Freestyle with Fat Shark Dominator? [testing new Avatar HD firmware]

By | July 18, 2022

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In this video I used 22.22.3 avatar firmware, but the newer 23.23.4 is already available. Its similar to the firmware tested here but improved even further. Get the latest firmware for the Avatar HD system here:

— FPV Drone Gear —

Skyeliner MK3: Coming soon!

DJI Action 2:

Motor F7 Flight Controller:
Hypetrain Le Drib 2305 2650kV:
Matek PDB:
T-Motor F35A ESC:
Avatar HD VTX:
Crossfire RX w/ Immortal-T:

Transmitter & Goggles:
Fat Shark Dominator headset:
RadioMaster TX16S:
TBS Crossfire:

Tools & Other Gear:
Torvol Backpack:
TS100 Soldering Iron:

— Vlogging Gear —

Wide Angle Lens:
Daily Lens 12-35 f/2.8:
25mm Prime Lens:
Rode mic:
bendy tripod:
GoPro HERO7 Black:
GoPro HERO9 Black:

— tunes in this flick —

”Loose (Instrumental)”, ”Be With You (Instrumental)”, & ”Sundeck” by Andrew Applepie

”down it” & ”son” by Clueless Kit

My friends today we are going to be Flying the fat shark dominator fpv Goggle connected to the avatar hd video Transmitter so this is a new digital fpv Ecosystem that has been out for a few Weeks and i've actually been even Getting to fly this for a few months Long before it was actually even Announced i've been getting to test this System through many iterations of both Hardware and firmware and got to see Just how much progress has been made and I'm really impressed with what they're Doing with this system this is the first Hd system That i could really see myself using Other than dji i've been using the dji Digital fpv system for years now it is An incredible system it was really the First system to break through and make High definition fpv a reality and i'm Really excited that there are now some Alternatives available this video isn't Going to be so much of a review if you Want to see something like that we Published a full overview video to the Rotor riot channel on the day these Goggles were released and we went Through a lot of the features of the System we got to see the initial Reactions from some of the roto-rod Pilots flying the production system for The first time and i got to share some Of my personal thoughts on it if you

Want to see a more technical review Definitely check out joshua bardwell's Videos he's been doing some incredible Stuff really going deep into the Technical specifications of the system So if you want to see the actual latency Tested on the bench go check that stuff Out but i just want to fly this system And give some high level thoughts for me It's really about can the system yes or No do the thing and for me the thing is Fpv freestyle that's the type of flying That i'm most interested in that i do The most often so can i use the avatar System in the dominator goggles to do Fpv freestyle the answer is yes but Before we go any further into that i Gotta take a minute to pause and talk About the sponsor for this video you Already know what it is the one the only Raid shadow legends they've taken over And mobile gaming will never be the same They're delivering console level Graphics right in the palm of your hand Explore millions of champion Combinations and master countless Tactics as you take on raid bosses Dungeon runs campaign battles and pvp Arena matches i've always been impressed With how many champions raid brings to The game some of my favorites include Ursula the mourner and tatura hide raid Is always shaking things up so what's New this time let me tell you they're

Bringing out five new champions that i Can't wait to see they're overhauling The champion vault and on top of that a Series of summer splash events where you Can get your hands on exclusive skins For everyone's favorite dwarf trundra But wait there's more right now raid is Running a special daliana chase event Where you can get your hands on the Amazing deliana just by logging in log In and play for seven days between now And july 28th and you get deliana for Free links are in the description Because right now is the best time to Get started in raid and if you use my Link to get started you get an Additional 30 worth of bonuses a free Epic champion tyrell 200 000 in silver One energy refill and one xp boost and One ancient shard so you can summon more Champions as soon as you start the game So just use my link and all this Treasure will be waiting for you here Okay all right i'm sorry let's get back To the fpv stuff is it better or is it Worse than the dji system um There are times where i feel like it's It's better than the current dji system What am i feeling why do i feel like It's more responsive might be a Better description i don't know maybe Maybe i'm a sucker for the oled screens Maybe it's just beautiful screens maybe It's just the comfort of the goggles

Um i'm not i'm not exactly sure i can Only speak to like what is my experience So you could take or leave that Anecdotal experience as you will knowing That there may be some biased reasons For me to say positive things about this System given that there's a relationship Between fat shark and my company rhoda Riot But also Rotorite has a great relationship with Dji we love working with them i don't Know which what do we have more bias on It I will tell you that the system that Rotor pilots recommend truly is the System that works best for them and that Goes for me too i'm going to use what Works best for me so now am i saying This is the best thing for me I don't even really know yet i can just Say it is really good and it's kind of At that Spot where it's possible for me to do The thing so i'm using it as much as Possible to really push the limits see What it's capable of on the day that This system was released i did publish a Flight video that was completely flown With this new system and for me that's All i really need to see like can i do The freestyle stuff and yeah i ripped Around the band i had a great time Really happy with how that video came

Out but that video was all recorded with A separate action camera this dji action 2 camera which this by the way is the Drone i flew and it's a prototype Version of my new skyliner which is Going to be coming out real soon so not Going to look too closely at that just Yet um But i didn't show at all What the performance of the fpv video System was exactly like so that's what i Want to do today i want to go to a spot We're going to fly around and the video I'm going to show is going to be the dvr From the goggles and that's just to give You an idea of what the performance Would be like when i'm actually flying In the style that i fly at a spot that i Actually fly at which in my opinion is Different from what you're going to see In like a review video where you're Flying To evaluate the system and freeze Framing and counting pixels i just want To fly it and just how do i feel about It all right so let's head out and find A spot to fly We've come out to a spot i've got my Freestyle quad ready to rip and i came Out to this tree spot because i always Have a good time flying here and also Because i want to strain the system a Little bit more so flying over grass and Around pine needles is going to push the

Capabilities of the bitrate more than Flying over More pavement and flat surfaces so we've Got everything just about ready to go Here I'm gonna set you guys down right over Here Get my quad set up Let's get this thing in the air All right we are Up So i'm really not going to be doing too Much focus on Methodically trying to Test things out really objectively i More just want to rip around and Subjectively talk about how i feel and I basically just feel normal If that makes sense like i just feel Like i'm i'm flying freestyle this just Feels like it does the thing Um i know i keep saying that but that's Just what i mean like I'm i'm doing the freestyle i'm having a Whoo Having fun with it man it feels feels Good I definitely don't feel limited But i'm not gonna say that like i feel That this opened up the next level oh my Gosh it's making me a better pilot like No it just feels It just feels normal If there's anything i feel i just really

I just really like the way the goggles Feel on my face That's probably the biggest uh the Biggest change versus like what i've Been flying Whoo Oh man All right but let's try and see you know If we get any blocking so Flying over concrete here this looks Pretty good but concrete Concrete's not that complex of a surface Like i said if i go over grass Um i think we're getting more of it like I think more of the blades of grass are Blending together Especially if we go fast But um i don't know it's it doesn't Bother me like i don't feel like it Makes it harder for me to navigate i Think it might bother other people more Which which is fine i get that just You know i'm just feel like i'm able to Do the thing here Um Range test can we uh Can we make it around the building This parking lot is active now so i'm Not gonna go too crazy Uh oh and i don't think i mentioned i'm Sure i'll put it up on the screen but I'm on 700 milliwatts 25 megabits so this is kind of Like comparable to what people have been

Flying there is New firmware the new firmware i'm on now Is capable of more and we'll turn it up In a second but i wanted to Shake it down on this [Music] All right Let's uh bring it in Put a fresh pack on And crank it up a bit I do want to note that i'm running the 22.22.6 Firmware which is the first firmware That allows for higher bit rates now i Can go from 25 to 50 megabits higher Bitrate should provide higher quality Video image okay i'm now on A thousand milliwatts 50 megabits per Second It's saying 50 megabits on the screen so That's Higher bit rate Should be able to handle The detail more so just flying over the Grass Um I don't know that the grass looks any Better Although you know i never really thought That the 50 megabit mode on dji made a Huge difference So i might not be the best judge and so I ended up mostly flying my dji system On 25 megabit mode

But other people swore that 50 megabit Made it way better so maybe Some others might um See more of a difference with this System too But Like for me the 25 megabit 700 Milliwatts like totally gets the job Done Um I don't know that i really feel a Significant advantage with these higher Settings Let's go around the back of the building Oop we blacked out oh we connected okay We got we got video back can we flip it Over Yes that higher bitrate you know may Make things look better but does it Actually Help flying performance i don't know Where are we okay we got it back well Heads up there that higher bit rate According to this one test that i just Did for the first time Might reduce your range a little bit Because i had absolutely no problem on That first pack with 25 megabits 700 Milliwatt Well that's interesting just based on my Limited experience i i'll probably just Stick with the standard bitrate All right we are back down to 25 Megabits per second i kept the

Power output up at a thousand milliwatts Yeah i mean the image looks fine to me On 25 here Let's go see if we Can go around the building i will be More cautious this time i went into it Way too confident last time [Music] And no problem No stuttering at all yeah that's Interesting Oh i just failed safe for a second my uh My radio link gave up on me but didn't Lose video I don't think i've mentioned my antenna Setup yet i'm using true rc antennas I've got the x air directional antennas There's two of them Connected to the front antenna Connectors of the goggles and then i've Got the true rc i think it's called the Singularity stubby omnidirectional Antenna on top i'd probably most like to Use stubbies all around just for the Form factor But I did find that having directional on The front particularly these high Performance directional antennas did Give me better performance my buddy sean Uses directional on all four antenna Ports and he gets even better Performance than i do but this is good

Enough for me and i prefer the form Factor of at least having omnis on top These two rc's work really well for me There are other pilots using other Setups that work really well for them so Look around see what's out there figure Out what's going to work best for you if You're going to use this but other than That there's not too much else to say I'm having a great time flying the Lighting is nice so i'm just gonna rip a Couple more packs and Do the thing and enjoy freestyle [Music] Do [Music] We've flown a ton had a great time thank You guys for riding along with me I'm really enjoying flying this system Looking forward to continuing to play With it i'm looking forward to future Updates i think it's really cool that The avatar team is uh like listening to The community and wanting to put out Updates quickly overall really cool just Be playing with something new It's an exciting time to be in fpv i Know most of you that watch this channel And this video in particular probably Already flying fpv drones but if you Haven't gotten into this yet It's a good time man it's a good time It's a tricky hobby to get into but it Is a lot of fun anyways again thank you

For tuning in I'll see you next time [Music] You