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By | May 20, 2022

Learn how to take amazing aerial photos with your drone.
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my name is Tom David Frey. I'm half Swiss and half German and have lived in many fantastic places, from the United States to Israel. Somehow cool.
My age? Well, it rapidly changes. But you can surely do the math: I was born in 1992, somewhere in a small town in mid-Rhineland-Palatinate.
Now the relevant things you came here for: I have a strong passion for cameras and drones. I got my first Sony at the age of six and started my own business when I turned 18 (don't ever let people tell you that you will not succeed; Live your dreams!).
Nowadays, I'm shooting videos in many countries. I have private clients as well as major companies I'm working with, f.e. Netflix. And everyone knows that one, right?
But, more importantly, I love to fly and shoot (video) with my drones. I've flown in so many countries already (China, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Iceland, Israel, Germany, and plenty more) and love to explore the world from above in all its beauty.
That's why my main business is all about drones. I capture the world from above. And I share my experiences, knowledge, and the best new inventions with you.
Drones and cameras excite me so much that I put a lot of time and hard work into creating my videos. And I love that you guys appreciate them!

Now, join me on my adventures and subscribe to my channel.
Stay tuned and fly safe!


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Some of the links above are so named ”affiliate links”. By using those, I can get a small provision for purchases you guys make. That way, I can stay true to you because I don't need companies to pay me for creating videos. I'm independent and loyal to you – the best audience!
Therefore, if you purchase your gear through my links, I can keep up the honest work. 👏

The videos on my channel are property of Tom David Frey. Duplicating and re-uploading them without a written permission is prohibited. Sorry, guys, but that's necessary. I work hard on my content and somehow need to make a living. Maybe instead share my videos, by spreading the link or embedding it to your websites or forums. But please, don't steal my work. 😎

By law, I have to mark my video as a ”commercial.” I herewith do so: this video is a commercial. Though I promise to be honest to you, my audience, all of the time. I like nothing less than fake reviews and videos that spread half-truths just for the financial gain of someone. I believe that being honest to you is much worthier in the long run than making quick money by spreading fake information. Truth rules! Don't believe me? I already had to give up on two promising cooperations because the companies found my videos to be too honest. I call that my occupational risk. 🦾

© 2019, Tom Frey, All Rights Reserved

[Music] Aerial photographs inspire nowadays Though the audience is already somewhat Used to the drone perspective and that Is why if you want the audience to spend Time looking at and enjoying your aerial Imagery you need to know the principles Of photography as well as the specifics Of freezing time from the sky My name is tom davitrai and i will be Your course instructor i will teach you How to take professional photographs With your drone and by that i literally Mean Any proper drone on the market because Aerial photography is much less about The most expensive drone on camera than Knowing how to find and capture a Particular perspective For around about eight years i have been Working in the professional drone Industry myself i worked for plenty of Clients in the photo and in the video Industry i shot high-res photographs for Magazines and video for netflix and tv Productions Also my english and my german youtube Channels are constantly growing at the Moment around about 300 000 dedicated Drone pilots and creatives have hit the Subscribe button already This course will teach you how to Capture professional drone photographs It covers all relevant topics from

Picking the right equipment to questions Related to the weather the day times the Seasons suitable locations how to find Them and so on the course also covers Critical topics such as image Composition in depth i also give advice For particular scenarios that might be Interesting to you such as aerial Nighttime or real estate photography and Of course i will also cover the most Important aspects of post-production And i will share some tricks with you That you won't want to miss don't worry Once you get started the learning curve Is steep becoming a professional aerial Photographer doesn't have to take Forever whether you are a beginner or an Advanced pilot and photographer this Course will set you straight on your Path to shooting professional grade Aerial photographs photographs that will Inspire your audience Sign up and become a part of the Professional drone community today You