Flying a Drone from 1253 Miles Away

By | October 6, 2022

Today, Paladin released a dongle that allows the DJI M30 and M300 to fly over LTE. This allows for extremely long distance drone flight that is perfect for DFR and public safety.

Join Greg as he uses the Paladin Watchtower portal to control a drone wirelessly from LTE connection.

Huge thanks to:
Divy Shrivastava – CEO Paladin
Tyler Roberts – Growth Lead Paladin
Luis Figueiredo – Detective Elizabeth PD

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We are flying a drone in Texas from Arizona from from that couch right here From the couch Today Paladin released a new product Which is an LTE dongle which can be Connected to the back of your drone so You can control the Drone from well a Much longer distance than you would with A traditional controller now with that Being said there is a lot of FAA Approval that you need to get before you Can do that but we're going to be Putting it to the test and you can see Here on my on my desk what I have is I Have this PS5 controller right here I Have my laptop and then we are actually Connected to a drone right now in Houston we are in Arizona I'm sitting on My couch and I'm going to be flying a Matrix 300 with a thermal payload all The way in Texas and then take a look at This all I'm going to do right now is I'm gonna go and yaw to the left so as I'm yawning to the left actually I can See the Drone yawn and I stop and boom It just stopped the latency is actually Really really small I can also go Forward and as I go forward the Drone Goes forward and then I let go and then It stops we're going to be talking to Tyler who's part of the Taliban team Hello everybody my name is Tyler Roberts And I am the growth lead for Paladin Also we're going to be talking to Lewis

Who's one of the user who actually does This on a day-to-day basis hi everyone My name is Louis figarito I'm a Detective with the Elizabeth Police Department let's get to it let's talk About all the details in here and all The things that are in the software so The new product we've come out with is LTE for DJI and essentially what this is It is a module that you fasten onto the Top of the m300 or the m30 plug it into The psdk port and now you can fly again The m300 and the m30 all over LTE so Through the LTE and using our software Essentially what you can do is Click one Button on a computer screen and the Drone will take off and fly to the Destination that you've marked Greg We're gonna have you fly it today I'm Going to hand it off to you go ahead and Give it a try okay And I can take over That's insane I I think it's it's pretty Incredible actually I mean I've got Maybe half a second delay from the time I input something to uh to going in Which is not bad at all so the latency Of the whole system we like to see under One second the command and controls Through LTE is almost instantaneous uh The lag that you see is actually the Video feed and so we like to see the Video feed at around under half a second That's where we like to see it now you

Have to rely on the LT network Connection that you have so if your National Forest Service flying it where There's no LTE connection I wouldn't Recommend using the LT but if there is Cellular Connection around you the range And the added benefits are massive so You've flown a lot of drones Greg what Do you what do you think about not Having that uh that range anxiety right Where you start losing connection right Isn't that [Music] That's that's incredible that's Incredible well this is cool I uh paint Me impressed this is uh this is amazing So and I don't get impressed very often All right folks this is it for this Video I hope you enjoyed it as much as I Did flying this thing all the way across The country uh a big thank you to Tyler For allowing us to get here also for Lewis for being able to uh share his uh His feedback and and the way that they Use drone and of course for Divi the CEO Of Paladin for letting us get this Before anybody else so as always you can Like subscribe we'll have more of these Videos in the future and we'll see you Next time