Flywoo Firefly Nano Baby 2S Complete Setup Guide // BIND CONFIGURE FLY

By | November 10, 2022

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00:00:00 – Flywoo Firefly Baby Nano 2.0!
00:00:52 – We're using ExpressLRS receiver – My ExpressLRS getting started guide.

00:02:50 – It's ok if you're not using my same radio
00:04:28 – ExpressLRS binds with “bind phrases”
00:06:03 – ELRS options for this build

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My email:

00:08:21 – Now on to Betaflight – How to install Betaflight Configurator

00:08:54 – Check Chanel Mapping
00:10:18 – Check Endpoints – How to calibrate your gimbals

00:12:42 – A few more changes in the Receiver tab
00:13:43 – Set up Aux Modes – Betaflight Modes Tab more info than you probably want about it

00:15:06 – Set up Arm Mode
00:18:03 – Set up Angle, Turtle, Beeper Mode
00:19:58 – Configuration Tab
00:21:15 – Analog video setup
00:25:40 – HDZero video setup – Complete HDZero setup guide including firmware update
Download HDZero firmware from here:

00:29:06 – Walksnail Avatar video setup – This video includes flashing instructions for the Avatar goggle and vTX.
Get Caddx/Walksnail firmware here: – Best settings for your Walksnail system – How to avoid interference with other pilots

00:33:06 – DJI video setup – What is WTFOS and why might you want it? – DJI 1200 mW output power hack

00:36:03 – Have I earned your support today?
00:37:25 – Set up the OSD

My private repo URL:
Github Branch: jb-presets – More information than you probably want about the Betaflight OSD tab

00:42:09 – Before you fly…. – Essential video about lipo safety! – Before you fly! How to “maiden” a new quad for the first time.

Flywoo Firefly baby Nano 2.0 flywoo Firefly baby Nano 2.0 flywoo firefly Flywoo firefly flywoo firefly okay I can Do this this is the flywoo Firefly baby Nano 2.0 and I'm holding the analog Video version right now but you can get It with analog video transmitter HD zero Video transmitter cadix Vista video Transmitter or a walk snail video Transmitter I couldn't decide so I just Bought all four whichever one of these Video transmitters you bought the next Thing you got to do after you get it out Of the box is connect it to your Controller connect it to your Goggles do A little bit of betaflight setup no They're not completely ready to bind and Fly and then you can finally get it in The air and fly it and that's going to Be the topic of this video we're going To take these from unboxing to initial Flight I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're Going to learn something today the first Thing I do when setting up a brand new Quadcopter is bind my controller to the Receiver on the quadcopter the Controller is of course this thing that I have with the sticks that tells the Quad what to do and the receiver is a Little piece of electronics on the Quadcopter that receives a signal from The antenna on the controller that then Lets us fly the quad and binding is the Process by which this quadcopter knows

That it should be listening to the stick Movements of this controller until you Can fly with more than one person and Everybody's flying at the same time but There's never any confusion about who's Controlling who's quadcopter and one of The concessions that we have to make in This video just to sort of reality is That the Firefly Nano baby can be Ordered with several different receivers You can order it in a PNP which stands For Plug and Play which means it doesn't Come with any receiver and you would Install your own receiver on it it can Be ordered with a freesky XM receiver an Express lrs receiver or a TBS Crossfire Nano RX receiver all four of the Quadcopters that I purchased for this Video were purchased with the express Lrs receiver over I think it's the one That's the best especially for very very Small quadcopters like this Express lrs Is a very high performance very long Range controlling which means you can Fly great distances without losing link And fail-saving it is built into the Flight controller which means that you Don't have a separate piece of Electronics to tape or zip tie to the Board it just has a lot going for it now If you want to know more about Express Lrs I'll have a link to my full express Lrs getting started guide down in the Video description below along with many

Many other reference videos that I'll be Referring to throughout this video but For the time being we're going to be Doing an Express lrs setup and if you Have a different kind of receiver well a Lot of the other parts of this video Will apply but maybe not this exact part The radio that I'm going to be using for This video is the radiomaster tx16s the Tx16s is one of if not the most popular Radio in fpv today in my humble opinion And this is the JB the Bardwell edition Of the tx16s and one of the things that Makes that stand out is that it has Express lrs built in if your radio does Not have Express lrs built in you could Get an external module like this one Here that plugs into the back of the Radio but you will need an Express lrs Module in order to buy into these Express alerts receivers older radios That only have for example free Sky Modules in them would not be able to do This without an external module if you Are not using this exact radio the good News is that the steps I'm about to show You will be basically the same check This out this is a radio Master Zorro And it looks very very different from The tx16s that I use as my daily driver But in much the same way that you could Have a Windows or a Mac OS laptop and You could have a Windows or a Mac OS Desktop they all run Windows they all

Run Mac OS you could have an Android Phone and the phone may look different But they all run Android underneath and If you're familiar with how Android or Mac OS or Windows works then when you Move from one computer to another you Pretty much can find out where Everything is the interface may look a Little different but the basic Functionality is the same and that's True for these radios these radios run An operating system called Edge TX and Although the interface looks a little Different a lot of the stuff is Identical the way that binding Works in Express lrs is a little bit different From the way that it works in a more Traditional RC protocols in traditional RC protocols there would be a bind Button on the receiver and a bind button Or menu option on the controller you Would press the bind button on one and The bind button on the other and they Would bind and express lrs does have That functionality at least a little bit But it's not the main way that it's Intended to work in express lrs the Module and the receiver are configured Through this program which runs on your Windows or Mac OS computer Express lrs Configurator is used to set your Configuration options you then Flash the Firmware to the receiver and to the Module and that contains a parameter

Known as The Binding phrase and when you Have a receiver and a controller with The same binding phrase they are bound It makes it really easy to bind a new You could just flash a new receiver with Your binding phrase and you know that When you later turn your radio on they Will be bound and ready to go now we're Not going to do a full how to express Lrs tutorial here rather I'm going to Refer you to my espresso arrest Definitive getting started guide if you Have absolutely zero experience with Express lrs and you want to know the Basics but essentially what we're going To do is we're going to flash this Receiver with expresslrs the module is Already flashed with expresslrs if you Have a brand new module that you've Never flashed before you would flash it And then they would be bound the only Thing you need to know is a few specific Options that are unique to this Quadcopter at the time I'm making this Video the latest version of Express lrs Is 301 and that's what I'm going to be Flashing you should probably flash Whatever the latest is at the time that You're watching this the device category We can start to type flywoo and we can Find flywoo 2.4 gigahertz and then the Device that we need to select is flywoo El24p 2400rx el24p is in Paul not e as in

Edward that is the correct one now when You do that you're going to see a Warning here saying that the Manufacturer of this Hardware is not Provided samples to the developers Contact them for support or proceed as Your own risk not all features may work The way that Express lrs works is it is Completely open source it is developed For free by enthusiasts in their spare Time because they're masochists I assume And the way that it usually works is That a manufacturer who wants to release Hardware based on the express lrs Software will submit Hardware to the Developers for them to sort of look at And see if there are any problems with It flywu has not done that that doesn't Mean there's anything wrong here it just Means that there might be something Wrong and the devs don't want to be held Responsible for that despite this dire Warning if you do need help with your Express alerts install well first of all You're welcome to email me JB Joshua is my email address and I Answer between I'd say 50 to 200 emails A day from people just like you who have A question or a problem that they're Trying to solve in addition you can go To the expresslrs Discord server which Is just a chat server where devs and Other help people hang out and even Though

And it says contact flywoo for support They'll probably help you if you head on Over there I'll definitely help you once You've selected the device category and The device the remaining options here Will be set up the same as I show in my Express lrs definitive getting started Guide so I'm going to refer you to that For the rest of that process the key Thing that you're going to need is that When you plug in the quadcopter power up Your radio you should see a RSSI or a Signal strength indicator here on your Screen somewhere and if you run the Express lrs Lua script What's a Lewis script watch the Definitive starting guide you should see A c in the upper right hand corner Indicating that you are connected to Your quadcopter and now they are bound The next thing we're going to do is We're going to plug the quadcopter into The computer and set up betaflight and It comes mostly set up but there are a Few little things that you'll need to do To tweak it to be just right for your Controller if you've never downloaded And installed betaflight configurator Before I'm going to refer you to this Video betaflight 4.3 install Flash setup Tab complete walkthrough part one and There are links to that there's a link To that down in the video description Below if you want to find that so I'm

Going to fire up betaflight configurator And I'm going to connect to it and the First thing I'm going to do is I'm going To head over to the receiver Tab and I'm Just going to wiggle the sticks on my Controller and I want to see that I have A movement as I move the sticks and I do That's fantastic next I'm going to check That my Channel map mapping is correct So I'm going to move the throttle up and Down wherever your throttle stick is and You can see here that the throttle Channel is moving up and down I'm going To move the yaw left and right and see That it is moving correctly I'm going to Move the pitch axis up and down and the Pitch channel is moving and I'm going to Move the roll left and right and the Roll channel is moving so in my case my Channel mapping is correct uh if your Channel mapping is not correct what You're going to want to do is go over Here to the Channel map parameter and You're going to rearrange the aetr Parameters to rearrange the order for Example if your role and your pitch Channel are flipped with each other then You would swap the a with the e in this A e t r so you roll and Pitch A and E Stands for aileron elevator Rudder the Control surfaces of an airplane even Though the straight is quadcopter Doesn't have any control surfaces but be That as it may so I could change those I

Could type e a TR I could type r e t a i Could type whatever I want and hit enter And that would change the order of the Controls if it was not correct the next Thing I want you to do is check your end Points and we're going to do that by Moving the sticks all the way down and All the way up all the way to the left And all the way to the right and in my Case you can see that when I do that the Sticks go from one thousand to two Thousand one thousand to two thousand And that's going to be true for all of My channels that may not be true for Your channels if your six don't go from One thousand to two thousand if that's Like 1995 or 1990 or 2011 or something Else the first thing you're going to do Is you're going to calibrate your Gimbals on your radio if you're not sure How to do that I've got a tutorial about That you're calibrating your gimbals Wrong that shows you the right way to Calibrate your gimbals there's a link to That in the video description below if After calibrating your endpoints still Aren't correct the next thing to do is To press the model key on the radio and Page to the outputs screen on the radio And the output screen is where you're Going to adjust the lower and upper end Point of the channel as well as the Center of the channel so I can just pick Any channel I can scroll up and down

I'll pick channel one for example and I'll click edit and then while editing Channel one I can adjust the Min the Max And the sub trim the Min is going to be The lower end point when the stick is All the way down the max is going to be The upper end point when the stick is All the way up and the sub trim is going To be the center when the stick is at The center so if for example if I adjust The Min here if I scroll this which Channel am I adjusting I don't There we go I'm adjusting the roll Channel apparently so as I adjust the The Min down the roll Channel Goes Down And if I adjust the Min Channel A Min up The lower end position of the Roll Channel goes up and I'm going to adjust That until it hits 1000 Here 1000 here in the receiver tab for the Max I'm going to do the same thing and I'm going to adjust it until I hit 2000 And then I'm going to Center the stick And I'm going to adjust the sub trim Until I hit 1500 now the good news is That once you've done this It will probably be fine for all future Receivers that you buy into the same Radio so this is a one-time setup that You may and that's why I didn't have to Do it that's why mine were just correct But I wanted to include it in case you

Run into this problem there's a couple Other changes I want you to make here in The receiver tab first of all I want you To enable Telemetry Telemetry is a Feature of expresslrs long story short You want it I don't know why they have It turned off Turn it on it should have been on from The factory what's going on flywheel What are you doing also I want you to Disable the RSSI ADC feature this You shouldn't be on For this type of receiver and I don't Know what flywheel is doing turn that Off I want you to adjust your stick low Threshold from a value of 1050 to a Value of 10 10 and your stick high Threshold from a value of 1900 to 1990. These parameters are set the way that They are because they want they are Assuming that you didn't calibrate your Gimbals and adjust your endpoints Correctly since you calibrated your Gimbals and adjusted your endpoints Correctly you can get just a little bit More stick resolution by adjusting these As I show you here and everything else In this is going to stay as it is we're Going to hit save and reboot next we're Going to click over to the modes Tab and Here we're going to set up the aux modes For this quadcopter what are aux modes Well in order to arm the quadcopter You're going to flip a switch and then

It's going to arm the motors and you're Going to take off and fly when you're Done flying you're going to flip a Switch and it's going to turn the motors Off and you're going to not fly you Could have a switch that you pull that Makes the quadcopter beep so you can Find it after you crash you could have a Switch that switches you from auto level Mode to Acro mode there's a whole bunch Of aux modes that betaflight supports in Fact here uh here here are all of them I Don't recommend that you just read them All but if you are the kind of person Who wants to do that I have a complete Walkthrough of the modes tab don't go Watch it it's long and tedious and if You enjoy it you might also want to be An Express lrs Dev because you're Clearly a masochist but we're going to Set up the basic aux modes that we need In order to fly and the first thing I'm Going to do is I'm going to delete Horizon mode flywoo don't ship your Quads with Horizon mode as the default That's a terrible I heartily disagree With that Horizon mode is good thing it Should just be removed it encourages bad Habits and doesn't teach people to be Good Pilots we're going to delete Horizon mode and you're going to do it Too right and then I'm going to go down Here and hit the save button to get rid Of horizon mode forever and you're going

To do that too right Now we're going to set up the arming Mode arming is how you tell the Quadcopter you want it to spin the Motors and you're about to fly and Disarming is how you stop the motors When you're done flying or after you Crash and the first thing we have to do Is we have to think about which of these Switches we want to use to turn the Quadcopter on and off to arm and disarm It and I like to use this back left to Position switch it's a two position Switch arm disarm two positions so it Seems to make sense to me it's also Easily accessible from my finger here so That's what we're going to do the next Thing I'm going to do is press the model Key and I'm going to page to the mixer Screen and you can see here I've already Got my aux mode set up again this is one Of those things you only do the first Time you set up the model but what I'll Do is I'll go ahead and delete channel Five And I'll set it up again for this Demonstration so I'm going to scroll Down to Channel 5 and I'm going to click The jog wheel one time and click edit Then I'm going to scroll down to source And click the jog wheel one time and Then what I'm going to do is I'm going To flip this switch I'm just going to Move the switch and that will cause the

Radio to Auto detect that that switch is What I want to be controlling this mix I'm going to hit the jog wheel one time And that's it I'm going to hit the Return key to back out and now you can See that if I go to the betaflight Receiver tab You can see that when I move that switch Aux one moves right that switch is now Controlling aux one that's what we've Done by setting up that mixer line we've Said that that switch controls the Position of Channel aux one so then We're going to go to the modes Tab and We need to link that switch or that Channel to the arming mode and we're Going to do that by setting this to Auto And then flip the switch and it will Automatically pick up aux 1 as the Switch that we moved if not you can Manually set aux 1 here just by using This pull down and then the next thing We need to do is we need to move the Switch and notice that as I move the Switch this little yellow tick mark Moves back and forth showing us the Current Channel position or switch Position So for express lrs the arm mode needs to Be set up on aux one it's mandatory that It'd be on aux one and it is mandatory That it be high X1 at 2000. that's the Only requirement Express lrs has about Your aux modes but it is a

Non-negotiable one so the way that we're Going to do that is we've got this Yellow segment here and whenever the Channel is within that yellow segment The mode will become active so we want To drag that over well it already was by Default but we're going to drag that Over here so it covers the top of the Channel and we're going to hit save and That means that when the switch is Pushed away from us we'll be disarmed And when the switch is pulled towards us We'll be armed and that's how we will Arm and disarm the quadcopter now there Are a couple other aux modes that I like To set up and I'm going to talk you Through them briefly we're going to set Up them up in the mixer screen by Highlighting the channel channel 6. Click once to edit the new mix Go down to Source click once and then Pick which switch move the switch and That will automatically select that Switch as the source for that mix and The way I've got it set up is I've got Switch SD set up on Channel 6 and Sh set Up on channel 7 SD is this front three Position here and Sh is the two position Momentary here on the right shoulder I'm Going to hit add range for angle mode And I'm going to have angle mode be Active when the switch is centered so Just leave it like that I'm going to go down to beeper and hit

Add range and I'm going to pull the Momentary switch And I'm going to have the Beeper Activate when I pull the momentary Switch so as I pull the switch notice This tick mark moves over here so I'm Going to put this yellow Region on top of that I'm looking for Flip crash add range for that and I'm Going to put this right hand switch all The way down For flip crash or Turtle mode and drag This over to cover that and Save And then I'm going to scroll to the top And hide unused modes leaving me just What I've set up here so I push all the Switches away this is my default Position I flip the left hand switch to Arm and disarm the quad if I want to fly An auto level mode I put this right hand Switch in the center position if I want To fly an Acro mode I push it away And for the Beeper I pull this right Hand one here to make the quad beep if I've crashed and finally if you need to Flip the quad over after crashing you Can use flip crash mode if you're just Getting started don't worry about flip Crash mode yet but you'll have access to It when you're ready for it I'll hit Save and our modes are set up next I Want you to go to the configuration tab And there's a few little quality of life Improvements I want you to make here

First of all I want you to change the Maximum arm angle from 25 degrees to 180 Degrees the purpose of the maximum arm Angle is that if the quadcopter is not Flat and level it will not arm and it Will not take off the idea is that if You had the quad like in your hand you Wouldn't be able to arm it because it Would be tilted over but this is kind of Silly because it means like if your quad Is sitting on a rock or if it's tilted Slightly it won't take off or if it's on A hill it won't take off and by setting The max arm angle to 180 you disable That I do this on all my quads you might Not want to do it on larger quads but It's especially on these little guys the Risk of accidentally arming it when you Didn't intend to is it's not that Extreme so I'll disable that I also want You to enable this Beacon D shot Beacon Configuration that's a complicated way Of saying that the motors can be used to Make a beeping sound there isn't any Actual beeper on this is there a beeper On this quad surely not I don't think There is so we're going to enable d-shot Beacon configuration we're going to Enable these two and that means that we Can hear the quad beeping if we crash And lose it somewhere and don't know Where it is next we're going to set up The video systems for each of these Quadcopters and this is going to be one

Part of the video where you're I mean of Course I'd love if you watch the whole Thing it's great for my analytics but You're probably going to want to watch Just the section of the video that is For the type of video system that you Bought I'm going to do all four and There are chapter markers down in the Timeline below as well as a table of Contents down in the video description And you can skip to the one that is most Relevant to you we're going to start With the analog one and these are my Analog goggles these are Orca fpv Goggles with a rapid fire receiver Module in them and the first thing I'm Going to do is plug in the quadcopter You got to plug it in to power up the Video transmitter and I don't see I only See static in my goggles I don't see any Signal so the way analog works is the Quadcopter broadcasts on a certain Frequency and the goggles tune into the Frequency and that's uh that's basically All there is to it In order to figure out what frequency This quadcopter is on we can go to the Video transmitter tab here in betaflight And it has been shipped on e-band Channel 8 why that makes no sense let's Change this let's go to the video Transmitter tab I want you to change it To raceband Pick a channel I suggest you pick

Channel 8 I'll tell you why in a second And for power let's just set the power To 25 milliwatts which will help prevent The video transmitter from overheating While we are working on it and I will Just hit the save button in the lower Right and here in my module I'm going to Use the joystick to switch to race band We can see R there is raceband and I'm Going to go to channel Eight There we go channel eight And now if I look inside the goggles I Still don't have video I have some Smeary garbage Okay Going on here We're not on raceband eight it's not on The right Channel I can tell that it's not Why is it on E8 I told it to go to race Eight This is stupid Save you son of a If we try race band seven Is it locked No it's just not working the flight Controller is correctly reflecting that We are requesting that it go to Different channels but the video Transmitter is not to changing channels It is staying on channel E8 which is What it shipped on this is dumb let's Try power cycling you never know

Oh oh oh now it's gone Now it's not on E8 let's see if it's Changed channels We'll go over to R for race band And go down to seven Yep now it's moved what the f okay just Took a second Fair enough Uh the reason I say that you should use Raceband 8 is that the lower raceband Channels all of the lower fpv channels Overlap with Wi-Fi so if you have Wi-Fi Access points nearby they could give you Interference if you do use race band 8 If that is available to you then it Avoids Wi-Fi interference and you know You can fly on the other channels too But I always default to race eight as Far as power goes I suggest you default To the max power possible unless you're Flying in a race where they require you To turn the power down or if you're Working on the bench like I am you can Turn it down to keep the video Transmitter from overheating that is how You set up your analog video transmitter Now you may not have a rapid fire module And you may not have these exact goggles The exact way to change channel will Depend will depend on your goggles but Suffice it to say you will have a Control that lets you select the band I Suggest that you just use race band for The sake of Simplicity these other bands

Are pretty much historical and are Seldom used these days and then a Channel one through eight and you will Put your video transmitter on the same Channel as you put your goggles on and If you're not sure which one your Goggles may have a search function or You can just go into betaflight and you Can look and you can see what channel it Is supposed to be on And hopefully that'll work That's it next we're going to do HD zero And in many ways it's going to be Similar to analog because hd0 and analog Both use a broadcast technology the Video transmitter on the quad sends the Signal out into the air and you simply Tune into the right frequency or channel To pick it up but there are a few little Quirks and of course I'm going to show You what they are let's go ahead and Plug our quadcopter in And before it plugs in we can see that The hd0 goggle is scanning scanning Scanning waiting to see what channel the Video transmitter comes up on We'll plug her in And I think I ought to get a fan because This video transmitter overheats too Let's see if it overheats and if it does We'll get a fan and we'll take care of That oh it's overheated now there you go I knew it was going to overheat let's Get a fan and keep it from overheating

This won't happen when you fly the quad Because the the quad moving through the Air will create enough airflow to keep The video transmitter cool but if you Power it up on the bench like I'm doing Here you will need something to keep it Cool well the image is purple I'll have to look into why that is yes Indeed I wonder why the image looks Purple could it be that I have a giant Purple light casting a wash on my back Wall there's nothing wrong with the Camera let's update the firmware as you Might have expected I have a SharkBite Hc0 complete setup and configuration Guide if you need to know how to update Firmware on your SharkBite video Transmitter or your shark bite module There are instructions there while that Firmware is updating I do want to point Something out to you since the last time I updated firmware it looks like they've Added a whole bunch of new HD zero Devices one of the things that I had to Pay attention to was so this is the vrx That's the module or the goggles and There are two of them now depending on If you have the kind with two antenna Connectors on top or four antenna Connectors make sure you select the Right firmware and then also for the Video transmitter I believe this must be the whoop light Race but I'll check that hold on yeah

Okay so it is the whoop 200 milliwatt VTX and where it means we're going to Use Whoop TX 5.1 not the whoop light that's The 1s video trans so this is the Firmware we're going to use for the Video transmitter and I'm just going to Update them both to the same version Just to be 100 sure we're on the latest It's a good idea that's something you Certainly don't have to do with analog Video transmitters for this ht0 video Transmitter the way that you're going to Change the power and the channel and the Other settings is inside your goggles so Right now we're recording the goggle Feed and you can see that if I move the Sticks on my controller down and to the Inside Then it brings up this menu this is the Video transmitter menu for the hd0 video Transmitter here we can change the Channel and we do that by moving the Right stick to the right or left And uh we can change the power uh we do That by again moving up and down to Change which option we're modifying and So on Um when we're done we will hit save and Exit and the any changes that we've made Will take effect as far as Channel goes There is no best Channel as I said in The analog section race 8 is my default Because it avoids Wi-Fi interference but

If you're flying with other Pilots only One can fly on a Channel at a time so You may need to be on a different Channel now let's do the walk snail ones And unlike the HD zero and the analog System walks nail is not broadcast based You have to bind the video transmitter And the goggles together and then they Will communicate digitally so that's What we're going to do and we will do That by powering up both the goggles and The video transmitter on the goggles There is a bind button right here I'm Going to push it with a paper clip And on the video transmitter there is a Bind button where's it at Is right here next to this blinking Green LED I'm going to push that And there we go we have bind we Don't have an image from the camera That's interesting but we do uh firmware There we go now we got it firmware Versions don't match so we have to Update the firmware on the video Transmitter and if I use the joystick on The goggles to go over to check I can See the firmware versions On the two it's uh we're overheating oh I can see we're overheating let's put a Fan on this one too keep it cool if You've never updated the firmware on Your walk snail system I show you how to Do it in this video which is linked down In the video description below 1200

Milliwatt hack for fat shock Dominator Walk seal Avatar fpv goggle by the way You will also want to do that 1200 Milliwatt hack uh Actually that doesn't matter for this Video transmitter because it only goes Up to 350 milliwatts but you do want to Update the firmware and you can get that Firmware from this page on caddix's Website I'll put a link in the video Description below of course and it is Going to be here Avatar2832.10 at least at the time of This uh this release uh that's the Latest and you will want to use the Avatar mini firmware for your VTX and of Course the Avatar ground firmware for Your goggles I got a weird situation Here I don't know what the answer is but I'm going to show it to you and then I'll tell you what the answer is if I Find it I'm going to just use this Joystick here to bring up the goggle Menu and we can see in the goggle menu We have the ability to change channels And to change certain settings including The transmit power and you're going to Want that to be as high as it can be now Notice that I said earlier this video Transmitter goes up to 350 milliwatts Which you'll see here in the menu it Seems to go even higher than that that Is a misnomer that will be fixed in a Future firmware more update basically

The way it works is 500 and up are all 350. it doesn't you're not going to get Any more than that you also have the Option to change the resolution the Frame rate the bit rate and so on I'm Going to tell you that my standard way Of flying this guy will be 500 Milliwatts High frame rate except I'm Not going to change it to high frame Rate because that will mess up my Recording of the screen but High frame Rate Resolution 720P Shall we shall we risk messing up the Recording here we go uh and high bitrate On the other hand if you are flying with Other people then you would want to use Low bit rate and actually let me give You a reference about that this video DJI and analog can fly together stop fpv Interference I've linked it down in the Video description below and it is Mandatory watching for anybody who goes In flying fpv but especially walk snail And DJI pilots who have more potential To interfere with other people and make Problems for them and it's a case where You might be being rude and don't even Know you're doing it I strongly Recommend you watch that to learn more About how to set up your system when Flying with other people if you're Flying by yourself max power High bit Rate all the good stuff but if you fly

With other people there are some Courteous things you need to do the Other thing I want to show you is this Video how to get the best performance From fat shark slash walks nail which Goes into more detail about the setting And why I set them the way that I do and Not some other for example why don't I Use 1080p why do I use 720p well watch That video and you'll learn more next we Come to the DJI system and as with the Other systems except analog one of the First things we're going to do is we're Going to update the firmware just to Make sure that everything is on the Latest but the DJI system has a gotcha That is unique This video on my channel Linked In the Video description below have you gotten Tired of hearing me say that yet this Video goes into what it means to root Your DJI goggles and install Wtfos and the short version of it is That the ability to do that adds some Very very desirable features that DJI Didn't put into the goggles there are Some risks to doing this but a lot of People feel that this is a must-have Feature for these DJI goggles and uh the Problem is that if you update your Firmware to a certain version then you Can't do it ever on those goggles so Before if you if that sounds even like Vaguely up your alley then you should

Pause this video and you should go watch This video and you should think about Whether you want to do that on your Goggles and you should look at the Firmware version that's on your goggles And compare it to what I say in that Video and maybe even you want to go Ahead and root your goggles before you You do any more firmware updating but That's all we're going to say about that This that at this time as with the walk Snail system the DJI system requires That we bind the goggles and the video Transmitter together so we'll power the Goggles on and we'll power up the video Transmitter and I'll show you how to do That here on the goggles we're going to Press the bind button with a paper clip And here on the quad the bind button is Right here next to the USB port and the Blinking green but a light Okay DJI goggles don't have easy HDMI Out so instead we'll put a GoPro in the Lens so you can sort of see what's going On here on the DJI goggles you access The menus using this joystick here and If I click that we can check out some of These settings we pick which channel we Want to be on from the player menu I've Got three channels visible here because I'm in 50 megabit per second High bit Rate mode if you're in 25 megabit per Second low bit rate mode you would have Eight channels basically 50 meg gives

You better looking video but if you're Flying with a lot of other people you Have to use 25 so you have enough Channels for everybody to fly and output Power is down here under settings by Default the unit goes up to 700 Milliwatts but there is a 1200 milliwatt Hack that can be done I highly recommend It and I've got a video about it which I'll link down below by the way you Might think oh is this going to overheat All the other guys are at 200 milliwatts 350 milliwatts we're going to run this Vista at 700 or even 1200 milliwatts yup And on the bench it will overheat but as Long as you're flying with airflow at Least in my experience it holds up Pretty well and it's a lot more power Than the other two systems although There's other pros and cons we're almost Ready to take this quadcopter outside And fly it but there's just one more Thing we need to do before we get to That and that is fix this OSD this On-screen display it's a mess and I'm Going to show you how to make it much Much better but before we do that I want To take one second to let you know uh This is my full-time job and I give away All my content for free to everybody who Wants to watch it I don't put it behind A paywall and I do that because I want To help you get over this ridiculous Learning curve of fpv and actually have

A good time and enjoy it and I hope that One day you will decide that you want to Give something back and if today's that Day the best way for you to support me Is via patreon patreon is a website Where you can subscribe to me for as Little as two dollars a month or more if You feel like I've earned it the amount That you subscribe at is totally up to You and you can stop whenever ever you Want patrons get access to my Discord Server where you can chat with other Friendly helpful people in the fpv Community and they get access to podcast Downloads of all my live streams if you Want to listen to them in the car or While you're jogging or walking around Instead of watching the live stream on YouTube but mostly patrons get the good Feeling of giving back and if today's The day that you want to have that Feeling then there's a link down in the Video description below to my patreon I'd love to have you as a subscriber if The day hasn't come yet then I'm going To keep making this content and I hope You'll keep watching it and maybe it'll Come at some other time the good news About setting up the on-screen display Is that the process for setting it up is Going to be the same regardless of which Of these different variants you have Except for the DJI one where I'm going To have a special note but let me make a

Case to you first about why the On-screen display is so important like Do you like killing your batteries and Then having to buy new batteries no you Do you like having your battery die in Mid-flight so your quadcopter fall falls Out of the air and maybe you lose it no The most basic thing you can do in the On-screen display is monitor your Battery voltage there's a whole lot of Other information the on-screen display Can give you but at the it'd be like Driving a car with your gas gauge not Working okay so I know some people do That but you uh you have to have an On-screen display and all of these quads Support on-screen display but the On-screen display given to you by flywoo First of all it's the same OSD for all Of these quads and that doesn't work and Second of all it's just a complete mess Of nonsense filling up the screen and I'm going to show you a very simple way To customize it and get it looking its Best and instead of setting it up Manually in the on-screen display tab We're going to go to the presets Tab and What I want you to do is I want you to Hit preset sources and I want you to hit Add new source and that's going to give You a dialog box like this where you can Put a name and a URL and I've already Created this preset so course you're Going to put the name you can put

Whatever you want I put JB private repo This is my private repo Um it's not private though you can get It too we're going to put this URL I'll Put this URL down in the video Description if you want to copy paste it Or you can just type it as you see there And we're going to put this GitHub Branch JB Dash presets and once you've Done that you're going to hit make Active and you're going to make the JB Private repo active and if later you Want to go back to the betaflight Official presets you can just make that One active but I want you to make the JB Private repo active and when you've done That you'll have access to all of my Presets including my OSD preset which is Going to let you easily set up your OSD On all of these quadcopters with just a Click of a button here it is JB OSD Presets you're going to click on that One and then you're going to go to this List of options and you're going to pick Which of these systems you have now if You have the HD zero or the walk snail Quadcopter you'll pick hd0 and walk Snail for the analog quadcopter you're Going to select pal parentheses these Analog and for the DJI quadcopter this Is where we have to have a special note So the DJI video transmitter supports a Very limited set of on-screen display Options it can display only some of the

Things that betaflight can show you not All of them And that's okay it's more than enough in Fact for years it was all we had and if You are okay with that then you will Select DJI standard and your OSD will be Good to go however if you want access to The full betaflight OSD then you will Need to root your Vista you will need to Install wtfos and then you can select DJI wtfos instead of DJI standard if That sounds like a lot for you and you Just got this quadcopter and you just Want to fly it select DJI standard if You feel Brave and industrious or if This is not your first time go watch the Video I linked earlier down in the video Description about wtfos and rooting and That's what I'm going to be doing this Is much much better by the way you don't Need to select any of these uarts you Don't need to do that Leave these unchecked select one one of These options depending on which type of Video system you have and then when You're done click pick so I'll select Ntsc because this is the analog quad I'll hit pick and then I'll hit save and Reboot And here in the OSD we now have oh There's one more thing you're going to Do you're going to put your craft name In so my craft name we'll go to Configuration and we'll type my just put

JB as my craft name that just puts my Call sign in the In the OSD And then if your name is more than two Letters you may need to sort of drag This over a little bit so it doesn't or You could just take it off you could Just turn it off by disabling craft name Right over here if you want to set your OSD up yourself and not just copy my Preset I've got a video that goes Through every single thing that you see Here it's frankly way too much Information but if you're the kind of Masochist who likes way too much Information and you just want to know it All there's a link down in the video Description to that video and you can Check it out as well as just basically Seeing how to set this up and now the Only thing that's left to do is for you To take it outside and fly it but before You do that you will need to charge up a Battery and I'm going to give you a Reference here on screen a card to a Video about safe LiPo battery charging And maintenance these things can start Fires if you don't know what you're Doing you definitely need to familiarize Yourself with those procedures I'm also Going to give you a video here about how I test a quadcopter before I made in Flight it the very first time on these Little guys the risk is relatively low

But still it's a good habit to get into I'll see you there welcome to the world Of fpv if this is your first Squad and Happy flying