EMAX now has HD ZERO FPV Goggles! Transporter 2 HD – Review

By | December 20, 2022

Emax has just launched their HD ZERO Transporter 2 HD FPV Goggles.
These work great with their existing Hawk Apex HD ZERO drone.

You can find the new products here:
– Transport 2 HD ZERO FPV Goggles:

– Hawk Apex Drone:

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[Music] Hey everyone welcome to my channel we'll Have two items to show you from emacs This is brand new on the market these Are the HD transport 2 HD zero fpv Goggles that is a mouthful and of course We have the hawk Apex this has been out For a little while but this is HD zero As well so I'm going to show you both in This video now let me move these boxes Out of the way and behind them I have The products if I drop everything on the Ground here so these would be your Transport to HD zero goggles brand new Very affordable and this would be the Emax Hawk Apex 5 inch 6s HD zero race Quad and if you don't want the five inch It does come in a 3.5 inch as well its Purpose in life is to go really fast and Be under 250 grams and it does go really Fast and it is under 250 grams but with All that said the whole reason this Video exists today is because of this These transport 2 HD zero goggle if You're in the fpv hobby you know that DJI was pretty much the first to come Out with consumer digital goggles that Were really good which took us from the Analog days of black and white TV with Rabbit ears all the way up to high Definition television then other Companies came along to try to make Digital versions that were much less Costly and one of them was HD zero now

As we roll into the year 2023 HD zero is Becoming more and more prevalent in the Fpv hobby because it's very inexpensive It's probably one of the most Inexpensive digital forms on the market And the reason this is a big deal is Because emacs has jumped into the foray And they've made very inexpensive Goggles because these are box goggles Box goggles have one screen in the front They fit over your face and you see a Big image like you're in a movie theater Much more expensive goggles will have Two screens one for this eye and one for This side these are not those type of Goggles that's why these are inexpensive Now I've had these for a while and I Wanted to take our little quad and these Out and do a lot of flying but check out The weather this is what's been Happening in my area yes we have snow And snow storms and then when it's not Snowstorms it's very very cold and it's Not conducive to Flying this outside a Second problem is look what I wear on my Head glasses and as you know if you Watch any of my videos box goggles never Fit over glasses unless they're really Big box goggles now these HD zero Transporter goggles try to get around That by doing this you ready check out The goggles Brink can I do it yes there We go you can pull them out so you can Get them to go quite far oh I can still

Go farther you just have to push in the Sides and pull up so now what it does is It pulls the image farther away from Your head so if you're somebody like me Who's far-sighted you can only see Things far away when you pull these out Then things should become clear Unfortunately I'm almost half blind so This doesn't help at all but let it be Known if you're somebody with a slight Prescription of farsightedness these Will be perfectly clear on your eyes and That's what you want because they're Digital so you're going to see a Beautiful hd image so now many of you Who do not wear contacts and wear Glasses and have a prescription are Going oh I can't use these but you can Because watch this I think yes the Screen comes right off so what you end Up with is a screen that you can place On a tripod very simply as I'm doing Here this is how I used it for this Review you'll see it in this review I Just spun it on a tripod there we go I Put this down Stick it someplace put a sun shade over It if it's sunny and then you stare at That while you're flying it's too easy Or if you want say you've been following My channel and you saw other Emax Products well then you know that they Make this radio and this radio comes With the tripod mount here so that you

Can fly a drone using this Mount up here And look at it while you're flying so That's an option too so now if you're Thinking of buying this piece of Kit let Me do a quick walk around and tell you The physical features so you know what You're getting so first off right on the Back you can see right here there's a Fan a cooling system on the very back You have four buttons so you have a Power button on this side so you turn it On you also have an OK button which is Kind of like an enter button so when you Select something you press okay and then On the other side you have a menu button And as well as an up and down button so You can scroll through channels so on The very top you have options for Firmware updates and different Configurations which I haven't used then Below that you have a spot for a Micro SD card which I have one in here and it Does record at 720p I believe it is so It's HD and 720p on the other side is Your charge port if you charge this up Fully you get one hour of run time Because you can see it's pretty thin You're not going to fit a super big Battery in there but I do have the Battery size what is it 2200 milliamp Hour so it's quite large for this size Of unit but the cool thing is is that USBC also acts as an external power Input so if you have a power supply and

You strap it to the back then you can Get it running all day if you want if You're wondering about the screen it's a 4.25 inch screen and it is 720 times 1080 resolution okay really quick I just Want to show you this now I've powered On this quad and I'm going to hit the Power button in the back here so this Will power on the goggles and you'll see They'll search for the channel That the Quad is sending out really quick let me Bring that close hopefully it focuses And you can see then we'll see what the Quad is seeing There we go so it's search for the Channel and there's my head right there I know there's a lot of glare in this Room so it oh I might have it out of Focus there we go hopefully that's Focusing on my head that is your HD Image that you get if you had these on Your eyeballs that image would look Massively clear really good resolution And I have mine set up so as soon as it Gets a signal it starts recording Because I always forget to hit the Record button so right now it's Recording up in the top right you Probably can't see it but there's a big Red circle and that means the record is On and it tells you all the information You need to know right on the screen Hopefully that's been in Focus every Time I bring it close but anyways I

Think it's pretty decent so the next Thing I want to show you is the Interface and the menu system and Everything this can do so check this out Let's get started by powering on our Unit this is how long it takes to start Up and receive a signal from your drone It will scan pretty fast for a signal And then give you the display from your Drone now to get into the menu you just Hold down the menu button and then the Menu options are displayed you see me Tapping the screen here here just to Show you that it is not a touch screen Display First Option allows you to scan For channels manually next is the menu To play back all your recorded videos Following this you have your format the Micro SD card options followed by the Option to turn on auto record each time The Drone Powers up next you can select The recorded file type you can also Select to have the on-screen display Data record it in your image here you Can have the goggles auto scan for the Signal from your drone each time they're Powered on and finally this will tell You the current firmware in use now let Me tell you all about the hawk Apex and Then I'll get back to the goggles and The hawk Apex together so right now Really quick this is the one I have here This is 6s it is the five inch version Because that's what I wanted it is elrs

Because elrs is what I have a lot of Radios and transmitters so that's Easiest way to connect it the only other Option if I didn't get elrs was I would Have to put a receiver in it myself I Could put any type of receiver Crossfire Or FR sky as mentioned it does come in a 3.5 inch version all of those versions Are under 250 grams of course if you put Big batteries on the bottom you're going To jump over 250 grams it is all made Out of carbon fiber and the top portion Can hold a camera if you wish but look At the spec sheet it says it has a 25 Amp 4 in 1 ESC the camera up front if I Look at the bottom it's a runcam nano so At HD zero you know quality since the Motors even though I can't read them Because my eyesight is terrible are Supposed to be for the 6s they're Supposed to be 1600 KV Motors it's a Five inch so that means the blades are Five inch UFL antenna at the back this Tiny little thing and of course the Flight controller since it is modern Technology is an F7 flight controller Now really quick since emac sent me this Drone and these goggles the first thing I wanted to do was try out this drone or Quad you know I come from the old days We call them quads today everybody calls It a drone so I keep saying or drone Either case so I took it out and I tried My normal hover test to see how good it

Is and well check this out I will say It's really cold out here today it's Like minus 10 degrees Celsius and There's a wind so it's even colder I'll Put what that is in Fahrenheit up here It's really cold a lot of you are going To want to buy this HD 0 quad because This is a race quad it's all designed For racing and cornering that's why it's Got that really cool slim design to it And everything so I've got a little 6s Battery on it I'm going to do a hover Test here because I know a lot of you Will want to know how does it hover Because I always do my hover test so I'm Going to do it right now really fast Here we go I tell you the wind is Blowing the Mini 3 Pro which I have Circling me right now is just bouncing All over the place in the wind hopefully It's got me in recording it's a very Cold morning okay so I've got gloves on I don't usually fly fpv drones with Gloves on but I'm going to give it a Shot here because I have no choice I'll Wait till the Drone comes around the Mini three and then I'll take it up I'm Going to fly it in angle mode because It's so cold Okay here we go hopefully you can see me As you can see the little quad down There the wind is blowing right at my Face so the quad might go up and right In my face

Here we go with gloves on Yep coming right at me with the wind but Look at this this is a race quad it's Designed for Speed everything about it Just screams speed and uh yeah look at This I'm flying here with gloves on Which I don't like flying uh fpv drones With but uh it hovers it's very level I Will say that and I'm keeping it in the Wind and it's doing well this would be a Screamer drone for flying around here I'll bring it over to the little camera Over there my little Pro Camera that's Probably a little too close sorry about That and like I always like to do I'll Bring it over to the Mini 3 Pro and try Not to smash it out of the air where are You Mini 3 Pro there we go I don't have The set of my eyes today which is nice There we go Mini 3 Pro meet your new Friend I'd like you to meet my little Friend hopefully the camera's picking That up as I'm bouncing around all right So I'm gonna put it down over not over There I'm gonna put it over here Just gotta find the whoa arm switch There I'm frozen I can't even find the arm Switch but there we go all right next Thing I want to do is take it for a Flight uh using the HD zero goggles but Oh my Mini 3 is running away on me but I Can't obviously put the goggles on Because I wear glasses and they don't

Fit so I'm going to put the little Monitor in front of me and fly it off That we'll see how it goes next since it Was a really cold day there was no way I Was going to stand outside and fly this Staring into these goggles so I put These goggles on a tripod and I sat Inside my Jeep and I had my spotters Here's my spotters right here they were Driving RC cars all over the place and I Sat inside my Jeep and flew this around Now because I had the spotters out there And because I've never ever flown Staring at a screen I've always I've Always had fpv goggles on I was kind of Worried because these blades are Spinning blades of death so I left it in Angle mode so just hover nicely so what You're going to see here is not full Race mode this is just angle mode but It's me trying it out to see if I can Actually fly looking at this and I could Fly but it was such a dull cold day that I didn't for very long so here to watch This so that's my video feed here out of The front of the camera that's coming Back at HP zero we're all set to go I'm Gonna Fly it just like this from inside The car I have my spotters outside so We're all good I'm gonna keep it close And I'm Gonna Fly first off in angle Mode because I've never flown from Inside a car looking at a monitor before Finger mode

Motor spinning and this is interesting [Music] So I have to look at the screen while I Fly It's very different for someone like me Who's used to flying with fpv goggles But here I am flying And there's the trees and I just go up a Little bit higher over the trees I guess I should stay high up in the air then I'm fine there we go now I can fly Around I'm just going to stay close to Me because I have to go find this if I Crash it and I'm not used to Flying like This and my glasses are kind of fogging Up but that's okay so you can do this Guys now I can honestly tell you from This experience I do not like flying an Fpv drone from sitting inside my Jeep Because I lose awareness as to where the Drone is so for that reason I hopped out Of my Jeep kept on flying it and brought It back for a landing now I have tested Out the hawk Apex in Acro mode while Staring at the screen you can see here We had snow on the ground when I did This unfortunately I forgot to turn on The auto record so I have no video to Show you but I will say with a 1 000 Milliamp hour lipo 6s battery it flies Extremely well and extremely fast and it Corners on a dime and the next thing to Show you is what comes in the Box for Both of these items so uh here check

This out here we have the box for the Hawk Apex and here we have the box for The tread transported to HD zero goggles Opening the box for the hawk Apex you'll Find the Drone and accessories you Receive product cards as well as six Props you'll need four of them for the Drone the hawk Apex is fully assembled And has a nice solid feel in the hands Total weight without a battery of any Type is 184 grams next we'll take a look At The Transporter 2 HD zero goggles the Goggles arrived well packaged charged And ready to use the only thing you have To do is attach the two antennas Accessories include a USB charge cable a Firmware update cable product cards and A user manual alright so there you have It hopefully this video wasn't too long It was to mostly show you HD zero Technology that emacs has embraced so They're bringing you the HD zero Technology in their quad and their Goggles now their transporter goggles so That you can have an experience at a Very low price I think these are Probably the least expensive goggles on The market that have HD zero in them so If you want to get into digital fpv at a Low cost then check these out so what I'll do is I'll put links below to the Goggles and also to this here quad the Five inch version and the 3.5 inch Version and you can see if any of this

Is something you would be interested in Getting now I'm sure I probably didn't Cover everything you need to know about These products or even the fpv hobby to Use them so by all means if you still Have questions after watching this video Post them below and I will get back to You with an answer I'm pretty quick at Getting back with answers so don't worry About it I'll give you an answer and With all that said I say thanks for Watching this video If you enjoyed it Please give it a thumbs up and I'll Catch you in a future video with new Product reviews until then I say bye [Music] I won't take me home