Drone of the Year + 2022 Recap

By | December 31, 2022

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2022 comes to a close, and one drone stood out from the rest. In this video, I recap all the drones I've been flying this year, and breakdown my thoughts of each. What does 2023 have in store? I talk a little about what I feel drone companies will be focusing more on next year.

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Now here what I have on the table in no Particular order are the drones I've Been flying the most in 2022. so in this Video it's going to rapidly go through With you my thoughts on these drones Where they sit which one I think is Probably for me at least the Drone of The year for 2022 which drone do I still Recommend bang for buck moving even into 2023 which drone kind of changed my Perspective on flying and also talk About some of the things maybe Expectations I have for 2023 moving Forward with a lot of these drones and Drone companies with that said let's Just jump right into it and there is no Sponsor to round out this final video of 2022 however I will plug in my custom Cases made for some of these smaller Drones I made these small cases to Accommodate everything from the Nanos to The minis air air 2s's even all the way Up to the mavic 3s if you guys haven't Seen my recent video on the Avada I just Came out with a case for that drone as Well all the links to these products Will be down below in the video Description now let's get back into it Of course we're looking at this one this Is the biggest one on the table and this Is the X Dynamics evolve 2. and next on MX actually did send me this drone Towards the beginning of 2022 and the Reason why I haven't flown it as much or

Talked about it is because when I first Started flying it probably earlier this Year probably towards the summer there Were a couple like tweaks or quirks with The Drone that I did mention to them so I've kind of gone back and forth with X Dynamics trying to hash out some of These things that I said hey you know What you might want to look at uh some Of these things in here that hopefully You guys can maybe update or change in The software they did send me an updated Unit to review and when they did send it To me we also had a bunch of other Drones hit the market at the same time So it's hard to kind of Juggle which one To review knowing that they still have Some things to fix and they also just Released some new cameras for the Evolve Too so I hope to get an update on that And I'm not sure if they're going to be Attending CES this year if they are of Course I will bring you the latest from X Dynamics now my opinion I think moving Forward in 2023 these smaller drones are Really going to take over the market Mainly because of its size portability And of course that weight that 250 gram Limit now when it comes of course buy Side quality you're going to want to Move up to some of these bigger cameras Bigger sensor drones now for me the Drone of the year for 2022 will be the Mini 3 Pro when it comes to size this is

One of the smallest drones out there but Not just that same thing comes in at Under 250 grams so if you're worried About regulation you don't have to worry About that with these smaller capacity Battery on the mini 3 Pro as far as Camera goes 4K 60 frames a second really Good in low light even considering you Have a smaller sensor compared to some Of the bigger ones you have Optical Avoidance on this tiny drone front rear As well as bottom so if you also want to Do things like active track you want to Be able to follow a subject select them On the screen and have the Drone follow Them you can do that with this drone When it comes to flight time you'll be Up in the air for 40 plus minutes with The larger capacity battery and one Thing I really like about the Mini 3 Pro As well as the Mini 3 they were able to Lower that tone as far as the propeller Noise goes it is getting harder and Harder to fly out in public because of Just right regulations in general so Having a drone with a lower tone just Brings a lot less attention towards you Compared to some of these other drums And those are the main reasons why I Picked this drone for drone of the Year Even compared to some of the other ones This is one of the ones I will pretty Much always have in my bag all the Capabilities all of the quality all the

Functions are packed into this tiny Little drone oh not to mention we also Have vertical shooting now on the mini 3 Pro as well as the mini 3. that's Something that none of these other Drones can do next we'll talk about Banging for buck drone moving into 2023 And I will give that to the mini 2. now Even though this drone is a couple years Old when people ask me what is the most Affordable drone you recommend I will Always point to this right here the Mini 2. Plus with the release of the Mini 3 There is a ton of sales I think I went To Costco the other day and the mini 2 Package is like 380 bucks and that comes With like an extra tag extra battery Another reason why I will still Recommend the mini 2 is because of Ocusync and for those that don't know About ocusync it's basically that Transmission that reliability between Your remote control and your drone this Is the bare minimum I would go because a Lot of the other ones out there Especially when you're buying just Smaller drones from the big box stores Those are all based off of mostly Wi-Fi Connection which means if you fly your Drone at a great distance it's it'll Easily disconnect where here you have That occusync technology where the mini 2 can fly out easily half mile mile two Miles in range as far as line of sight

Goes and you will have a strong signal Sticking with these smaller drones I do Want to talk about the autel Nano when This drone first came out the beginning Of the year it was extremely impressive As far as video quality goes coming out Of this small camera small sensor even Though it's such a tiny package very Similar to these right here under that 250 gram mark this camera is extremely Impressive even when comparing it to Some of the bigger boys and of course I Talked about this a lot the one thing I Really like about autel and especially The Nano is that they don't have that Geo fencing that you have here on some Of the other drones now the one thing I Think autel needs to improve on is the Speed of their firmware updates when They first released the Nano in the Beginning year I talked to them at CES In January 2022 they had talks about Having the full you know Auto tracking Or active track follow me functions and Things like that we just barely got that Function a couple months ago on the Nano Moving forward in 2023 if autel can just Maybe up the build quality a little bit As well as the firmware software updates On the Drone I hope they can turn those Around a lot quicker and have those you Know ready for the customers in a timely Manner next what we'll talk about is for Me I think the biggest game changer this

Year is the DJI Avada now in the first Fpv drone came out a couple years ago I Think that definitely assisted a lot of People like myself GPS Flyers to get Into the space but the size of the first Fpv as well as the speed of it I think It was very very intimidating it did Come out as their second drone but this Thing right here just changes the way You fly if you've never flown fpv before Even things like the motion controller I Was kind of skeptical on that I was like Ah maybe you know it's like if it's Going to be like the first Feb probably Not going to be that excited but Actually flying with the motion Controller with the Avada was super Simple and just having that peace of Mind flying a smaller drone with prop Guards makes it a lot easier you just Have a lot more confidence in the air Flying this one compared to their first Fpv drone this drone has also been Battle tested Taken full speed hits into Trees flipped over a bunch of times I do Have a bunch of scratches on the body But I am able to get this thing back up In the air and fly without any problems So if you're looking at getting into fpv And wants something that's an easy Transition from one of these existing GPS style drones I would definitely Recommend the DJI Avada now that leaves Us with these drones right here which is

The air 2s as well as the mavic 3. as Far as drone of the year for 2021 easily Goes to the air 2s if you're trying to Move up in drone from one of these Smaller ones into a bigger platform Something like the r2s or the mavic 3 I Would still recommend the air 2s because It just has a very very strong build Quality to it you have that one inch Sensor you have all the obstacle Avoidance sensors here so you do also Have the things like active track the Follow me function Focus track and of Course price goes still a lot more Affordable than something like the mavic 3 lineup this is still my go-to drone After the Mini 3 Pro if I know I'm gonna Be flying in areas that have a little Bit higher gusts of wind this thing can Do a little bit better not only in Higher winds but also at elevation I Know a lot of people that use the air 2s That normally would use something like The mavic 2 for things like weddings Real estate the quality out of these Drones is exceptional with that said That brings us over to the mavic 3 and This is a drone I will always whip about If I know I'm going to have just enough Time enough space but I know I'm going To need it for Quality this huge four Over three inch CMOS sensor just Produces amazing quality especially in Low light compared to these drones right

Here and you guys are familiar with my Channel and my work I do a lot of prints So I love printing my photography and of Course when you're printing your photos You do want the highest quality camera And that's where this one does Excel Over these drones so if you're looking At getting the highest quality out of a Drone with exceptional battery life this Thing can fly 40 plus 35 40 plus minutes This is when you'll want to jump over to Something like this the mavic 3. now one Of the drones you see missing here is Actually skydio drones I'm excited to Actually test out skydio's tracking Feature I know everyone Raves about Their tracking feature so I'm excited to Test that out in the New Year from what I see the sky deal is not really meant To fly at extremely far distances but What it does excel at is that tracking So I do want to test that out I do think Moving forward 2023 we're going to see a Lot more content iteration on some of The smaller drones just like the Mini 3 Pro that about wraps it up for me in 2022 I hope you guys got some value from All the content I've been posting this Year and if you have for the last time This year if you guys got some value From this video don't forget to hit that Like button and also don't forget to Subscribe hit that Bell to be notified When I post new videos this is ultra

Stacio check it out for 2022. I'll see You guys next year take care