FrSky vs. ELRS … again. MaiOnHigh is a test pilot for real! (FPV News with JB & ItsBlunty)

By | December 28, 2022

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PSA: DJI O3 Plug comes pinned so it might not work for your Flight Controller’s pinning!

New Frsky Radio Released With Closed Fork Of ExpressLRS, Not Compatible, No Communication with Devs
* – Steve’s Deleted Responses

There is Now An English Guide to Show How to Move Around DJI OSD Elements!

MaiOnHigh Joins JetsonOne as a Test Pilot!

MedlinDrone Releases Whoop Camera Servo Kit!

Event: Team Drone Adventures Presents Bar-B-Q Bando!
* Mar 10th-12th in Vienna, Georgia
* $75 Pilot Pass, Camping Offered, Only 100 Spots!
* Free General Admission!

Community Spotlight: TinyTrainer T-Antenna TPU Folding Mount by Ridwan Hughes

Its Barely News

* Missing Dog Found in Near Freezing Temps By Drone

Rant: Community/Racing Leaders Should Push to make sure LiPo overcharging is looked down on, not encouraged!