exo drone review

exo drone review


Exo drones are top UAVs! They're packed with advanced tech and amazing features, like high-resolution cameras, long battery life and lots of accessories.

Professionals and hobbyists alike can appreciate Exo drones. They're sturdy and have great flight capabilities, plus smart flight modes.

In this review, we'll dive deep into what makes Exo drones so special. We'll check out the design and features, and how they fare in real-world settings. Plus, we'll show you some top accessories to take your flying experience up a notch. We'll also give you tips for keeping your drone safe and sound. Got any questions? We've got answers!

Design & Build Quality

The exo drone is lightweight and portable – great for travelling! Its small size makes it easy to transport. Plus, its robust build means it won't get damaged when in use. Plus, its intuitive design makes it simple to fly. Its user-friendly controls are easy to learn, too.

Let's take a closer look at the exo drone's design and build quality:


The EXO Drone comes with design and build quality that are unbeatable. It has an anodized aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber shell, making it lightweight but robust. There are no rattles or loose parts. The landing gear is soft and firm, unlike the hard plastic landing gear of DJI Phantom series.

The camera mount is on top of the drone with space for a GoPro and its own camera mount (sold separately). The speed controllers are in the center of the drone, safe from physical damage and corrosion. The propellers are super durable and can take heavy knocks. However, due to its size (1.2 meter wingspan), it is best not to fly in tight areas.

In rough winds or collisions with trees, minor adjustments may be required when you get it back home. This is normal because there may be slight misalignments during these situations or after repair work/upgrades. Nevertheless, the EXO drone has been successful in every durability test!

Battery Life

The Exo drone boasts an impressive 2000mAh LiPo 4S battery and 12-minute average flight time. Its modular design and self-regulating tech stop overcharging or discharging on long trips. Plus, its intelligent safety features mean you can fly worry-free.

It's also ultra-durable. An aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber props make it wind-resistant up to 25 mph. The well-ventilated motors stay cool and last longer on charge. And brushless ESC gives you smooth flights every time.


The exo drone's camera is amazing! It can capture full HD (1920×1080) footage at 30fps, for buttery smoothness. And it takes photos too, in JPG format and MP4 movies. The 6-axis gyro system keeps it stable in the air, so your videos will be shake-free. Plus, the lens offers wide-angle views, giving you a broader perspective. And, if the battery runs low or signal is lost, the return-to-home function will bring the drone back to you automatically.

Flight Performance

Flight performance is an important consideration when selecting a drone. Piloting skill isn't the only factor; the drone's design and build quality make a big difference.

The Exo Drone has three-axis stabilization and two propeller types. Larger ones rotate faster, and smaller ones provide control. Its low-frequency GPS tracking system helps it stay on its path and avoid sharp turns or drops in altitude.

This drone is reliable in various environments: outdoor with gusts of wind, indoor with low light. It has a robust frame and high-end motors. It also has removable landing gear, rubberized feet, and shock-absorption features.

All these excellent qualities make the Exo Drone a top choice for serious pilots, photographers, videographers, commercial applications, and DIY enthusiasts.


The EXO Drone is amazing! It has lots of features that make it stand out. For example: a live video feed, 4K camera, obstacle avoidance, and automated flight modes. So cool! Let's dive into the details of these awesome features:

Autonomous Flight Modes

The exo drone has autonomous flight modes to make flying simpler. Modes like Follow Me, Orbit, Cable Cam, Gesture Control and Waypoint Mission Planning.

  • Follow Me Mode uses GPS & visual tracking to keep the drone on the pilot. This lets you take videos/photos with a remote control.
  • Orbit Mode lets you set a centre point via GPS. You can film cinematic shots around a subject.
  • Cable Cam sets two or three points for the drone to follow. You can get slow panorama shots without manual piloting.
  • Gesture Control Mode lets you use hand gestures to control the gimbal. You can capture media without any physical inputs.
  • Waypoint Mission Planning customizes flights & optimizes efficiency. You can record footage without manual piloting errors.

Obstacle Avoidance

Exo drone has advanced obstacle avoidance sensors and a programmable flight controller. This helps it avoid walls, trees, gates and other obstacles. It stops at any obstacle within a radius set by the user. It can even navigate tight spaces – alleys, cul-de-sacs and more. It also has a hover-in-place feature for precise turns. Plus, a built-in stabilization system keeps it balanced in choppy air or when wind blows. Exo drone is prepared for any obstacle!

Follow Me Mode

The Exo Drone has a Follow Me mode that is perfect for action shots. It works with two components: tracking and piloting. You must activate the mode before takeoff for the drone to lock onto you. The tracking component has an advanced camera system in front of it that follows you. The piloting component allows the drone to stay on its course at a pre-programmed speed, altitude and distance.

This mode has three main abilities. Pitch control lets the camera gimbal tilt up or down. Orientation Lock keeps the footage on one person. Finally, Digital Transformation Technology lets you set up Virtual Imagery Effects. This works through advanced mapping software.

Return to Home

Return to Home is a fantastic feature of the exo drone. It guides the drone back to its starting point when commanded. A pressure sensor is activated if a drop in altitude is detected. GPS-aided navigation control helps the drone navigate back in windy conditions. Furthermore, the Return to Home feature monitors the drones battery life, so it won't run out mid-flight. This guarantees the safe return of your drone, giving you peace of mind that your investment is secure.

Pros & Cons

The EXO Drone is one of the latest models on the market! It's small and lightweight, yet provides all the features of bigger, costlier drones. It has the latest tech – an obstacle avoidance system, HD camera with live stream and up to 25 minutes of flight time! That makes it perfect for aerial photography, or just having fun in your backyard. Let's look at the pros and cons to see if it's right for you.


  • Compact, portable design
  • HD camera w/ live streaming
  • Long battery life – up to 25 mins
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance system
  • Controller or no controller fly mode
  • Easy setup & user friendly controls


  • Limited range – Wifi 70m, RC 230m
  • Low obstacle sensitivity
  • Can flip over in high winds


Finally, Exo Drone is a superb drone for anyone needing a cheap, dependable machine for catching those special occasions when in motion. It has great maneuverability, simple to command, and awesome snaps from its camera. Its battery life might be a con, but if you don't need it for extended spans, it's perfect for short journeys.

In a nutshell, as long as you recognize the limitations of this model and use it within its limits, you'll be pleased with its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Exo drone?

The Exo drone is a high-performance drone that is designed for amateur and professional drone enthusiasts who want to capture stunning aerial footage and experience the thrill of piloting a drone.

2. What are the features of Exo drone?

The Exo drone is equipped with a high-quality 4K camera, has a range of up to 1,000 meters, can fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge, features intelligent obstacle avoidance technology, and has a lightweight and portable design that makes it easy to transport.

3. How easy is it to fly the Exo drone?

The Exo drone is designed with ease of use in mind and is suitable for both beginners and experienced drone pilots. The drone comes with an intuitive remote control that allows you to control the drone's speed, altitude, and direction with ease. Additionally, the drone features GPS and optical flow sensors that help to make flying the drone more precise and stable.

4. What kind of footage can I capture with the Exo drone?

The Exo drone is capable of capturing stunning 4K video and high-quality photos from a variety of angles and perspectives. Whether you're looking to capture epic landscape shots, action-packed sports footage, or dramatic aerial views, the Exo drone has you covered.

5. Is the Exo drone durable and reliable?

Yes, the Exo drone is built with high-quality materials and features a robust and durable design that can withstand crashes and bumps. Additionally, the drone is equipped with powerful motors and advanced flight control technology that ensures a smooth and reliable flying experience.

6. What sets the Exo drone apart from other drones on the market?

The Exo drone offers a unique combination of advanced features, high-quality technology, and ease of use that makes it stand out from other drones on the market. Additionally, its lightweight and portable design make it easy to take on the go, while its intelligent obstacle avoidance technology and precision flying capabilities give it an edge over other drones in its class.

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