GEPRC Cinebot30 is the new standard in FPV Cinewhoops

By | November 2, 2022

Wow! The CINEBOT 30 is really good! Beginners and Pros will enjoy this one.
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[Music] [Applause] Thank you Hey everyone welcome to my channel on This cold fall Canadian morning it's so Cold we have frost on the grass and I'm Wearing two sweatshirts but enough about That let's get into this baby this is The get RC cdbot 30 yes CD bot and it Comes in so many different Configurations that there will be a Configuration out there for you and the Price is reasonable let me tell you the Configurations I have to use my cell Phone because I'm going to forget them All so the first one you have is the Vista nebula Pro that's what this one is Over here that's the model I have Because I really like the Vista camera And the system all designed around it Which is DJI and everybody else then you Have the runcam link wasp which I Reviewed recently that's a very good Digital camera then if you want an Analog drone they do make it an analog So you can get the analog version and Finally with the brand new walks now They have the wax nail avatar version And the receivers that go inside this Little baby it's all the way from Plug And Play all the way down to Crossfire Elrs FR Sky there's a whole pile of Receivers you have to check the website It's really really good like there's a

Model in here 4 for you now two cool Things about this besides all those Models it comes in a 4S battery version Or a 6S version I have the 6s version Because I always find 6s gives you a Little bit more flight time speaking of Flight time they do say you can get up To 12 minutes of flight time with the Correct configuration my configuration That I have here is not going to get me 12 minutes because I'm going to put a Camera up front I'm going to put even a Larger battery than this when I go fly It but it does have something Everybody's going to love watch when I Plug this in It's got an LED light all around the rim Like I'm standing in the Sun but you can See it it's very bright so you can have That light on when you're flying and for Something like this this little Cineworth when it's flying it looks Really cool with that light on it Especially in lower light situations and That light is controlled by a switch on Your radio and I'll show you that later Turn it on and off another feature many Will like is the aircraft aluminum up Front to protect the digital camera or Analog camera that comes with the Drone You buy as well the flight controller Inside is a very modern F7 flight Controller the latest technology since It goes 4S and 6s you will need an xt60

Battery connector to connect to this it Does have a really cool antenna and the Range is really good mine has the 2450 KV 1804 Motors and I find they're Perfectly matched for this size of drone Especially when you add a lot of weight To the top like if you want to put a Full-size GoPro or something it's not Designed for that they recommend you Know like maybe a DJI action an insta go To a lot of naked camera because I'm Sure this could fly with a full-size GoPro if you wanted to you're going to Get less flight time but it would still Work and I think it would still give you Performance and that's all because the Motors are very powerful and it does Have three inch props and it's extremely Well tuned another thing I noticed right Out of the box is the shock absorbing System up top normally on all drones you Buy that are like cinebooks or whatever They're all a little bit of plastic in It like there's a plastic nubby that Goes inside to hold everything together Here it's all aircraft aluminum that is Sitting holding the top portion to the Bottom portion so if you crash that's Not breaking off at all and of course Everything's carbon fiber but the prop Guards all this stuff here is a type of Plastic it's supposed to be Indestructible plastic I don't know I Haven't crashed it enough to know if

That's true but even if you lost the Prop guard it would still work because It doesn't need them the prop guards are Only there because it's a cineworth Although they call this a cinebot now Since I have the nebula Vista version You can use it with a DJI one or two Goggles currently so I actually brought Out my version one goggles which are Pretty old then it works perfect with That I can see really clearly and of Course it's digital since I asked for no Receiver in mind and I asked for Plug And Play I just use the DJI fpv Controller and it works great range with This kind of setup and the model I have Is probably about four kilometers I'll Put what that is in miles below that's Line of sight nothing blocking my Transmission with the Drone flying in Front of me all right I got the little Glowies on not much more to say so let's Go take it for a flight right now put a Hat cam on and I'm just going to hover It to test out the stability then we'll Take it for a True Flight here we go So I'm going to take this for a flight Right now and I'm just going to hover it Right behind me when I say hover it Means I'm going to fly it without the Goggles and just keep it really close to Me so I can see how it flies I flew this In my basement it flies really well I've Got an 850 battery on it I do not have a

Camera up top but that's about it so I'm Just going to plug this in and we'll get Going the light should come on there we Go we have a beautiful light happening Here hopefully you can see it in there I Do like the light and I can turn the Light off I don't know if I showed this Before but I have a switch over here That I've assigned to the light uh let Me see if I could do this with my hands Light on light off light on light off so Uh that uses a little bit of battery Power and that can serve as battery Power pretty cool right there we go so The Drone is down there hit the arm Switch Very quiet can you hear it here I'm Gonna get close let's see how noisy it Is when it goes up I know there's planes Flying around and they make a lot of Noise RC planes but we'll see let's pick It up Very easy to control Yeah this is super easy it's super well Tuned for sure look at this it just sits There very well tuned all right so that Means I could flick it to the right Flick it to the left bring it back to me And bring It Forward over to my little Camera way over there Let's see if I can break it down there Put it in the back of my Jeep and then Bring it back to me yeah so the reason I Do this little test of the hover test

Like this is because if you have a drone That can hover with minimal I mean Minimal joystick inputs that I'm doing Here that means it is super well tuned And when you fly it it's going to be a Dream so I'm looking forward to Flying This I wonder if I can uh put it up in The air kill it And catch it there we go got it there we Go normally I only do that with little Tiny drones but this one here is just so Nice [Music] First Flight we have the DJI action Camera up front and a very large 6s 1050 Milliamp hour light bulb battery plug This in power it on The lights come on we're all good all Right ready for a flight all right first Flight over the frosty grass and I'm Gonna fly in Acro mode so uh here we go Sounds pretty quiet from here here we go [Music] Keep it low to the ground I just want to See what this little Frosty grass looks Like and then come back into the sun This is my world this morning it's Pretty chilly out here Let's go over this way So this little guy is designed to fly Low and slow if you wish and this is What I'm doing here's the guys out with The planes Somebody's taking a plane out there

Oh it's cold to be flying a plane [Music] Come on back over to me A little slow I can fly this it has a Ton of weight on it but no problem Flying it slow wow I love seeing whoops that you can fly Slow no issues there all right let's Just go a little farther away This way go under the power lines City hates it when I chop their power Lines And come this way let's give it a little Bit of speed now There we go and let's try some little Flips there's a plane down there nice Slow flip of the world that's awesome [Music] I don't think it's fast enough to chase A plane I could be wrong let's see which Way is this guy facing he's facing that Way So there's this plane up there well Actually this plane is not very fast so You could you could conceivably Chase it It's not a fast plane like I'm Overtaking it as it is so that's pretty Good here we go I can go under it yeah That's a cirrus it looks like he looks Like he's flying a cirrus Yeah one of the older models very nice All right see you plane I'm going back This way This drone is just too much fun to be

Chasing planes at the moment come down Here oh I just passed that there's a Drone there I just saw a drone as I went past right Over here do you see it I know the sun's There but right here look at you could See it up in the sky whoa I almost hit It there it is right there whoa that's a DJI fpv drone that's Peter flying that He's a little bit of a Maniac all right Let's get away from Peter all right Let's go back this way through the trees So now you're probably all wondering Watching this is this drone any good Well it's so Nimble it's so agile I have No problems flying it as I'm going here I just have to uh go through objects and Miss them if you have this drone you can Fly it low and slow I do have the camera Pointing quite a bit up because I was Expecting to fly really really fast but Uh even at slow speeds with the camera Pointing up it's quite usable like There's no issues whatsoever So let's see let's see if I could just Glide it through normally when my camera Is pointing up it's harder to go through Objects because I'm looking up at the Objects it's better when it's pointing Straight forward but yeah I saw how easy I went through that anybody can do that That's nothing oh there's a human over There you know me and humans and drones I stay away from them because humans are

Unpredictable range on this obviously is Extremely far I'm flying around the Field have no issues here comes a car so I'm going to get away from that Go over this way Back over here If you live in an area where you have a Large Park you could definitely fly Around the entire park my battery Voltage no issues I don't see anything Coming in my display it shows everything As A-Okay it says you can fly for 12 Minutes on a battery you know if you Don't have a camera on it or anything Else but I've got the weight of the Camera and I've got the weight of the Big battery so obviously I'm not going To get 12 minutes but you're going to Get an awfully long flight time there's Our plane again make sure we don't crash Into anybody who's walking along the Paths here No problem there Look over here through these trees go Over that one There's some Little Footsteps so Somebody's been walking this morning Probably with a dog down this way see All the frost chili all right and let's Break it down over by me straight around Oh there's a camera over there so let's Put her over by that camera right over Here Right in front of the camera and going

Down blink right there All right back to me so that was pretty Cool now the next thing I want to show You is what you get in the box if you Buy this little baby so check this out This is the Box the cinebot 30 comes in These are the features of the Drone I Used in this video opening the box You'll find the Drone and the Accessories you'll notice that the Drone Is shrink wrapped holding the cinebutt In my hands I can tell it's very well Constructed with carbon fiber top and Bottom here you can see the LEDs are Placed inside the prop guard frame and Speaking of the frame here I am trying To bend it and it is extremely solid the Entire cinebot 30 has a low profile so It can fit through small spaces Accessories in the Box include Information on the included Pilot's Camera as well as the flight controller There's also a product support card Gap RC stickers and a quick start guide Which is very nice other items included Would be a USB cable spare HQ props as Well as a spare battery strap battery Power cables spare screws allen wrench Battery grip antenna covers get RC Keychain total weight of the Drone Without any type of battery is 220 grams All right now my final thoughts on the Cinebot 30 in comparison with all the Other drones I've been flying in my life

I will say this is extremely finely Tuned anybody who buys this from Beginner to Pro is not going to have any Complaints with this drone it's really Good and the awesome thing is you can Get it in any configuration whatever Radio you have you know in the RC hobby Whatever goggles you have in the RC Hobby then there's probably a version That's going to work with what you have For your gear so that's why it's really Good I can see an awful lot of people Buying this for the Christmas season so With all that said I'm going to put Links below go check it out as I Mentioned for the technology you get the Price is quite reasonable so with all That said hope you enjoyed this video if You have questions on this drone just Post them below and I'll get back to you If you enjoyed this video please give it A thumbs up and I'll catch you in a Future review with many more cool drones Like this one but this one's a keeper For me I like this one all right catch In the next one bye [Music] Your designs [Music]