exo drones review

exo drones review


The Exo drones are an incredible way to take to the skies! Perfect for photographers, pros and casual users alike, these top-tier drones are made from robust materials and have plenty of customisation options. They're built to handle tough conditions, and feature remarkable durability, speed and stability.

These state-of-the-art devices come with a range of features that set them apart from other drones. You get up to 4 miles (6 km) of signal-free range, plus a removable aluminium frame for lightweight strength. Plus, two 30-minute batteries give you 60 minutes of flight time! Obstacle avoidance sensors stop you from running into objects, and there's plenty of safety tech too – like auto landings and take-offs.

The Exo is a great all-rounder, no matter your skill level. Capture beautiful images, or try speedy races, 360 flips, and other stunts. With precise control over a range of speeds, you'll get amazing results every time.

Design and Build Quality

The exo drones are famous for their innovative design and tough build. Carbon fiber and aluminium alloy materials create reliable and long-lasting performance. Plus, the drones' aerodynamic shape boosts their speed and dexterity. They also have high power motors, giving them responsive and silky control.

Let's look at these design and build features more closely:


The Exo Drones are built for toughness! Quality material and manufacturing processes used ensure strength. Carbon fiber tubes and molded corners form the airframe. It has reinforced stainless steel hinges and ABS plastic joints. These help absorb shocks if the drone collides.

The lightweight design is efficient and agile. Impact-resistant propellers, frames, and main board componentry protect against knocks and drops. Lastly, bumpers on each arm provide extra protection while in mid-air!

Battery Life

Figuring out battery life can be difficult. You must consider the weight of your load and how much you're flying. The manufacturer's listed flight time is for lightweight payloads and simple flying.

The Exo drones come with a 3-cell 1300mAh LiPo battery. This provides about six minutes of flight time. When not carrying a load, you can get slightly longer time. However, if it's heavier, you'll have less flight time on average. With accessories, you'll need to adjust your flight time based on their size and weight. This will typically reduce your flight time.

Altitude also affects battery life. Higher altitudes can impact flight time and performance like reaction speed and navigation. So staying in an appropriate altitude range is key for long distance flights with these drones. With the right planning, including batteries/spare batteries, you can get enough flight time for commercial applications with these customized drones!

Camera Quality

The camera quality of the Exo drones does not vary much from model to model. All models come with integrated HD video cameras and stabilized gimbals for smooth footage, regardless of the drone's movements. The camera and gimbal assemblies are also removable. This allows you to attach different types of cameras or accessories.

The resolution and detail of videos depend on the type of camera chosen. Exo drones come with small HD Wi-Fi cameras as standard. But, these can be changed if so desired. Some models offer 4k resolution with various lenses. Others come with professional grade cine cameras that capture lossless 12-bit RAW footage. This is great for filmmakers who want full control over their videos' look and feel.

Flight Performance

Evaluating a drone? Flight performance is key! It can be judged on speed, agility, range and battery life. So let's see how Exo drones do in these areas.

Flight Time

Flight time is essential when buying a drone. It's the amount of time a drone can fly away or towards the controller. Usually, drones can fly up to 15 minutes without needing to be recharged. But this all depends on the model and its payload.

Some drones can fly for even longer; some last up to 30 minutes. These models tend to be more expensive. Additionally, conditions like battery life and flying conditions can reduce performance and flight time.

When buying an exo drone, it's important to look into their batteries, speed and range. All these affect flight time. Don't exceed the recommended altitude, range and wind speeds as this will reduce battery life and shorten flying time. This leads to unsatisfactory results when using your new device.


The range of an exo drone is crucial when picking the right one. Factors like transmission tech (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS signal), signal strength & interference, flying conditions, altitude, battery life and more, affect the range.

Most exo drones are portable, yet their range can vary greatly, depending on the environment.

  • Wi-Fi drones like Mavic can reach up to 1 mile away from controller and still have a strong connection.
  • Bluetooth drones range from 250 meters to 1 km, depending on the version.
  • GPS drones have a max theoretical range of 5 miles or 8 km, with no modifications. Now you can explore further than ever before!

Flight Modes

Drones offer various flight modes for users of all levels:

  • Position Mode lets you place the drone in a certain spot, even if you're out of range.
  • Follow-Me Mode helps you keep up with a target.
  • GPS Positioning lets your drone explore autonomously.
  • Point Of Interest Mode programs specific points you want the camera to focus on.
  • Return Home Mode safely sends your drone back when needed.


Check out Exo drones! They're perfect for flying outdoors. Autopilot makes them easy to navigate. Plus, they have obstacle avoidance, long-lasting battery life, and 1080p video recording. High-speed control is another cool feature. Let's take a closer look at all that Exo drones can do!

Obstacle Avoidance

Exo drones come with obstacle avoidance tech. Sensors on the exterior detect nearby objects like trees, buildings, and other drones. When an object is in the way, the drone will stop or change its path. This keeps the drone safe and the footage smooth.

It also prevents mid-air collisions with other drones when flying multiple Exo drones close together. With this tech, the drones can fly faster and with great precision and control. It guides the drone away from potential hazards in its path.

Follow Me Modes

Drones with Follow Me capabilities can automatically follow a person, pet, car or bike using GPS and sensors. There are two modes: “Follow Me” and “Course Lock”.

  • Follow Me mode, the drone follows movements in real-time.
  • Course Lock mode, the drone follows commands from an app or remote.

Advanced Follow Me functions like Cable Cam, Point of Interest, and Waypoint may require more planning, but can give amazing results.

Autonomous Flight

Exo drones have the amazing feature of autonomous flight! This means they can fly pre-programmed routes and be controlled remotely. It's great for users wanting to get the best shots and videos without manually controlling the drone. Autonomous flight has got you covered in all weather conditions, even if it's windy or there are sudden changes in temperature.

Activating autonomous flight is simple. Just use the pilot app or remote control to enable it. You can set waypoints and monitor if it's reached its destination with the commands “GoHome” or “Land Now“. Plus, advanced features like obstacle avoidance and VPS are available to help keep track of direction in low visibility environments.


Exo drones offer the latest drone tech at a good price. They're dependable, provide a nice, smooth flight and are full of features. Whether you need a beginner drone to practice, or something more advanced for filming or racing – Exo has something for everyone.

Their easy-to-use controller can get any user flying in minutes – great for those new to drones. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. If you have questions or need to return something, they've got you covered.

We recommend Exo Drones!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Exo drone?

An Exo drone is a type of drone that comes with advanced features and technology that enhances its functionality and overall user experience.

2. What are some of the features of Exo drones?

Exo drones come with features such as obstacle avoidance, long-range connectivity, high-resolution cameras, and extended battery life among other features.

3. What makes Exo drones stand out among other drones in the market?

Exo drones stand out from other drones in the market due to their advanced features, high-end technology, excellent performance, and durability.

4. How easy is it to fly an Exo drone?

Exo drones are easy to fly, and users with no prior flight experience can quickly learn how to operate them. The drones come with an easy-to-use control system that makes it easy to fly and navigate them.

5. Can Exo drones be used for commercial purposes such as aerial photography or videography?

Yes, Exo drones are ideal for commercial purposes such as aerial photography and videography. Their high-resolution cameras and long-range connectivity make them perfect for capturing stunning images and videos from different angles and heights.

6. Are Exo drones expensive?

Exo drones are relatively expensive compared to other drones in the market. However, their advanced features and technology make them worth the investment.

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