Gab707 Guiding Fans Through The Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge | Drone Racing League

By | December 21, 2022

Stephanie Wong shows DRL Pilot @Gab707 how fans can track his performance through the @googlecloud Fly Cup Challenge's 3 stages

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Hey everyone this is Stephanie Wong head Of developer engagement over here at Google cloud and today I'm super excited Because I'm here with one of the longest Standing Pilots at the Drone Racing League gab 707. Um yeah why don't you introduce yourself Hey I'm gav Um as you said it the longest standing DRL pilot seven years and counting well Today we're here to talk a little bit About the Google Cloud fly cup Challenge And how that relates to drone racing and Your performance as a pilot so there are Three stages of the challenge you can See here the first one is all about Getting access to the data from the Pilot so you actually start with Importing the data tables into bigquery You find out things like the events and The pilot names you find out the fastest Time trial at an event and then create Cool statistics like this graph Showcasing the Delta between your Average time and the times that you get In certain heat rounds and then you can Also move on to the second stage which Walks you through actually uh creating a Vertex AI model or a machine learning Model and it kind of walks you through How you can build predictions around new Data so this is all guided like you Don't need to sit there and you know True scientists scratch your head for

Hours it sort of takes you through some Steps here yeah exactly the whole thing Is guided obviously there are Parts Where you need to come up with your own Queries and figure out how to deploy This python notebook onto Google Cloud But again I went through it and I found It very straightforward in the sense That it is guided with a little bit of Challenge and we can see here that there Are a bunch of people involved in some Great leaders that are already at the Top of the board you know for me my Background in in physics Um it's it's really been hurting me not To have this data input so I'm really Excited to see what you know these top Guys on the leaderboard here come up With that's going to be very interesting To see well Stephanie it's been great to Catch up here and talk all things Google Cloud DRL and the Fly cup challenge Same to you it's been such an honor to Learn from the most experienced DRL Pilot and with a PhD really impressive For everyone else out there get involved In the fly cup challenge by heading to Google cloud and I can't wait to See you on that leaderboard