Foxeer reaper extreme | 4km long range test

By | September 10, 2022

Today we test out the foxeer reaper extreme 2.5 watt analog video transmitter.

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Hey welcome to today's video Little Grand arenos before we get started I Want you to check out this camera I'm Now in 4k my whole like YouTube career For the past few years I've been using a Canon M50 I've been vlogging in 1080P But I recently went I purchased this Canon r10 so now everything that I do is Going to be in 4k I hope that's all Right this is a new foxy Reaper 2.5 Watt Analog VTX it is pretty cool goes all The way up to 2.5 I think the lowest it Goes is 100 maybe it has like five power Levels it went to power level dashed Line in my OSD I thought that was pretty Interesting so there that's the point of This video we're gonna be flying this thing put it in my long range Rig let's go to the fields hang out with The homies and give it a rip huh Abba Give it give it a little give a little Rip [Music] Foreign [Music] With the reaper installed in it 2.5 Watts I got this big old goofy antenna GPS this Frame is sick this is AOS Falcon if you don't know Falcon rad go Check out his videos they're fantastic He flies like glaciers and [Applause] But I'm really curious to see how a 2.5 Watt VTX can do so we're here at this

Unnamed location big old field and Everything so we can fly pretty far I Think I don't know I haven't really Flown yet Captain canola's got his micro Long range so after I check this VTX out We're gonna be doing a giant 7-inch Versus micro long range rip to see what Happens I'm gonna say um what's gonna Happen is everybody's gonna lose their it's gonna suck all right so let me Get set up here I'm Gonna Fly Just a Little Freestyle pack I'm gonna show you What that looks like and then we're Gonna do some long range with the reaper Watch this Uh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Honey honey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Talk about that freestyle ripping huh Let's get to it let's get to the long Range action I need to test this drone Like I said my OSD was all flashy and Stupid so I rerouted things I soldered The camera to the flight controller Instead of the VTX I think it was

Supplying it too much power and being Too noisy so I'm going to test it out Right now get some SATs make sure I can Fly like a kilometer out and Everything's good then we're gonna do Some long mfn range some micro long Range and some seven inch long range boy Oh boy I'm excited are you excited it's A Reaper VTX thing or whatever 2.5 Watts this is so illegal let's go All right so this is what cannoli will Be flying today this is a one ass Freaking whoop this is a firefly that He's customized with GPS and you Can do like two kilometers on this 2.4 2.4 oh my God I was gonna put my seven Inch to shame he's gonna be flying this I'm Gonna Fly the seven inch let's go All right whenever you're ready Here we go Micro versus seven inch long range Adventure Gonna go I'm gonna try to hit two Kilometers we just passed him Well I guess we can know where we are by Our osds I'm about 200 meter past Yep I'll have to remember which way to go I'm going this way it's right now that Way all right I'm going for All right I'm gonna go over it at the uh The Little River spot passing the road Passing the water What are we at 600 meters damn two

Kilometers I'm at 23 volts already I Don't know I don't know if I'm gonna be Able to do We get as far as I wanted to get this Wind is kind of pushing me back We're gonna go for it we're gonna go for It one kilometer down over half the pack Gone let's go for two Let's go for 2A 2km 1100 All right all right I'm at 12.50 Going for two kilometers battery's Looking really bad What we got 1400 almost two kilometers Video holding strong though video Holding very strong at uh 2.5 Watts 500 Meters to go and I'm at 21-6 oh God I Don't want to turn around maybe if I Lower my throttle just a little bit 300 Meters to go and we hit two kilometers With 22 volts dropping fast He's got a one-s drone and he's trying To do this two kilometers I have a Freaking six s 70 meters let's go let's Go boom nope not boom two kilometers two Kilometers turning it around let's not Lose video 21 volts left One and a half cannoli just shout out He's one and a half kilometers out On a 1s freaking I had to turn around at Two I hit two and turned right around I'm gonna try to climb up just a little Scooch here but this battery is dropping Fast if you can see that on the OSD 22

Volts at 21 this thing really needs to Start Landing oh boy 22.1 And I'm not even to the core yet look at The wind pushing me a little bit 22.1 holding Oh boy over a kilometer left to get back Home and my battery is almost at Landing Voltage Where you at 180 all right damn almost two kilometers On a 1s I'm out here freaking out about This 6s life I need some new lipos for This I'm a little low I'm a little Low on this Corey I'm gonna pull up a Bit All right there's 21. this is where I Would normally land Oh boy oh boy that wind's pushing it I Can feel that let's get safely over this Highway and then we'll start trying to Book it home all right safely over that Little road 21-8 this battery's gonna be hot as Two kilometers that's a four kilometer Round trip I don't even know why I'm bragging he's On one ass doing the same thing two he's At two all right cannoli's at two Kilometers What's your battery at Oh my God 3.5 volts two kilometers out I'm landing at 3-6 and I'm tripping You're two kilometers out at 3.5 Oh my god oh wait sorry I buzz you my

Bad I'll come unplug I'm gonna try to not get close to him Hey can somebody unplug my quad my land I'm gonna try to do it away from cannoli Yeah I'm gonna land over here as far away From as I can All right yes give it unplug please Yeah I'm still out there on the 1s over The Quarry I'm at four minutes 24 Seconds 3.45 volts so That's like 800 meters to home God Damn yep there it is Four kilometer four kilometer round trip On a 1S Battery holy all right so This is what cannoli flew one ass little Firefly modded that he did with GPS 1s 4.4 kilometer round trip my big old Hawking seven inch only was able to do About two kilometer round trip before I Started freaking panicking that is Insane and super impressive way to go Thanks All right everybody already everybody Already left and they're packing up to Go home and so that was that was a Long range let's go home let's finish This video out thanks for Watching everybody I appreciate you I'm Going to Wawa So that's it that was a fox here Reaper 2.5 Watt I did four kilometers no Breakup in the video at all it seemed to Do pretty well it did not get hot but

Captain cannoli also did four kilometers On a 1s whoop with a stock VTX So I don't I don't know I don't know What's real anymore I don't know what's Real in the world everything is upside down topsy-turvy Stock but you know it does make sense Being a top tier Patron where I say your Name every single month and I really Appreciate these right Here such as Billy Hackett Fred 805 Jayroid fpv Lucas Roka Maddie B fpv fpv Stompy fpv Trent my Photo move Stompy Trent I said already Ttfpb Swan solo volleytronics and wam Fpv thank you very much for being my top Tier patrons I really do appreciate it Folks if you want to watch all my videos First get stickers in the mail become my Best friend and post videos every single Friday on my live stream that everybody Can watch become a patron it's super Easy there's links all over the place I'm gonna out here Thanks again Fox here for sending that VTX shout out Falcon rad for making a Super cool frame I'll put a link to his Videos below thank you everybody for Flying with me all the local homies I Really do appreciate it and all of you For watching this G darn video I promise Next time we'll be better hope you have A wonderful weekend week with us today Bye

[Music] [Music] Box here for sending that to me I'll Find where they are for sale oh I said That weird