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So there it is fellas , hopefully you all enjoyed my insight on the Fatshark/walksnail hd system . If you guys have any question please leave them in the comments and i will try my best to answer all of them .



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What up ladies and gentlemen boys and Girls What's up people all right so today we Are going to talk about what i'm going To talk about you're going to listen you Might learn something today you might Not learn something today but today we Are here to talk about the fat shark hd System Everybody's walking upstairs sorry so We're going to talk about the fat shark Hd system I've taken a while to test this or not To test this but at least to let you Guys know information about this and What i found from testing it mainly just Because i wanted to wait for all the Updates to happen at least the first Couple of updates because it's hard to Do a review on something or do a Comparison to uh To another it's hard to do a comparison To a company like dji because obviously This is who fat shark in my eyes is Competing against or trying to compare To would be the dji system so it's hard To get a product that just releases one Day and then you do a review on it that Day Against a product that's been out for Two years now you know so i wanted to Wait at least until a bunch of the Updates have happened first before i Actually gave my own opinion on it so i

Know everybody's been dropping their Opinions and how they feel and Everything i've watched bartwell Steele's tommy's rhoda riots Pretty much watched everybody's video on The system itself and how they thought About it And just to get this out the way uh this Was given to me by rhoda wright so just In case you guys think there's any type Of bias or anything like that uh it Won't be i'll be completely honest with You because i don't have any skin in the Game you know so First i just want you guys to watch this Video this happened yesterday And uh mind you i am on the newest Firmware With the uh the newest firmware isn't Out yet i think that's coming out in the Next day or so it's on 1080p Uh 50 megabytes uh it's all like the Highest rating whatever everything the Best is i'll do a screenshot of what it Is in here but uh Let's come up like right now These are all my settings and uh let's Let's check it out real quick and then We're going to come back here and then I'll talk about What i really feel about the whole System all right so watch that and then Come back make sure you come back all Right

Here's just let me just put this is just Where you can see where i'm standing Sorry about the mess i'm doing a bunch Of construction at the house uh but so Just put you in perspective of where We're at And i'm gonna fly from this corner i'm Gonna be standing right here in the Shade all right Good [Music] Wow [Music] Foreign [Music] So Wow [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh Oh

So We're going to talk about this It's good guys It's all i'm saying man like uh Here's what i'll say so at first i was Still flying my dji system and uh i had Dji in fat shark maybe like a week and a Half ago two weeks ago and i didn't like Personally i didn't like the way the fat Shark goggles changed that aspect or Like how i really saw The screen if that makes sense like it Just didn't feel right like the dji has Like a much bigger screen it seems like Everything's like super up close to you Where with the fat shark it seems like Things are further away So i'm like all right Let me just put my dji stuff away build Two quads with fat shark and then i'll Just fly that won't even bring my dji Goggles out i'm just gonna bring the fat Shark out and get used to it because It's hard after flying something for two Years and then jump into something else Of course it's gonna look a little Different it's gonna feel different like Everything just different So i've done that for about a week Two weeks maybe flying just the fat Shark stuff Compared to dji The picture quality is better Hands down okay i don't know if it's the

Colors Once i've gotten used to the goggles Like i mean they look beautiful So i will say that the video the quality Of the image is better Again we are comparing 1080 to 720 so You know And as you saw in the flight that i flew Around my house so i did at my house Just because i know my limitations with Dji and where i stand at the exact same Spot every time and where i can and Cannot go I can go the exact same distance pretty Much that i can go with dji i go to the Top of the street right there where that Bmw sits that's about where i go at Every time before it starts to do Something now when i went up it was only Like one little blip and it was crystal Clear so i could have kept going but That's just usually where i turn around So i just turned back around and came Back down and just started flying around But as you can see i was staying on the Corner of my house with the whole like My house wi-fi everywhere everybody here Has wi-fi And i mean no problems like i said in 1080p so I don't know 1080 people 1080 whatever You want to call it So i have to say that It is better than dji in the quality

Section of video so yes it does beat it Out on that range it's about the same I've flown in other places that i've Also flown dji and i still have the Exact same results of distances and Things like that still the same clarity None of the blockiness none of the super Crazy pixelization Um i almost want to say that it might be Better than dji even when if you know What dji it gets like Uh breaks up on the side and gives like Focus mode i think it is it gives you Focus in the middle but like blurry on The outer edges I don't get that with fat shark again I'm not being paid by these guys man so To me like i said i have no skin in the Game uh i like it i built uh two more i Have three quads now that are fully on Fat shark uh will i use The fat shark unit for production not at All Is it not good enough to use in Production i'm not saying that i'm just Saying that i trust dji to a Whole new level that i've been flying For two years i know what it will do i Know when something goes wrong how to Fix it what it could be what it couldn't Be and when you're on set and things Like that you don't want to have Something That's not super tried and true because

You got people spending a lot of money Either a for you to be there or a or b a Lot of money just and everybody that's There waiting for you to fix something We don't have time for that Uh So i will not be using fat shark for Production For freestyle Yes i will be using fat sharp for now I don't know what dji has coming i'm not 100 sure but if that's better that's What i'm going to use again guys i'm a Person that if it's better i'm going to Use it it doesn't matter who makes it i Don't I don't have a problem with any Companies i don't have likes i don't Want to use them because of this that Now if it's better i'll use it if you Guys have anything better for me try I'll try if it's better i like better i Just want the best stuff But uh that being said like i said i Won't be using fat shark for Uh For production i will be using fat shark For freestyle i feel like the goggles And the way that it Like makes the image that it gives it It's hd but it still gives you that like Analog feel for some reason i don't know If it's the osd Or whatever it is but it just gives me

That real wholesome like you know that Real wholesome Original og fpv feel if it makes that Says anything but i'm super happy with It i'm i really am i'm surprised that They have come this far This quickly which makes me see think Like why didn't they just do that in the First place like why wasn't this update Already done before everybody already Received the goggles but i'm not part of Management i don't make those decisions So i'm not going to begin to guess of Why but hey we got it and it's been less Than a month and we have it so i'm Really curious to see where else this is Going to go i'm excited for the future I do like the Smaller air units In my quads it fits a lot better i mean You're saving a little bit of weight but I really don't care about weight Now i'm going to tell you a couple Things that i completely dislike about The system and it doesn't necessarily Have anything to do with the system but More or less the components that come Along with it uh i don't know if you Guys saw The little screws that hold the antennas On the back of the air unit i don't like That i'll put a picture or something up Right now about that these three little Screws they're super tiny like why would

You do that i already lost one of them And that's just going to keep happening That just wasn't a good decision Made by fat shark or not actually fat Shark that would be walk snail that made That decision i don't like that i wish We could have one antenna not two like We had with the vista air unit we had One antenna with this one we're kind of Stuck with the two uh i made this little Well i had noozle make this cool little Thing i'll put a picture of this for the Moon goat kind of keeps the antennas out Of the way and super like tucked into The frame so that's not i'm kind of That's okay with the two antennas i'm Not mad about that as much anymore Uh what else was it the the three two Antennas the three little a screws i Don't know why they did that could have Had like some 1.5 millimeters or Something like that would have been fine Um Phew other than that That might be all i dislike about it to Be really honest with you like i said I'm ready to see where the future is Going to go with this system and uh if You guys have dji I wouldn't say go out and buy it just be I mean you're on the same level we're All on about the same level some people Say dji is better i trust dji so if That's what you want to say is better in

My opinion yes i have i trust it more uh Just because i've had more experience With it But if you're coming from analog And you're deciding what you want to do At this point just pick whichever one You like honestly if if you're doing Production work go with dji if you're Doing just some freestyle hanging out With the friends and just ripping then Get the fat shark but again i'm not Telling you to go out and buy anything Like if you're happy with what you fly Then that's what you should be happy With if you want to spend the money on Something new or you're interested in New technology hey check it out it's a Cool system It They did a good job You know uh another thing that i dislike Is that it does the goggles don't take Success That to me is just Crazy like somebody dropped the ball Like i said I'm here not to be biased i'm gonna tell You guys how i really feel uh i ended up Plugging mine into 6s for like three Minutes when i first got i'm not even Thinking that it would be 5s Nothing happened to him but for somebody Like me that only has success packs That's like a pain it's like why would

You not just make it doable for you know Success just doesn't make sense 5s Capable but not success Doesn't make sense but that's one of the Things that's another one thing so it's The three screws the dual antennas and Also the uh Oh my god what did i just say guys what Was the last one oh the goggles don't Take 6s Crazy but other than that It's a legit system fellas so i don't Think that you can go wrong either way i Don't think you can go wrong dj i don't Think you can go wrong with fat shark They said fat shark is fairly new so They're going to still be pumping out Updates which we've seen and i like it So uh hopefully this video was Informative to you i will put links to Everything now this i might make money Off of you guys I do have some links down there if you Guys want to check some of this stuff Out if you're interested in the fat Shark or the dji those links will be Down in the description but uh again Just thank you guys for watching and i Will post a lot more videos coming up on My instagram facebook and even on Youtube for you guys to check out uh More testing and things with the system Again thank you guys very much for Watching oh almost forgot something hold

On one thing i do really really like is That all you need is a usbc to hdmi and You can plug it into a monitor and you Can watch anything uh honest i had to go Buy a 700 screen for my dji that kind of Sucks and then like two months later Like oh we have we can make it do hdmi Out to this and that it was already too Late but again on the production side of Things that makes life a lot easier i Hook my hdmi into my dji goggles and Then to the screen and then out of the Screen into whatever production company Has for me to plug into so video village To get to anything live stream whatever You want to so dji does have that Portion of it beat and just the Kind of not the simplicity of it but i Just say like the four integration for Production I haven't done enough testing with the Fat shark with the hdmi hdmi out to see If there's any buggy issues or anything Like that for me to trust it to take it On production but i did want to just say That that was a good point that i do Like about the fat shark that you can't Do usbc write the hdmi into any monitor And it works versus spending 700 on a Monitor from dji But so i got all that in we're good guys Like i said thank you guys for watching And uh like i said if whatever one you Want to go with it's fine with me should

Be fine with you analog dji fat shark hd Zero whatever you want to fly guys just Get out and fly thank you for watching Until next time see