exo blackhawk drone review

exo blackhawk drone review


The Exo Blackhawk drone has a resilient design and great build quality. Plus, it's loaded with features! This review will look into its structure, performance capabilities and pros/cons.

The Blackhawk is a professional-grade quadcopter. It's made with military-grade components for durability and high performance. It also has one of the largest drones on the market, and its foldable rotors make it super portable. Plus, it can carry up to 2kg payloads, making it perfect for aerial photography.

The Blackhawk has six rotor blades with optimized geometry for efficient thrust. It can reach a max speed of 60 km/h and gain altitude quickly in strong winds. It has a highly advanced transmission system with 3 frequency bands, plus 256 bit encryption for secure wireless link communication.


EXO Blackhawk drone – it's the bees-knees! Its modern design is sure to please. Carbon fiber and aluminum make it lightweight, plus its powerful motor boosts it to a flight of 60 mph. This drone's great features make it a high-performance pick, for those who want a drone that's quick.


The Exo Blackhawk drone boasts an aluminum and carbon fiber platform, making it strong yet light. Its flexible landing gear works as a shock absorber and guards the frame on landing. Its low-gravity CG design lets users control the center of gravity easily. This adds stability while flying, making it easy to manage in all types of terrain or environment.

The four blades are made of a composite material, highly resistant to wear and tear. Resulting in long flights that need minimum maintenance.


The exo blackhawk drone has four brushless outrunners motors. They are vacuum-pressure cooled, which reduces heat and noise. The motor mount is modular, so it's easy to maintain and install. This also reduces motor rumble and extends flight time.

Each motor has a mounting hole for accessories, so you can customize it for specific applications. Plus, you get up to 950kv on 6S lipo power. This, combined with an optimized pushing propeller, ensures stability in any situation.


The Autel Robotics EXO BlackHawk drone has a 7100mAh Li-Po battery. It gives 28 minutes of flight time. The battery is attached to the bottom and can be removed by pressing the latch. It can be replaced or purchased. An LED light next to the battery status button shows remaining power with Red for Low, Amber for Good, and Green for Excellent.

The autonomy range is 5-10 km. It depends on factors like wind speed, terrain height, headwind, and tailwind.


The Exo Blackhawk drone is a dream come true for pilots. It's equipped with a 12-megapixel camera and a 3-axis gimbal. 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second, 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, SuperHD, HDR, and more image capture modes are all available. Plus, time lapse videos can be taken with global intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds.

EIS technology ensures footage looks nice and steady without any jitters or shakes. Even in windy conditions or quick movements, the footage remains smooth. Plus, color profiles let pilots adjust the image color gamut according to their preference. Exposure settings can also be tweaked to capture richer images in extreme lighting.


The EXO Blackhawk drone by EXO UAV is a powerful performance gadget! It can fly at a speed of 45mph (72km/h) for 20 minutes. Wind speeds of up to 25 mph (40km/h) can be handled with ease. Plus, it can even do stunts! Let's check out more features of this incredible drone to see how it stands up in terms of performance.

Flight Time

The EXO Blackhawk drone offers a longer than usual flight time. Its batteries last 25 minutes when fully charged. Recharging them takes 1 hour 45 minutes, much more than other models of similar price.

The range of this drone depends on the environment. It can go up to 500 meters (1,640ft) away from its controller. This makes it great for wide open spaces. The Blackhawk also provides an incredibly stable flight experience, even in windy conditions or over water.

Though not as fast as other models in its price range, the EXO Blackhawk offers reliable stability and superior control during flight. This gives it an edge over other models that prioritize speed over usability or stability.


The Exo Black Hawk drone has a max range of 6.2 miles. It has dual GPS-enabled positioning system and ultra-low latency protocol. The drone provides reliable real-time tracking. You can control camera positioning and angle settings, with no signal loss.

For maximum flight duration it has a powerful battery. It gives up to 27 minutes of flight time under ideal conditions. You can adjust transmission strength, based on altitude. This reduces transmission lag when flying high.


The exo blackhawk drone is famous for its incredible speed. Its brushless motor can reach up to 30 mph! It's like a supercar performance! Plus, it has an auto return feature. Even on windy days, it can perform amazingly. It gives you an advantage in competition versus other drones. Speed is what you want? Look no further than this era’s top contender!


The Exo Blackhawk drone is known for its excellent performance and maneuverability. Its light weight, plus the easy control and long-lasting battery, make it a breeze to zip through corridors and channels. This accuracy is boosted by an intuitive control system with sensors that precisely track movements in any direction or altitude.

On top of that, the exo blackhawk can remain in position for up to 20 minutes – even when there’s wind or sudden turns. Plus, its automatic landing technology ensures your drone won't crash due to fatigue or bad weather. In conclusion, the exo blackhawk comes through on its promise of agile driving, keeping your footage smooth and stunning!


Behold the Exo Blackhawk Drone! A thrilling machine packed with features. 1080p resolution camera and a 2-axis gimbal for smooth video capturing. GPS and GLONASS for exact positioning. Plus, a flight time of 30 minutes and transmission distance of 100m. Let's explore the features of the drone in more detail.


The Autopilot feature of the blackhawk drone provides a lot of convenience. Just press a button to control it – no manual controlling needed. It's perfect for taking group shots and keeping the drone stable in flight. GPS tracking helps it avoid obstacles and stay in range. Plus, it has a Return-to-Home and Landing function to protect your drone. The algorithm gives smooth flying in a wide range of environments. This makes for a great user experience.

Follow Me Mode

The EXO Blackhawk drone boasts an amazing Follow Me mode. Its automated piloting system locks onto you and automatically follows your movements. It appears on your mobile device's display as a target marker. Move it around, and the drone does too – keeping the same altitude and speed. It's incredibly precise, detecting sharp turns with ease. This makes it easy to capture dynamic shots without manually controlling the drone.

The EXO Blackhawk also has several other autonomous piloting modes:

  • Orbit Mode
  • Point of Interest Mode
  • TapFly Mode
  • Waypoint Mode

All of these help to make taking great photos and videos simple.

Return Home

The Exo Blackhawk drone has a Return Home function. This uses a GPS system to find its position. It's useful if the drone gets lost or if there is low visibility. To ensure safety, this feature only works with a certain battery level.

It can be activated by pressing a button on the remote control. Or, compatible devices can use voice commands. To ensure a strong connection, it should be used within a range that depends on environmental factors such as altitude, wind speed and wireless signals near you.

Obstacle Avoidance

The exo blackhawk drone has advanced obstacle avoidance tech. It runs on exo's dual computing architecture and uses four downward-pointing sensors to measure the drone's distance from the surface. This enables it to evade objects, walls, cliffs, or any other obstacle while in motion.

The optical flow sensors ensure a smooth landing, no matter what ground terrain or windy conditions. Emergency brake and return home features give pilots of all skill levels and industries extra peace of mind when flying.

Pros and Cons

The EXO Blackhawk Drone has some special features that make it an appealing choice for those considering a new quadcopter. It has long-range, camera, and recording capabilities. Before buying, it's important to look at both the pros and cons.


  • Long-Range: Reach up to 6 miles (9.6 km). Signal strength and control remain good.
  • Object Avoidance & Flight Plans: Sensors help prevent collisions with trees, buildings, and other obstacles. Plus, its built-in GPS helps users design custom flight paths.
  • High Def Camera: Records 1080P video up to 60 FPS and 12 megapixel photos. Also, take real time photos.


  • Few Flight Modes: Compared to other models, it has fewer programs.
  • Price: This drone is more expensive than other entry level drones. Advanced camera and obstacle avoidance tech are not available on cheaper models.


The EXO Blackhawk is a remarkable drone. It has a reactive controller, a hardy frame and capable motors that can manage rough landings and rough conditions. Plus, it comes with user-friendly accessories like built-in video recording and real-time transmission, an autopilot system that helps you maneuver easier, a top-notch GPS system and an advanced LiPo battery management system.

This drone grants amateur and expert drone hobbyists another great option for flying up in the sky. With its potent parts, cutting-edge autopilot and peerless safety features, this expert-level quadcopter ensures outstanding performance and provides users with optimal assurance as they explore their airspace. Whether you use it for personal or commercial use, the EXO Blackhawk will surpass your expectations in terms of dependability, cost-effectiveness and overall operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the flight time of the Exo Blackhawk drone?

The Exo Blackhawk drone has a flight time of up to 15 minutes.

2. What is the camera resolution of the Exo Blackhawk drone?

The Exo Blackhawk drone has a 720p HD camera resolution.

3. How far can the Exo Blackhawk drone fly?

The Exo Blackhawk drone has a maximum range of up to 300 feet.

4. Is the Exo Blackhawk drone easy to control?

Yes, the Exo Blackhawk drone is very user-friendly and easy to control, even for beginners.

5. Does the Exo Blackhawk drone come with spare parts?

Yes, the Exo Blackhawk drone comes with spare propellers and a screwdriver for easy replacement.

6. Can the Exo Blackhawk drone perform 360° flips and rolls?

Yes, the Exo Blackhawk drone has a 360° flipping and rolling capability for aerial stunts and tricks.

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