Gab707 Talks Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge | Drone Racing League

By | December 8, 2022

Take your #cloud skills to new heights. 🚀☁️

Stephanie Wong & DRL Pilot @Gab707 share how to enter the @googlecloud Fly Cup Challenge for the chance to win a trip to DRL's Miami 3-0-FLY drone race.

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Hey everyone this is Stephanie Wong head Of developer engagement over here at Google cloud and today I'm super excited Because I'm here with one of the longest Standing Pilots at the Drone Racing League gab 707. Um yeah why don't you introduce yourself Hey I'm gab Um as you said at the longest standing Jrl pilot seven years and counting uh It's been quite the whole very excited To talk to you today about things Google Cloud and the Google Cloud fly cup Challenge the best part about the Google Cloud fly cup challenge is that all Developers regardless of any skill level Can participate and the challenge is a Learning Journey with each stage Equipping developers with the tools they Need to get to the next stage and Developers who complete all of the three Stages will have their Cloud skills Taken to new heights as they think about Other ways that they can use these tools In their professional lives I think this Is a really incredible opportunity you Know zero is a sport that hasn't been Driven at least on our pilot Side by Data yet but let's say my fans wanted to Get involved here and help me out how do They do that yeah so you just head Straight over to Google cloud and You'll see this page here where you can Enter the Google Cloud fly cup Challenge

And get started wow it's incredible to See that there's over 10 000 people Participating well it's such a great Opportunity for developers of any skill Level to be able to boost their Cloud Skills and also influence Um you know the Drone Racing League Which is already innovating every single Day and data's just gonna turn this all Up on its set in the future so I'm Excited to see what our developers come Up with there's already people on the Leaderboard here but the challenge still Goes on through the rest of the year am I right yes you still have a big chance To get involved and still win that trip To a DRL race so go ahead and join now And try to make it to the Google Cloud Fly cup challenge Champion phase This challenge is such a great way to Boost your skills so really there's no Downside you should give it a shot Stephanie it's been great to catch up Here and talk all things Google Cloud DRL and Same to you it's been such an honor to Learn from the most experienced DRL Pilot and with a PhD really impressive For everyone else out there get involved In the fly cup challenge by heading to Google cloud and I can't wait to See you on that leaderboard [Music]