FPV New Product Roundup January 2023

By | January 19, 2023

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00:01:06 – HDZero goggle
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00:05:02 – Emax Transporter 2 HD
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00:08:12 – Walksnail standalone vRX module
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00:12:57 – Lumenier Elite Pro 100A 12S ESC
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00:15:26 – T-Motor F66 ESC
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00:17:23 – Aikon 25mm Toothpick AIO FC
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00:17:49 – SkyreadyRC Reflex 5″
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00:20:02 – Triton Deadcat 5.5″ Frame
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00:22:36 – GEPRC Mark5 HD w/ O3 Air Unit
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Newbeedrone Hummingbird V2
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00:28:38 – Sub350 NanoFly 2″
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00:30:40 – JohnnyFPV Banshee Cinelifter
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00:33:45 – GNB 8S 1300 mAh HV
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00:38:46 – Radiomaster Boxer
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Ah it's 2023. it's a New Year ah I'm not Gonna start like that that's two that's Two It's too loud How would you start this video quietly Blunty Uh it's time for another new product Roundup uh in January of 2023 this is Where we go through and we uh check out All the new products that have come out Since we did the last one of these Things yeah a lot of new products that Come out because in fact we we skipped December we did one like in late November and then we were like Christmas Everybody's nobody is in the mood for This nonsense in Christmas so now it's Time for the next one and a lot of new Stuff has come out at the end of the Video we are going to give away one or More of them to one or more winners uh So stick around for that also just Before we get into it this is a long Video they always are there are Timestamps and chapter markers in the Video description below and in the Timeline so if you want to jump around Find products you're most interested in There are also links down there to the Products if you want to click through And buy them or learn more about them uh And we're going to start off blunty with I I think this probably is one of the Hottest products

Maybe even of well certainly this year Since it's just now 2023 but Um this is the HD zero goggle I mean Where do we even start with this Basically these are your standard analog Goggles with an upgrade to the analog so Basically uh the module that you put on Here with the module that you can get With them will be a little bit better Than you would typically get because of The interlacing that's uh done inside of The chip You're also going to get a an integrated HD zero module so you're going to be Able to use ht0 right out of the box With these goggles or attach the analog Module on the side and then it's also Got HDMI in so you can put you know uh Your walks down Avatar vrx which we'll Talk about a little bit later and plug That in here too so all kinds of options On these as well as 1080p 90 Hertz Displays 100 Hertz support for that lock Screen vrx lots of great features in These goggles and currently for the next Month only 495 Um I really feel like this could be the Uh most versatile fpv goggle on the Market except for DJI you can use this Really really well with any of the other Systems hd0 walks nil the Standalone vrx Or an analog vrx It's got a great de-interlacer great Screens for analog it's got uh the only

Goggle that currently can do the high Frame rate mode with walks nil so you'll Get the lowest latency possible Um It's just a very very exciting product Yeah absolutely absolutely and it seems To have a lot of support behind it both From uh you know Carl and the team at HD Zero and then hopefully through some of The open sourcing that they've done yeah I'm trying to think blunty I don't want To just say only positive things about Every uh really any product but well I'm Trying to think what would steer you if You were shopping for something like This towards me like it seems like the Orca goggle is probably the biggest Competitor very high quality very high Performance analog goggle with HDMI Input Um I don't know what would steer you Towards something like Orca or maybe Even fat shark hdo2 yeah I don't have Any idea why you'd ever buy an hdo2 Again at this price or even at the 595 Price really Um and then Orca has been teasing and might have Dropped the price by the time this comes Out in fact they probably will have uh On their goggle so depending on where That price lands is kind of the only Justification I would think that you Would have to do that if the price ends

Up lower uh because overall these are Just going to be a better experience for Basically everyone using them through uh Yeah those 90 Hertz displays and then Their support of things you know like Just I just want to mention again I Mentioned already but that walkstorm vrx We're going to look at has 100 Hertz Mode and they specifically added in the Software 100 Hertz mode so that it could Support it even that has a 90 Hertz Display Um it does the work to make that work Properly so um yeah that's just great Support that we're seeing so even if You're not into HD zero unless you are 100 in on DJI in which case you're Flying the DJI goggles and that's just It uh I think these goggles are a very Compelling for anyone who flies almost Any other video system And if you fly more than one video System they become even more compelling So right here here's one downside we Could list is that you have to add on The analog module so the size doesn't Get much bigger than other goggles will But it is a Snap-On uh piece that you Have to use uh to add analog to the side Of that um it's pretty clunky if you fly If you flew like 85 analog and like 15 Walk snail Orca goggles with a rapid Fire built in would be a more sort of Low profile

But you would be locked out of the high Frame rate low latency mode of the Walk Snail system so um well we got another HD zero goggle a little bit less Exciting but still pretty exciting yeah The Emax Transporter 2 goggle so this is A box goggle with HD zero built in it's Actually the second boxcargo we've seen With H20 built in uh originally we had The fat shark Recon HD where Fat Track Did a uh one where they were working With HD zero but now we can see uh Instead Emax is put out the transporter Too and this is pretty cool because one Of the neat features about the Transporter goggles and other goggles Similar to this like the ev800 uh have That pop out screen so you can sort of Have a bench screen when you're working And doing other stuff so you still have This here or for like a spectator screen For another person when you get a Different set of goggles Um yeah so you can have that with this As well and for 100 bucks uh that's Pretty darn cheap yeah this is uh I Think this is the least expensive way to Get into the HD zero system at least in Terms of goggles the fat shark Recon is In I think 250 260 dollar range if my Memory is correct Downside of this this one it only has Two antennas and two receivers so Potentially it's not going to give you

As good a range in penetration as the Other ones with four antennas uh but you Know at the 100 price point uh it feels Like a pretty compelling thing I guess The big question would be that if you're In this sort of Ultra budgety price Point where you're spending a hundred Dollars on a set of fpv goggles would You be better served by going with Analog Uh or would you be better served by Saving up for something like the fat Shark Recon or maybe well you're Probably not going to spend 500 bucks on The on the full hd0 goggles Yeah it's a little bit of a weird spot Because you know you're going to want to Buy um you know vtx's right after you Buy the transporter too obviously so you Have something to fly and you're going To be paying basically as much as The Transporter 2 or more in some cases for You know that VTX and camera so um you Know you've almost got more in the quad Than you have on for the goggle for us For a single quad so it feels a feels a Little weird on that price to uh to what You're getting kind of balanced but I Feel like Um especially for like a second pair a Spectator pair Um kind of have a friend try and see What's going on I feel like it's a Really good spot for that I just don't

Know that the kind of person like you Said who's going to spend 100 bucks on These goggles and that's all they want To spend is also going to be buying 120 Or whatever the vtxs are you know that Sort of thing so right because the price Point for an analog video transmitter is I mean the guy who buys a hundred dollar Set of analog fpv goggles is spending 15 20 bucks on a video transmitter and Maybe 150 or in this day and age maybe 200 or more dollars on a quad to then Ask that person to spend a hundred and a Hundred plus dollars on the video Transmitter alone is odd is odd but It's nice to see options and it is also Nice to see uh the promise of HD zero Which is that third parties can Integrate this hardware and develop Their own products it's nice to see that Promise being realized and we don't see That with like DJI for example so good Yeah uh let's see is there anybody we've Left out Well uh we could talk about walk snail Next we've got the wax mail Avatar vrx Module this has been uh pre-ordered for A while now but um it is finally kind of Out at its final price or what we assume Is its final price Um pre-ordered here but I believe you Know they're basically producing these As fast as they can now and we're not in That that

Um that coupon period we were in for a Little while yeah so the price has gone Up a little Yeah I would say quite a bit depending On where you look at it right so Um yeah I guess a little for the bundle So right now you can get you can still Get that vrx and hd1s for 249 which Isn't bad considering the hdvrx pricing Is still 219 uh by itself which it seems Like quite a bit there so they really Want you to get the VTX with it which Honestly if you're buying the vrx you Probably could use one more vrx anyway It's a good deal Um I think this is really exciting uh my Review of this drop today the experience Of using this vrx with another set of Goggles so in case it's not clear this Vrx lets you use the walk snail system With any device that has an HDMI input So you can literally plug it into your Television although you wouldn't want to Do that because the latency on Televisions is usually very very poor But if you have any old set of analog Goggles with an HDMI input they could Probably work with this and that means You can use the Lux nail system Um The qual the experience of using it can Be very good it depends on the latency Of the goggles HDMI input and the Quality of the goggles displays but

Arguably it's Better than analog from an image quality Perspective maybe not a latency Perspective again it depends uh and it's Really just gets a lot of people into This system And those are our top products for the Month blunty now we are going to move Into the categories we'll just take Things by category uh What uh what's Gonna be our first category this month First step as it typically is we're Going to look at flight controllers and Escs and aios and that whole uh a whole Bundle there of all those kind of things And first up I believe we've got access Flying with the Arcus yeah this is a new Line of flight controllers and escs from Axis flying so always want to let people Know whenever somebody is making uh Flight controllers and esc's uh access Flying typically targets a mid to high Tier they're not really budget oriented Uh so we could hopefully expect to see Very very good quality good features and Build quality Um the price of course 145 dollars for Uh for the 55 am PSC That is sadly not as Extreme as it was Uh but uh it's way up there boy you Really got to believe that this is high Quality gear that you really want all That I don't know heatsink metal heat sinks

To look cool Um Waterproof ip54 I mean they say it's waterproof but like Obviously these xd60 pads aren't Waterproof so right but yeah I mean is The I don't know enough to know like what's The arcing potential there and like how Much water can affect that and like you Know what I mean valid Um because the water is going to be so Salty and yeah I don't know how that Works yeah heat dissipation of course Always a good thing on an ESC Um So uh ax is flying taking a shot I mean Let's face it blunty if you asked me to Pay ninety dollars 145 whatever Uh for for a stack and I say this is Somebody who's owned flight controller Sells for 85 dollars just you know the Interest of disclosure it's awfully hard To argue with something like the speedyb F405 for seventy dollars for the flight Controller and the ESC They have worked around all of the Limitations that f4s have except for the Fact that the processor is a little Slower but big deal so I'll only run Betaflight at 4K I don't even think that Matters because it's probably got a BMI Gyro on it which only runs at 3.2 K Anyway

So um is is this axis flag stack better Than the Speedy B like on some level it Must be but also if it was my own money God dang that would feel compelling Anyway links in the video description You decide At some point it starts to feel like uh When these prices are this different it Starts to feel like you're buying the Upgraded motor for your car that you're Never going to use you know yeah I want The nicer motor because you know it has The same life it has the same everything But it's got 100 more horsepower and That's cool you know yeah yeah yeah Um all right blunty well speaking of uh Escs that are ridiculously gosh dang Expensive what do you think of this Uh this is for someone who is not me Um this is a a 100 amp 12s ESC it's a Quad 4 in 1 ESC obviously it's for cine Lifter Pilots right and uh simple if Your pilot is often going to have an Octo so they're going to need two of Them that's 800 in esc's which sounds Like a lot but a hundred dollars for a 12s 100 ampsc that's not that Unreasonable As we talked about before I just you Know maybe send a list or Pilots have a Different idea and I think people have Said something like that before but I Would be building a cine lifter where I Can get eight individual escs hallelujah

It's not like you have it's not like you Need to squeeze the esc's into a tiny Little five inch freestyle frame yeah I I just I just really don't see the Advantage of having compact design on a Center lifter where you're carrying a Big ass camera anyway Might as well have room for those aescs Then you burn one out and you spend 100 Or 80 or whatever you know you're buying Instead of I think 80 is probably around Where you'd be spending versus Uh 400 for the four in one you just blew An esiata well and and I think that's The thing you always have to ask whether You're buying a a 50 ESC or a 400 ESC What is the quality of the manufacturing On this ESC and how durable is it going To be and I'm sorry to say That the quality of Luminaire esc's down In the 50 to 100 range It does not inspire me to want to spend 400 on their elite pro now for all I Know it's manufacturers a completely Different Factory to a completely Different standard than their consumer Grade ones frankly it damn well better Be But like if I did want to spend this Much on an ESC I would be buying from APD from uh acon Maybe iflight's trying to get in this Market but I just feel like uh this is a Pretty big ask as as we often say or at

Least I do you know they should be Listing if there is a new manufacturer If this is a different line right if Elite pro means something different sure That's the kind of information I think Is really important to have in your Marketing material that you're telling People you know yeah well we got another ESC that that fits into this category Which is the t-motor f66 now this is a a Hobby ESC uh it's got 20 millimeter Mounting uh so it's probably targeted at Racers uh and it's 140 which is as much As the whole stack we were looking at From axis flying uh but t-motor is OEM By acon who makes just damn damn good Stuff I'm not saying I would pay 140 for this ESC but I'd be more likely to trust acon With my 140 than Sorry Luminaire Nothing personal Yeah Um it's yeah it's just hard to uh I mean Either way I think it's hard for me to Want to spend Of this much money on a foreign one but Yeah I guess it really depends on the Application and what you're doing with It If I'm a racer and I want to just beat The out of my ESC all day and I Need it to have 20 millimeter mounting

Maybe I'm looking at something like this Half these Racer the problem I have is Half these Racers have four to six quads You know what I mean like people are Stacking up yeah so when they reckon They get it I mean it just gets so Extremely expensive to do this you're Not wrong I'd be interested in how often You lose it I mean I don't know I'd be Interested if Racers have any feedback In the comments or somewhere about like How many escs are losing versus other Quad pieces that are breaking as they're Going you know and like how does that All end up working out I mean I I can Speak for myself if I blow an ESC and Then I replace the ESC and I blow the ESC again like the second or third time That happens I start thinking about I Need to have a different ESC I would bet You that Racers have settled on esc's That get them through the season or at Least are more likely to do it sure Maybe this will be one of them but uh if They could do it cheaper I'm sure they Would Yeah for sure all righty uh We got one more product in the FC and ESC category it's a new 25 millimeter Toothpick AIO and it is also made by Acon which uh you know very good Reputation uh it's really hard to get All of the components for an escn flight Controller onto a board this small and

Have it be reliable 45 amp ESC Uh but if anybody can do it acon can and For that reason I thought this was worth A mention on to the frames uh because I I don't know if I'm just jaded but it Seems like almost everything there is to Do and frame design has kind of been Done and every frame just starts to blur Together first up yeah we've got the Reflex five inch from Sky ready RC Uh selectable TPU colors uh here this Looks like a racing frame is it clearly Clearly uh Let's see 10 times lighter Similar in some ways too like the uh the Switchback or or other frames like that Looks like the arms don't come together In the center it's a little bit Stretched Uh 62 grams As you said T700 carbon That's uh that's good Yeah It looks like it's a Oh they're still putting my review of Their freestyle frame on their website Thank you guys Books like uh you know a single screw to Remove arms so that's good yes indeed Price 60 bucks Um alrighty well uh a new frame from our Friends over at Sky ready RC probably uh

Probably fine I probably just buy a Switchback because That's what all the other people are Doing I'm trying to see if this is like Uh In the U.S or not Surely it is it's got a U.S flag here on The back yeah so I think yeah I think It's hard for me not to just suggest Somebody that I switch back instead yeah Okay well sorry Sky ready RC you know Keep keep trying I think I think I don't want to be a hater but I think The takeaway is that if you're going to Compete with a wildly popular frame like The Switchback backed by a wildly Successful racer like Evan Turner you've Got to differentiate and Like I'm sure there's minor engineering Details here that Sky ready would say no No we did it this way on purpose but to Me this mostly just looks like a Switchback And so I'm probably just gonna buy a Switchback Is it cheaper No okay well Sorry but I feel like that's where we're At Skye ready gotta tell it how it is uh We got one more uh blunty this was sent To us by uh I don't know who sent it to Us this was submitted To Us by a viewer The Triton dead cat 5.5 inch this looks Like a dead cat freestyle frame

Jack's 3dprinting.com Check you need to be able to zoom in on Your picture sack I can't see your frame Buddy the dead cat freestyle frame looks Like a slam design so it's got a low Deck to uh make it very uh a little more Agile A little hard to judge without being Able to actually see the gosh dang thing Because I can't zoom in on your pictures Oh there we go Oh I don't like that I don't like that at all blunty that Doesn't seem right to me So what we've got here is a an X an X Geometry frame that they put bent arms On to make it a dead cat so the O3 air Unit doesn't have props in view I don't know man it feels like that's I Don't know that just doesn't feel right Having the arms Bend like that Because that can affect durability I Mean I think people who watch this Program enough know my opinions about Frames and they're similar to yours as Uh I don't know I just don't see much Point in these uh and this is pretty in Particular but I assume it feels some Niche Um that the person felt that it should Fill so well I think a lot of times People just want to design a frame and Cuda's you know more power to you If you want to do that

I guess the question would be What problems does this solve or what Does it offer to the user That other things aren't currently doing And if you don't have at least one of Those Then I start to wonder what the point is Like it doesn't have to have everything Not every product has to be Groundbreaking But I think every product it has to have One thing that it offers to a customer That is in some way sort of unique or Innovative otherwise they may as well Just buy your competitor got three it Looks like three millimeter carbon on The plates that's my it looks like 125 Grams that's not bad uh sixty dollars is A good price Um already well you know we submitted it Now we talked about it if you're going To submit frames or Motors to us for Review Then you should already know our Attitude towards them I agree okay Uh where where to next bloody let's go Somewhere more interesting uh next up We've got bind to fly Plug and Play Quads uh well we're gonna show you some Pre-built clots and uh we're gonna talk About them yeah and the first one I want To just throw out this is the get RC Mark 5 HD uh their new version with the O3 air unit uh they've adapted the front

End of the frame to hold the O3 camera Without uh standoffs in view the only Reason I'm throwing this out is because The get RC Mark 5 when I reviewed the The DJI version some time ago I was Pretty damn impressed with it uh and uh Just wanted to mention it uh I'll put a Link in the video description to my Original review of The Mark V and you Can see if it's something that you like But like most manufacturers get RC is Updating their designs to incorporate The O3 air unit and if that's what You're into but let's talk about Something a little more interesting and Nuanced and that is two new tiny whoops From a newbie drone yeah we've got the Hummingbird F4 V2 and the Acura B65 blv4 The hummingbird the more budget oriented One coming at 110 the acrobi the sort of High-end performance one coming in at 160 Uh and I think the first thing we ought To do is just look at the specs on these And see if we can figure out what your Additional money is getting you both of Them have Express lrs receiver built in Uh trying to figure out if they have the Same flight controller why do Manufacturers make this so goddamn hard I don't know man what flight controller Is in this is in this quad newbie drone Brushless motors upgraded camera Hummingbird f4v1

V2 bind and fly Legendary improvements built-in receiver F411 processor good to know 25 milliwatt VTX so there's a difference The hummingbird has only a 25 milliwatt VTX the Acura B goes up to 400 milliwatts Depending on airflow and heat Dissipation that's I mean that's a big That's a big difference although if you Only race the 25 milliwatts is fine 0802 18 000 KV Motors on the one we should Put out there's a caveat which is the Brush the blv4 can go up to 400 Milliwatts but it doesn't let you choose Over 25 milliwatts manual selection So because they do special VTX stuff you Can pick five milliwatt or 25 milliwatt Locked or you pick smart Max and smart Max looks at the temperature of the Flight controller and adjusts the VTX Based on the temperature of the flight Controller oh well that's that's Interesting I mean a lot of other video Transmitters you would set it to 400 and Then as it heated up it would go down And so basically it sounds like this Thing kind of works like all of them Anyway they're just trying to be a Little more intentional about it yeah I Would just be worried that they're using Like the MCU temperature output which is Sometimes inaccurate and so Yeah like my impression of regular vtxs

Is that there's not a chip I could be Totally wrong but there's a chip Actually lowering output output is Lowering based on heat uh just like a Factor of how the chips work but uh that May be interesting I don't know about That I honestly don't okay so I actually have This one and it's one of the things I Want to look into is how the video Transmitter behaves one of the things we Got to do whenever we talk about newbie Drone whoops though blunty is talk about A few things that they have in common All of them have in common that we don't Like uh you wanna you wanna take that Yeah Um they've been working on some changes For that Um I believe uh they changed the way the OSD chip was implemented to instead of Being a custom OSD it now software Clones the traditional Max chip so at Least it's a little more friendly Um when you use it but otherwise Um you know they have proprietary motor Connectors for their Motors and Sometimes uh they're not always working With people directly and there's there's Some issues because our software is Custom yeah and so we've actually run Into one of those issues with the blv4 And I assume with the F4 V2 but I'm not 100 sure but we can tell you that based

On this Facebook host and newbie drone Has confirmed in the comments here that They did not work with the express OS Team for the implemented Basically uart diversity RX that's on The blv4 yeah they did a really cool Thing which is they implemented A Diversity Express lrs receiver on an All-in-one board which as far as I know Is the first time that's happened very Exciting but they just rolled it did it All in-house so when they released it The express lrs devs were like yeah we Don't know anything about this and People are receiving these and aren't Able to flash them and bind them But it's not clear uh you know it says There's a binding process listed Um but there definitely have been some Issues with that binding yeah um and Yeah that's kind of a mess um there They've even linked here on the page Um see Audi's attempts to get it to Binding fiascos and the name of the Title there so they linked that on their Own page but yeah if you scroll down to The very bottom it is linked there oh Well I mean kudos to them for being Honest Um uh so they actually have been Contacted the The Specialist devs were Like hey guys did you want us to help You maintain this and they are in touch And they are working on it in addition

They have published a private repo link To where you can download expresslrs Firmware although that still won't let You compile it yourself and put your own Binding phrase and configuration in but Uh if you're running espresso as 3.0 Then you can do some of that through the Web interface so uh looking forward to Going through that and if you're Watching this six months from now it Probably all doesn't matter because it's All been resolved but just an example of The kind of weird proprietary things That newbie drones sometimes does that Means when you buy their gear you have Some hassles to go through Um but it's good quality gear generally Got another weird micro quad that I Thought was worth mentioning this is the Nano fly and I specifically was looking At the nanofly 2.0 Um This is I thought this was flywood Because of the fly name but actually I Think sub 250 is the company That's interesting is that right Sub 250 nanofly yeah they have a website Sub250.com Okay so sub 250 is the company uh I've Really just dig the this looks like a Nice little toothpick frame uh I like The layout of the frame I like the style Of quad it's really fun to fly they Generally fly really well uh if you're

Into that size class Um the uh Weight What's a way less than 250 grams a damn Well it better be 1002 Motors uh just Looks like uh it might be a really fun Little quad I thought we'd call It Out Cadix Ant Good good analog camera Uh and they're supposed to be making a Uh Uh an avatar version as well and the ht0 Version Yeah I think I would probably in my Opinion is wait for reviews don't buy This uh this is a nobody company who We've never heard of who's sending stuff Out to reviewers the flight controller Is red fox A1 never heard of that it's a Good point yeah I would not order this Until you see reviews because this could Be a dud out of the box or it could be a Great new company that we have our That's that's totally valid totally Valid I was just like oh look at this Cool little quad I want it so I need you To talk some sense into me plenty thank You totally no name that we don't have a Link to anybody I I feel like this is Probably like compared to something like The flywoo Nano which flywheel you know Has been around for a little while it Has a reputation yeah for whatever it's Worth

Um alrighty well if you're interested in Being a guinea pig there's a link down In the video description and you let us Know how that worked out for you Um all right we got one more We got one more and this is if you do Buy this For God's sake go use my affiliate link Because you know a small percent on a Three thousand to twelve thousand dollar Drone it will really will make my Freaking day but most of the people are Not gonna buy this and I almost didn't Include it in the list because so few People buy cine lifters but this is what Made me this is the Johnny fpv Banshee Bind and fly ready to fly cine lifter or Whatever Um They got all this footage of Johnny fpv Flying it listen You could buy this but you're not going To suddenly become Johnny fpv so Obviously Johnny's a freaking genius and A great pilot here's what made me put This on here this is the exactly it What is this blunty what is this xt60 Connector here I was like does it have a bunch of Battery connectors Oh yeah I'm not I'm not sure here I think this isn't this is obviously the Main battery connector for your whatever 12s battery 8s I think they've got an

Auxiliary power output because you can't Run like your camera or whatever off of 12s voltage and that's pretty damn cool That's pretty damn cool Yeah it actually looks like uh success But it is using those 150 power Connectors you're talking about oh Interesting Um surprise success you usually don't See with the bullet connectors but I Guess there's nothing stopping you I Guess with eight Motors it might pull a Lot of current and they don't trust an Xt60 or maybe an xt90 Um hobby Wing 60 amp foreign ones it Looks like I'm looking through the specs Here That'd be two oh 60 times eight 480 so Like 500 amps potentially Right I'm at Max yeah okay probably not Pulling 500 amps for long uh that's Really and it goes back blunty this goes Back to what we were talking about Earlier if you're gonna put out a Product it should have like one or more Interesting Innovative things that You've done now there's a lot more room For innovation in the cine lifter Market Than like in the five inch freestyle Market but this I have never seen before It intrigues me it shows that you were Trying and I got you lit it got you Mentioned so yeah It looks like they say additional xt30 a

Regulated aux power outputs two 12 volt Power output for cinema camera and a Nine volt regulator on board for your DJI so the yeah those are two 12 volt Power outputs for your Cinema cameras Yeah baller what do you want to bet they Put that freaking Luminaire ESC in here Too Uh it's yeah it's the hobby Wing set Hobby wing oh not the wait you're Telling me that the Luminaire Johnny fpv Banshee eight inch bind and fly Cinema Drone doesn't come with the Luminaire Elite pro ESC Alator seems like a missed opportunity Maybe they felt they didn't need 100 Amps Okay fair fair enough we'll we'll let's Just assume that's true Um all righty oh damn bloody we're Getting close to the end man we got just A few more products to go through before We get to the giveaway so start thinking About what we're gonna give away this Month Uh okay I got another weird product Um a Wida often also don't talk about Batteries Because at the end of the day the Battery label says one thing and unless You've done some testing which for a new Product Roundup we're really not testing These things we're just talking about Them you just don't know but this

Battery is interesting can you look at This and tell me why this battery is Interesting to me a little a little Little challenge Well uh the only thing that stands out Here other than the uh uh cartoon Animated designs that's it it's the Cartoon label that's why you buy a Battery Uh I'm guessing that's about it I'm Guessing it is 8s and we're talking About this because it's a death yeah It's correct I've never seen For fpv this is like clearly like a Hobby grade battery I've never seen one In 8s before and I wonder if this means That 8s is starting to become more Popular I don't know I just saw somebody The other day asking about Adas and I Think the only ones I could find were With the dean's connector Um if I remember correctly so yeah I Think this is good to see um yeah Hopefully Um I don't know I think it's bigger Quads right that are gonna be benefited From 8s versus like a five inch is Probably it feels like four to six s is Probably with a sweet spot for us well You say that but uh there's two things That I want our I want to counter that With number one is there was a time when People were like 4S is great uh success Is hype and I don't know if you remember

This or if you got into fpv too late but There was a big debate when like some Racers started going to 6s and Everybody's like oh is it better or is It all just hype and now everybody just Assumes success is where you're gonna be And the other thing is that um I Definitely know more than a few Five-inch pilots who just want to use a Higher voltage because Ah go faster and they're like can you Build a five inch 8s I want to Um so I think right but if you built a quad Properly Like if you're not trying to just like Hey let's have high voltage for no Reason and you just up the KV instead of Up in the voltage and use the 6s I'd be curious to know which is a real Advantage I believe Ryan Harrell says There's no point in success on three Inch Um because of the size so I wonder like Where the fall off is uh for for five Five inch well well that is in fact I Think the the key question like if 6s is Better than 4S at a five inch prop and The you know 700 gram quad is 8s better Than 6s and no one knows because that Here's the here's the problem with 8s All of the electronics that go into Esc's and by the way I am also sort of Misquoting Ryan Harrell here who you

Mentioned earlier It turns out though like the fets and so Forth once you get above about success Voltage it is really hard to find the Like Fast responding low resistance fets That we need for esc's and there's a Reason that you just don't see hardly Any escs rated for ades and that's Actually I think going to be the big Limitation you know sometimes on this Hobby we have to do things that are sort Of superstitious you know they're like Things we do and believe that work you Know because they work best for us but We don't have a lot of testing or know Exactly the case some of that is Batteries where it's hard to know you Know what's a c rating is what we buy a Manufacturer because they're always the Same and they give good performance Right one of those things for me Um is uh staying on 4S because I Personally still believe the amperage is Not the killer the voltage is the Killer And so it always scares me to run that 6S for voltage spikes and I know we've Looked at testing and we've seen how the Spikes work and we've seen responses From TVs diodes and things but no matter What that success is putting higher Voltage on the components than 4S is Right and so for me I wonder if that's Why I don't often kill things don't fly Hard enough or I don't you know whatever

People say right yeah but um I suspect That I do save more components like that But maybe I get more sag and I get a Poor flight experience for it right I Don't know I also would be nervous we know That that acon slash t-motor 8s ESC Someone wrote me and they were like the Fets on that thing are not rated for 30 Volts I don't know why they're selling it SAS And I was like I don't know either uh But if you are interested in trying out 8s this is the very first sort of hobby Oriented 8s battery that I've ever seen And now you know it exists Um by the way it's a it's a high volt so That 1300 milliamp hour rating is only Because you're charging into 4.35 so Don't make sure if you're comparing it Apples to Apples to other batteries that You're comparing it to high volts or the Weight it'll be different next up we're Looking at the radio Master boxer uh I Think this is a uh interesting Introduction into uh like this part of The market for radio Master you know They've been making these different Radios for a while and they've been kind Of going at different sizes and looking At different things and I think most People know like this sort of seems like A direct side swipe at TPS and the Mambo Oh wow that's the direction you were

Gonna go wow I mean you're not you're Not wrong it looks a lot like a mambo I don't know if radio Master Specifically sat down and was like yeah Let's make it look like the Mambo but I Mean it's uh it's so close to the Mambo They could not have not done I mean to Me my my opinion would be that uh like You have to know you have to like Somewhere in a meeting someone was like People are going to accuse us of copying The Mamba you know that right like they Have to at least have been aware of it I Am on the other side of it I think they Looked at that for the design decisions Because like the shape is so similar the Style is so similar the body color is so Like everything about it looks like Somebody cloned a mambo you know except They It runs open to or Edge TX not Freedom TX so you could flash you can Flash Firmware to it whenever you want instead Of waiting for TBS to give you you know The go-ahead Um I mean trappy keeps saying it's going to Happen anytime but I still and they Complain about Dev problems and all These things but it's been so long at This point that uh I'm starting to Believe it's not gonna happen so yeah And uh and uh run has expresso RS built In which I see as a plus in fact it is

One of the only I think there's only one Other radio out there the jumper cheap Light I think t-pro that has a one watt Internal espresso RS module yes uh and I Gotta tell you This even though it is like technically A more budget lower end radio than cx16s I have been flying this basically 100 Since I got it because it just feels so Damn good in my hands I don't know what To tell you the fit in my hands is Perfect The tactile experience of touching it is Pleasant and as a unit it feels solid in A way that the tx16s kind of doesn't I Don't know maybe it's the clamshell Design I freaking love it as you show There as well uh you've got the ag01 Gimbals on it so correct upgraded it but You can buy them in colors now too you Get the a01 gimbals in several different Colors if you want Um this is a hundred thirty nine dollars This about basically the only thing You're giving up on this radio is the Big colors touch screen of the tx16s Which is something but uh I'll tell you What I uh I I'm liking it um I've got a Full review of this radio I'll just link You to it if you want to find out more About it uh oh the other thing I want to Mention is you know we talked about the Radio Master Ranger I believe Um last week uh and you know that has

The ability to go to two Watts on the Bigger module but it's a hundred bucks For that radio Master Ranger and I gotta Be honest I've been looking at it and It's kind of hard for me not to just Spend another 40 and get them up or get The uh the boxer you know yeah that's a Good point I mean like uh two watts is Probably not going to serve me much I Mean it's 1.4 X the range but we're Talking about Express lrs here yeah uh Where I've never had really an issue With range at much lower powers and then I typically run 250 or 150 you know Somewhere in the world Um yeah I mean and I'm looking for a new Module I'm shopping shopping for any Module these days so well and if you're Thinking well I might buy the the ranger Micro module for 40 bucks or maybe some Other module for 50 or 60 bucks well I Mean used to be that if you bought a Radio with an internal Express lrs Module you were limited to 250 Milliwatts because the heat dissipation But in this case you knock the 40 bucks That you would spend on an Express lrs Module off and now this radio is only 100 bucks and it starts to look like an Even better value yeah and it's all Sleek and included and everything oh Yeah yeah pretty much offering from Radio master I feel like 140 is a good Spot to land on price for I I think that

Radio master has actually Potentially taken a big chunk out of Their tx16s sales I think they actually Made this radio a little too and the Reason is actually I think the reason is Obvious the tx16s was similar to the Jumper t16 and the t16 was similar to Other radios that came before it and This one they seem to have I was going To say started from scratch but actually It sounds like they just started copying From a different Playbook to me that's a Better Playbook maybe I'm totally wrong But boy it's a real similar and yeah I Agree it's a better Playbook I think now Some people will like the the largeness Of the tx16 versus this is a bit smaller You know comparison to the boxer and This is a bit smaller radio but to me I Think this is almost perfectly in the Spot that I would want for size you know The tx16 almost feels too big and you're Trying to find places to put your Fingers and stuff sometimes and I have Big hands so yeah yeah yeah yeah Um I love my tx16s I love that big Screen but there's something about it That when I have it out in the field I Always kind of feel a little worried That I'm going to bang it and break it I Just don't know why maybe it's just my My brain when I see a big screen I think Fragile and something about this radio Just is is it hits the spot for me

Anyway Um alrighty uh we have one more one more Product today it's a new action camera New is that right yeah this is kind of Interesting Fpv we've got the Nano One Mini action Fpv camera at 179 they've delivered a 4K Ultra HD they claim as super anti-jitter And stability enhancement IP67 Waterproofing Um yeah so it's got Wi-Fi connection to Your phone to do a review and stuff one Shot recording Um all that kind of stuff so pretty neat A lot to kind of wait and see for videos And results and see where people come in With this but um potentially a new a new Little action camera 180 bucks clearly Similar form factor to the GoPro Hero 11 Mini Uh not as small and light as a naked GoPro not quite as big as like a Full-size hero 11 or 10. uh I think that The price point reminds me of the cadix Walnut and some of the arguments we made About the Caddy's Walnut one which is That if you can get a runcam orange for A hundred bucks which is a pretty solid Camera for 100 bucks And you can get a GoPro for say maybe 300 bucks for a refurbished GoPro Perhaps or a hero8 then this 200 price Point is a little bit awkward Um it has to be way better than a runcam

Orange to justify spending another 80 Bucks and of course we don't know uh but That's my first thought does it have Gyroflow support I don't see this that's Kind of a must-have these days yeah they Don't mention driver flow specifically I Imagine as soon as this releases people Complain they will work to make that Happen but I don't I do not see that Listed anywhere yeah if you're gonna if You are if your name does not start with GoPro or DJI and you're going to release An action camera it damn well better Have gyroflow support like Not that everybody's going to want Gyroflow but like you got to take every Advantage you can get and if you don't Have that just don't even don't even Put your name in the put your name in The Hat Uh so alrighty no sample footage no Sample footage I not that I've seen Um I have not been able to locate any Maybe there's some up now All right well I actually kind of Question whether this is even worth Leaving in to be honest with you just Like no I mean we'll see how we'll see How long this video edits out to and if It's extra long we're going to cut this Bit and if it's not super long we're Going to keep it in but frankly the Existence of this camera without any

Sample footage is almost not even worth Mentioning like it could be good it Could be we just don't know sorry Bloody I don't mean that as like a dig On you for putting it in Uh yeah but I'm disappointed there isn't Sample footage start with b sample Footage please that brings us to Everybody's favorite part of the of the Roundup the giveaway where we decide What products we're going to give away This month the only one that I see that Really fits I think what we normally do With giveaways is the rainy Master boxer I'd love to give away some boxers 100 so If we give away the boxer I uh if my Budget for giveaways every month is I Could give away certainly two maybe Three of those boxers Um I think people a lot of people would Be able to get use out of them I'm Tempted I'm tempted to give away the HD Zero goggles but I could only afford to Give away one yeah I don't know that's Why that wasn't on my like I thought About it for sure but it's just a lot of Money for one I think three people Getting a boxer might be better you know Better for the community I wish we could Put it to a community vote but I guess We really can't uh we just gotta make a Decision Um okay well maybe I'll find another Excuse to give away a set of HD zero

Goggles or something but let's do uh Three radio Master boxers two three Separate winners one to each winner and Now what you want to know is how the Hell do I enter the giveaway and uh the Answer is down in the video description Below this video there's a whole bunch Of links to products there are affiliate Links by the way which means that when You click that link and make any Purchase at the Affiliated vendor I get A small commission and that's how I get The money to that and my patreon sorry Patrons don't disrespect you that's why I get the money to buy these products And give them away so use those links And then when you're done then you go All the way to the bottom of the video Description there is a link to a Google Form where you can enter your Information and enter the giveaway I Will announce the winners of the Giveaway in a pinned comment at the top Of this video's comment section if you Look and you don't see it I haven't Drawn the winners yet and I will Announce them in a YouTube Community Post make sure those if there are any Messages related to a giveaway come from My official account with a check mark Next to it and a blue outline around it Which indicates that you are really Talking to me the owner of the account And not some scammer who's trying to get

You to go to Telegram and give them 200 I will not do that and in the giveaway And uh look forward to uh giving some Products away Um that's it plenty January done yep That's another month in the uh in the Old bucket and we'll see you guys uh Next month for the next new product Roundup See you then Happy flying