Getting Started in BetaFlight | FPV 101: Phase 5, Episode 3

By | November 8, 2022

If you want to build your own FPV Drone, or even if you just want to pilot higher end bind-and-fly drones, then at some point you are going to need to talk to the drone’s flight controller. This is done via flight controller software that is set up to run on your personal computer.

At DRL we use Betaflight because it is focused primarily on getting the most speed and best performance out of FPV quadcopters like the Racer4. Flight controller software like Betaflight is useful for a wide variety of reasons but it's also a necessary tool for keeping your drone’s flight controller firmware up to date.

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Today on fpv 101 we're going to be Talking about beta flight If you want to build your own quad or Even if you're looking to Pilot a higher End bind and fly drone then at some Point you're going to need to talk to The drone's flight controller this is Done via flight controller software Installed on your personal computer here At DRL we use betaflight because it's Primarily focused on getting the most Speed and best performance out of a Quadcopter like the racer 4. flight Controller software like betaflight is Used for a wide variety of reasons but We'll delve deeper into it in later Episodes but it's also a necessary tool For keeping your drone's flight Controller firmware up to date updating Your flight controller's firmware is Essential to ensuring your drone flies As smoothly and safely as possible these Updates fix bugs on a wide range of Issues from flight inputs to battery Management to stabilization and Everything in between So if you want to make sure your drone Gets in the air and stays in the air It's important to get into the habit of Looking for and applying these updates You can get started by downloading the Latest version of beta flight for your Computer-specific operating system Software like betaflight configurator is

Open source and free to use Depending on your computer you may have To download additional drivers so that The application functions properly on Your machine with your software Downloaded and installed you can now Connect your flight controller to your Computer using a micro or mini USB it is Crucial that before plugging in your Drone you remove its propellers not Doing so you risk severely damaging your Drone your workspace or most importantly Yourself especially if you're planning On plugging in a battery updating Firmware however does not require Battery power for most flight Controllers so for now keep your lipo Unplugged connecting for the first time Can often be the most difficult so if You run into any trouble make sure again That you're running the necessary Drivers if you're still having trouble You may want to check your cable Connection or use a different USB cable Or computer port When the flight controller is properly Connected to the computer you'll hear an Audio notification like this From here you can finally start using The program to configure your drone with Your own personal flying preferences Make sure to join us next time on fpv 101 when we dive deeper into the basics Of drone tuning