Everyone Crashes Except MCK | Race in the Cloud presented by Google Cloud

By | December 2, 2022

There's the square gate setting up for The Google okay no some Carnage Killians Now Oh boy the leaders decide to play tag it Seems you've got gab 707 in yellow now [Applause] We just go to Absolute Carnage In the first pass on the Square gate We're gonna lose Killian it is Absolutely brutal to have this much Opportunity and crash this early but That's where Killian goes out then we Get into the Google cloud gate where we Basically lose three more You see everybody to go through Alex Crashes into hyper and they're both out And or damaged that leaves mck chasing Down gab 707 for the win but Gap 707 Comes in with a little bit too much Speed and splits that drone in half Leaving mck all on his own to take a win In the semifinals