVLOS Waiver, DJI Mini 3 SE Leak?

By | November 11, 2022

This week in drone news: Researches have made a WiFi tracking drone and outline potential dangers, a DJI M30T was used just days after purchase to save a woman, Percepto has been approved for remote deploy of their drone in a box solution, this comes along with a BVLOS waiver nationwide, lastly there have been leaks and rumors regarding a DJI Mini 3 SE.
What do you think the specs are going to be?

00:00 Introduction
00:17 WiFi Tracking Drone?
00:55 Drone Rescue with M30T
01:31 BVLOS Waiver for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
01:56 Mini 3 SE Leak?
WiFi Tracking Drone?

Drone Rescue with M30T

BVLOS Waiver for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Mini 3 SE Leak?

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In this week’s drone news update we’ve got a wifi tracking drone, a drone rescue story, a BVLOS waiver for critical infrastructure monitoring, leaks for a possible Mini 3 SE, and a surprise, see if you can figure it out.
Your first story this week is a device that can track wifi signals.
Now this isn’t a novel concept, but when attached to a drone, the device can essentially map out the locations of any wifi enabled device within the detection range.
This could be used by bad actors to pinpoint each wifi device including computers, TVs, smart devices, cameras, etc.
The device used time of flight to detect to locate the devices however they can’t hack into or otherwise hijack the devices.This was a research project and was published on IEEE. Check out the link in the description.
And for our second story, a drone was used to rescue a women after being in service for only 3 days.
The M30T had been purchased by the Billet County Sheriff’s office on Nov. 1st, and on the 4th, located a missing women in a wooded area.
Family and others had been searching for nearly 4 hours when the drone was deployed.
Within 15 minutes of the drone’s deployment, medical personnel were at the missing women providing attention. This is the kind of drones for good stories that we love to discuss!
The next story this week is a beyond visual line of sight waiver for Percepto.
This waiver allows for flying beyond visual line of sight for certain critical infrastructure sites that meet the requirements and utilize the Percepto drone-in-a-box solutions.
With this waiver, customers with qualifying sites won’t need to request their own waivers.
This is an interesting waiver for utilities and we’re excited to see where else these waivers could be implemented.
Next story this week is a rumor of a DJI Mini 3 SE.
Leaked photos show a new Mini 2 style drone possibly with obstacle avoidance and a new or a different transmitter.
DealsDrone, notorious DJI leaker said “A new drone, but I don’t know which manufacturer it is”. We’ll have to see what happens with the leak!

In this week's drone news update we're Talking about a Wi-Fi tracking drone a Drone rescue story a BV loss waiver for Critical infrastructure monitoring and Then leaks for a possible mini 3se That's right another DJI drone and a Surprise see if you can figure it out Let's get to it The first story this week is a device That can track Wi-Fi signals now this is Not really a novel concept but when it's Attached to a drone this device can Essentially map out the location of any Wi-Fi enabled devices within a certain Detection range this could be used by Bad actors to pinpoint each of the Wi-Fi Devices including computers TVs smart Devices cameras you name it the device Used timer flight to detect and locate The devices however it needs to be noted That they can't hack into the device or Hijack the device in this case this was A research project and now it's Published on the IEEE check out the link In the description and for our Second Story a drone was used to rescue a woman After being in service for only three Days that's right the matrice 30t had Been purchased by the Billet County Sheriff Office I'm sure I'm saying this Wrong on November 1st and on the 4th They located a missing woman in a wooded Area family and others had been Searching for nearly four hours when the

Drone was finally deployed within 15 Minutes of the Drone deployment medical Personnel were at the missing woman Providing attention this is the kind of Drone story that we like to talk about Every single week the next story this Week is a Beyond visual line of side Waiver for percepto this waiver lasts For flying Beyond visual line of sight For certain critical infrastructure Sites that meet the requirement and Utilize the preceptor a drawn-in-the-box Solution with this waiver customers with The qualifying sites won't need to Request their own waivers this is an Interesting waiver for utility and we're Excited to see where these waivers could Be implemented in the future next story This week is yet another rumor of DJI This is for the mini 3se there's some Leak photos showing a new Mini Mini 3 Style drone possibly with obstacle Avoidance and a new or possibly Different transmitter deals drone which Is a notorious DJI leaker said a new Drone but I don't know which Manufacturer it is we'll have to see What happens with this leak and finally If you haven't figured out already we Finally have a merch store we've got Hats we've got shirts we've got socks We've got sweatshirts mugs swimsuits you Name it and if you're expecting a visit From the storks we'll actually even have

A onesie for the little one head over to The pilot Institute merch store at merge At pirateinstitute.com and check out the Selection I will be updating and adding New items periodically so leave a Comment if you have a specific design That you want to see also send us your Pictures with your new merch we'll Feature you at the end of the future News update episodes and that's it That's all I have as always like Comments and we'll see you next week Laughs [Music]