Flying in Reserve | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 9

By | December 8, 2022

Driving anything in reverse can be a tough skill to master, but in FPV, the inability to look behind you makes it even more difficult. While the mechanics of reverse flight are fairly simple, flying backward is essentially flying blind.

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Driving anything in Reverse can be a Tough skill to master but in fpv the Inability to look behind you makes it Even more difficult While the mechanics of reverse flying Are fairly simple flying backwards is Essentially Flying Blind when you're in The air your fpv camera is set in a Fixed Direction at a fixed camera angle Both of which are usually positioned to Accommodate forward flight all you Really need to do to fly backward is to Pitch the Drone mid-throttle the same Degree backward as you would if you were Flying forward this sounds super simple In theory but in practice it's anything But the higher your camera angle is the More you'll find that even with the Correct backward pitch you're staring Straight at the sky which can be Extremely disorienting and will probably Cause you to crash in fact the closer You get the camera angle to zero degrees The easier it will be to track your Surroundings the only problem is when You pitch to fly forward again you'll be Looking straight at the ground so not Great if you found a camera angle that You've grown attached to one of the Easiest ways to visualize the move is to First attempt the maneuver Los or line Of sight to do this in the Sim bring up Your menu and to the right change your Camera mode from fpv to orbit now you'll

Be able to see exactly how the drone's Flight path is being affected by Backward pitch this will help you build Up your muscle memory a little before Attempting it again fpv where this Maneuver becomes trickier is when Transitioning into it from forward Flight Ing backward is most interesting when Flying between through or under Obstacles so one of my favorite places To practice this maneuver on the U.S Air Force night mode map is under this giant Blimp as we approach it we're going to Prepare to do a 180 degree yaw spin the Drone will naturally want to pitch Backward during this maneuver so we'll Use that in combination with a little Hovering throttle to continue to fly Backwards make sure to use roll as a Rudder to maintain directional control And if attempting this maneuver in real Life always make sure to have a spotter To ensure you're flying safely