FPV Drone Controls Heavy Machinery – DO NOT TRY THIS

By | October 17, 2022

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Joshua Bardwell [Knowitall]

Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

Eric Sackhoff [This I Spank]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer / Camera
Joshua Bardwell – Producer / Camera
Christian Kapper – Editor



Welcome to Rhode Island this is third Person excavator drone retrieval [Music] I'm Eric and I'm driving the excavator With goggles on my face I'm Bubby and I'm gonna be Eric's eyes in the sky I'm TJ and I'm gonna help Bobby not get ran Over by the excavator how hard do you Think this is gonna be did you Have you ever tried to operate a thing While seeing yourself from the Drone That's a good question I don't think so What we're doing is Eric is going to Scoop up the Drone basically retrieve The Drone but in third person video with Me having the fpv drone at his eyes do You want me to be more behind you or how Do we want to approach this from the Side of me from around the bucket oh and So we have this mission is timed because My battery life is pretty short so I Just want to stand um right here or up There so I can hear you better in the Middle I'm fine with whatever I'd rather Be not in front of it yeah I'm gonna be Walking right that's why he's here Because he's yeah Yeah go ahead and start it whenever You're ready All right Can you operate from here Okay I'm trusting you man So I think you're gonna have to go right A little bit Eric

Eric I think you're gonna have to turn Right turn right 15 degrees Perfect All right stop No that's not the Drone is this the Drone no you almost got it yoh oh that's Six yo that's not the drug Eric that's Not the drugs That's this All right you have your eyes in the Drone You're gonna have to go forward a little Bit or or no you're good there yep get It lined up there Yeah got it let's go where are we going All right let's bring it back Foreign [Music] All right here we go Turn left turn left The clutch Gotta Get It Again Right there Nice yeah that's perfect All right Thank you Yeah Let's go You got my clock back thank you thank You guys I really didn't want to walk And get it thank you Bobby appreciate it So much oh man that was amazing that was Such a trip it's so weird being outside Of it while you're rotating around and Having to having to remember like if I'm

Going left and he's going right and like Just like which direction am I going I Am really impressed with Eric TJ thank You for not killing me I really Appreciate you kind of had to get into The rhythm of like learning to walk fast While while flying but I think on the Way back is when I got it you did great Yeah you were super precise first time For anything right yeah I mean you can Get rid of those quads now the the ATVs We don't need them from what we can this Is our drone retrieval tool yeah Foreign