GoPro Hero 11 vs DJI Osmo Action 3 User Experience Comparison

By | September 30, 2022

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The Battle of the Action cameras heat up as DJI and GoPro release their latest action cameras on the same day. In this video, I compare the video quality and in my opinion more importantly, the user experience of these 2 cameras. See who comes out on top in my review.


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This video is sponsored by wire stock NOW to be honest this is probably one of The most exciting comparisons I've been Wanting to do because if you guys know Me I use action cameras a lot and not Necessarily always for just action Sports or action things I use it for Daily documentation of pretty much Everything I do so while I have been Using the action 3 for a little while I Did want to take my time and make sure I Put the GoPro through its Paces before I Put these two head to head so this video Let's go through those things that You're going to want to know if you're Looking for an action camera looking for One of these two which one should you Get so right off that bat that brings me To the very first question who are these Cameras for why would I want to pick up An action camera if I can just use my Phone now the reason why I bring up my Phone is because why would you want to Bring another camera with you if you do Have a phone but a lot of times when People ask me hey you know what I want To go out I'm going on a family trip I'm Going into the water I'm going to Hawaii I'm going any other place that I do want To use my camera but I don't want to Necessarily use my phone what should I Use and whenever someone asks me that I Will always say you should pick up an Action camera because of course they are

All purpose they shoot photos and videos All weather waterproof perfect for Vacation is perfect for families and This is the reason why I use them pretty Much daily so when we are talking about These cameras in this video I do want to Come at it in that perspective the Everyday user that's going to use it for A lot of everyday things I have a family Of five three kids I would document Pretty much almost everything they do And using your phone all the time isn't Ideal because of course you're gonna Rack up the memory or storage on your Phone and plus you just don't always Want to keep your phone somewhere Recording for a very long time mainly Because you want to use it you want to Stick another camera there to do that Job for you next let's talk about price And this is where it gets a little bit Weird for the GoPro and I'll talk about That in a second the DJI action 3 Releases for 329 dollars you get the Camera and you get some basic Accessories with it comes with one Battery and a couple other cables and Things like that with this camera the GoPro Hero 11 comes in at 499 dollars Now I know on their website they have a Big 399 dollars but what that's letting You know is that you it's 399 dollars on Their website if you sign up for their Subscription model so when looking at

The price it looks like you're saving a Hundred bucks but what's weird about Their website is that it says you're Saving a hundred fifty dollars but if I Toggle that 150 off which will normally Say 5.49 if I toggle it off and then it Says 4.99 now so how do you I don't I Don't get worse say 150 and then it Raises the price but then lowers it I Don't think it's a deceiving way to Market your camera by putting a lower Price in there because for sure you're Going to be like oh well why wouldn't I Want to save 100 bucks well you are Saving 100 bucks up front the idea is For them they're going to get you on the Back end now when it comes to video Resolution the GoPro does Edge that out Spec wise at 5.3 K 60 frames a second The action 3 shoots at a maximum of 4K 120 frames a second most of the stuff I Do shoot is in 4k so if you are able to Not only shoot in 4k but preview your Footage back in 4k on your 4K TV or Upload it to YouTube in 4k definitely a Benefit there the GoPro does have the 5.3 so if you have a little bit extra Resolution you are able to punch in a Little bit on your video if you needed To zoom in just a tiny bit but shoot in That standard 16×9 format which you'd Probably use and watch on your Widescreen TV however there is a new Feature on the GoPro that allows you to

Shoot in that eight by seven almost a Full Square format on the GoPro now Shooting in that more eight by seven Square format does give you some Flexibility in post processing if you Wanted to take a video and Export it out In horizontal or in vertical mode Depending on what you're going to be Shooting with or using the footage for It does give you a little more Flexibility there however it does take a Little bit more work as well so like I Mentioned I do want to talk to you guys About the options that are there however Just note that there is extra work there On the export side of things if you Wanted to leverage that 8×7 and Export Out vertical versus horizontal the one Thing I did notice though even when Shooting eight by seven is that you Really have to have your subject Centered and still pretty far away from The camera in order for you to really Leverage that vertical mode you can Frame your picture in your video a Little bit better when you're already Seeing the output versus you having to Shoot it here and crop it in later so There's definitely benefits on both Sides I wouldn't say there's any best Way because even though it does shoot Eight by seven sometimes you have to Also reposition yourself in the frame While you're shooting with that in mind

That you are going to be cropping out The sides because if not it'll be pretty Zoomed in it'll be cropped into that Subject and DJI does provide you with This case to give you that vertical Mount option here so if you do shoot for Instagram reels Tick Tock or stories you Are able to then mount it this way or You can also mount it this way on the GoPro you just have to get a different Casing for this to mount it that way now When it comes to camera sensor size the Action 3 Duds Edge out the GoPro we have A one over 1.7 inch sensor on the action 3 and a one over 1.9 inch sensor on the Go Pro as far as photo resolution the GoPro does have 24 megapixels the action 3 comes in at 12 megapixels and before We jump into our next comparison if you Guys are getting some value from this Video a big like be much appreciated and Also a quick word from today's sponsor Wire stock if those aren't familiar with Wire stock and it's actually great that We're talking about these cameras right Here and wire stock as a sponsor because For those aren't familiar with wire Stock wire stock is an online website That allows you to upload all of your High quality photos and videos and Vector art and what they do with those Images and photos is that they Distribute them to all the major Marketplaces for you to sell them

Websites like Getty Images istock Adobe Stock as well as shutter stock now with Your photos and your videos in all of These different marketplaces if somebody Jumps on these websites like I said like Shutter stock or adobe stock and they Want to purchase one of those photos That belong to you wire stock will take Their 15 of that purchase but you get 85 Of that transaction which means wire Stock only gets paid when you sell or When you get paid because somebody Purchased one of your photos or your Videos off of those marketplaces wire Stock provides you a simple dashboard to See where all of your sales are coming From so if you're getting some sales Coming from Adobe stock or some from Getty it actually shows you all right There on the dashboard so if you're like Me and you have a bunch of high quality Images and videos kind of just sitting Around on some of your hard drives you Might want to look into wire stock Because you just have to upload it once And it'll actually go out to all the Major marketplaces so use thanks to wire Stock for sponsoring this portion of the Video if you guys want to get started Today make sure you guys use that link Down Below in the video description now When it comes to size and weight of These two action cameras we have the DJI Action 3 coming in at 145 grams we have

The GoPro Hero 11 coming in at 155 grams As far as size they are very similar When you actually put them down on the Table the GoPro is actually a little Bulkier a little taller than the action Three as far as the cameras go and how Is depth wise they are about the same One big difference on these two cameras Is battery life now the Enduro batteries Are rated to be a little bit longer Light life as far as their previous Batteries goes but also a lot better in Heat or hot temperatures as well as cold Temperatures with that said DJI actually Also focused on those same things except Out of the box they are coming out with A battery a 1770 milliamp battery that Is extremely extremely efficient because When I was out there testing both of These cameras pretty much every time I Would do a full days of testing the osmo Action 3 would always Outlast the Gopro's battery by a pretty significant Amount all right so I started both uh Tests on the way out full battery on Both we have 30 percent left on the osmo Action three thirty three percent left GoPro died it actually said four percent And then it automatically went to Battery low and died so 30 more percent Still left on the action three compared To the GoPro Hero 11. now of course why Do you want action cameras because they Can take a beating and these are of

Course waterproof the GoPro is rated to Go up to 33 feet and the DJI action 3 is Rated to go 52 feet a little over 50 Feet in depth without either one of These having a case so as far as depth Goes the action 3 does take it over the GoPro one of the nice things about the Hero 11 is that out of the box they are Releasing it with 10 bit color now DJ I Did say in their October update or their Firmware update that's coming up they Are going to be releasing 10 bit on the Action 3. as far as picture profile goes The GoPro does have vibrant normal as Well as a flat mode the flat mode is Very similar to what the action 3 has Which is called decino like now of Course when it comes to video quality Out of these two cameras you are not Going to be disappointed with either one Of these I've shot multiple videos on my Channel with just action cameras using Both both the hero 10 well the one that Came out before this one as well as the Action 2. and even one of my most recent Videos on the Avada when I was doing the Turtle mode test that whole video was Actually shot with the action 3. so if You're just looking at quality by Themselves they are extremely extremely Good now when watching those videos side By side that's when you can see a little Bit different as far as how these Picture profiles are pushing out from

Each brand how the GoPro looks versus How the action 3 looks now like I Mentioned both cameras are exceptional As far as video quality there's Definitely some places and times of day Where you can see some of the GoPro Footage would be a little bit better Than the action then also there's some Like evening or low light ones where I Feel like the action was a little bit Better than the GoPro so it really as Far as preference goes goes towards Which type of look out of camera you are Leaning towards now when it comes to Audio both these I think are very Comparable I didn't see much of a Advantage on either one of them they Both honestly kind of struggled in Windier conditions all right how does The audio sound on these two action Cameras right here testing one two three Four five testing one two three four Five how did the audio sound coming from The DJI action three this is the DJI Action 3 Audio testing one two three Four five testing one two three four Five how does the audio sound I'm Actually next to the beach so you'll be Able to of course hear the waves and it Is pretty windy it's a little Gusty so How does the audio sound testing one two Three four five this is the GoPro how Does the audio sound I think for me the Biggest breakdown in difference between

These two cameras comes in user Experience now what do I mean by user Experience well how intuitive are these Cameras to use how easy is it to change Settings how easy is it to use specific Types of ports those are things that You're going to be dealing with daily as You're using your camera which one's Simpler which one's harder let's go Through those main user experiences that I've been noticing when using these two Cameras now of course the first one We'll talk about is these screens we do Have touch screens on both these cameras However on the action 3 we have a touch Screen on the front here we do not have A touch screen we have a screen but it's Not a touch screen the reason why that's A big deal is because if you're out There vlogging and this is on your Selfie stick you are able to now on the Action 3 make changes to your settings While you're looking at the camera next Is the mounting system now GoPro Actually came out with these fingers That are built into the action camera on Their last one which I was kind of Concerned about but you know what hasn't Broke yet they've actually adopted the Magnetic system from the action 2 and Put it on the action 3 which I actually Really like and they made the magnets And the clips a lot stronger on this Camera now when doing these tests for

The past week it has been really nice to Use this magnetic system because I'm Able to easily take it off a selfie Stick move it over to my helmet move it Over to a bike mount onto my car mount So the quick release mounting system Definitely a benefit and you can see and Feel how much slower that whole process Is with the GoPro having to unscrew it Each time if you wanted to move the Camera around like I mentioned when it Comes to user experience all of these Seconds or half seconds they start Adding up over time being an all-purpose Camera I use this thing a lot sitting And recording for a long time you have The recording at 120 or anything like That it'll just be regular 4K 60 4K 30. However you want to be able to record Sometimes for a long time hook us up to Your baseball field and record your Entire game hook it up to any sports Games that your kids might be doing so When people say that they're not Necessarily made to just sit there and Record for a long time which is somewhat True however like I said these are all Purpose cameras that are supposed to be Outside in the heat taking a beating now Speaking of recording for a long time The action 3 can record for a very long Time battery is really good on this Thing but what I really like is that They move the USBC port to be by itself

So as you can see here the USB is by Itself here on the side of the action Camera and then on the other side we Have the battery as well as the micro SD Card this is pretty key because you can Actually keep your battery closed and Locked here and just have the USB port Here on the side if you wanted to hook Up something like an external battery For long time lapses long exposure or Like I mentioned if you're just Recording a game or anything outdoors You want to hook up a battery pack to This thing so you can record pretty much As long as your memory card can record Too that's something that was always Very awkward on the GoPro and GoPro has Not changed that yet they still have the USBC Port inside where the battery is as Well as the micro SD card so if you Wanted to hook up something like a power Bank to it you're gonna have to keep This thing open which means it's also Exposing your battery your memory card And it was always just a weird thing to Have a cord here and then your door just Opened just like that also when it comes Down to that you USB C Port being Separate this is another advantage that Goes to the action 3 and that's because You are now able to plug in USBC microphones directly into the Camera this is a huge Plus for the Action 3 for those that want to level up

Their audio mainly because a lot of Microphones that are coming out nowadays Are USBC compatible so you can actually Just go directly in here if you had a 3.5 adapter they take 3.5 to USBC Adapters where here on the GoPro it's More proprietary you have to actually go With their mod kit if you wanted to add In some other external microphones and When I was using the action 3 with my Wireless mic you're able to use multiple Wireless mics here whether it's the road Whether it's the DJI mic super simple Super clean setup just plug this right In here and then you're able to use a Wireless setup with the action 3. Another thing that DJI has over the GoPro when it comes to user experience Is that quick switch button here on the Side I really like the fact that have a Physical button because if you are out There and you know something that's wet Or it's dirty you actually can easily Press the button here on the side versus The GoPro they have something that's Similar as far as a quick switch goes But it's more of a double press you have To press the side button and then the Top button and then you have to press a Side button again to switch through Which one you want to choose a lot more Difficult here and a lot simpler here on The action because they have a dedicated Button for it now speaking of speed one

Thing I did notice when I was out there Testing both of these is the speed of Recording well on the GoPro it's called Quick capture and on the action 3 it's Called snapshot which means when you Press record if the cameras are both off And you press record getting up and Running and recording as you can see Right there the action three a little Bit quicker than the GoPro that might Seem like not that big of a deal but Honestly when you're playing with these Side by side and you see the difference In record speeds things like that again Time just starts adding up but the thing I did notice is that when I hit stop on Both of them the GoPro as you see stops The action 3 actually gives me a couple Seconds to keep the camera on which Means now I can already go through my Menus I could do whatever I need to do Here where the GoPro I now have to Restart it again just to at least get Back to the menu system now when it Comes to image stabilization electronic Image stabilization these two cameras Here are pretty much on par with one Another but these have internal Electronic stabilization and both these Also have a mode here which is Horizon Lock on the GoPro and then you also have The Horizon steady on the action 3 which Allows you to then turn your camera 360 All the way around and the Horizon will

Stay nice and level your video so you Can actually use the memo app to see What the camera sees so if this is on Your helmet and you want to see what the Camera sees you can actually open up the Memo app and you got to see on the app Itself what your camera sees and the Great thing about that is when you hear Record you can still see what the camera Sees on your mobile phone this is Something that they still haven't fixed Yet on the Go part I don't know if they Are because even on the GoPro 10 you Weren't able to view it but on the quick App if you are previewing your video on Your phone with the GoPro you can Preview it but once you hit record the Actual footage the actual app just goes Black now when it comes to field of view I'm actually really happy that they went With the 155 degree field of view that They had on the action too the action 3 Has that super wide field of view which They are actually calling Ultra wide and On the GoPro we have what they call I Believe it's still hyper view if I press On this one and I think it's still yeah Hyper view which is their widest one but Even at the widest setting hyper-view on The GoPro and the widest setting on the Action three it the action 3 is actually Still a little bit wider than the GoPro When it comes to the menu system on These two action cameras in my opinion I

Like the look and the feel of the action 3 I like how the menus work as far as What you're seeing with the frame rates Changing the settings from 4K all the Way down very very clear that I'm in 4k 60 frames a second here on the GoPro They haven't really changed this in a While now as far as the UI goes on the GoPro there is one feature I do like Only because and this might be Situational I do like the fact that you Can switch out the wide setting or the Field of view right on the screen here On the action 3 you do have to switch That up in one more menu setting so same Thing one of the things where I I'm Always looking for Speed I think GoPro Does have that on this setting as far as Changing the field of view quickly so One of my final thoughts on these two Cameras and for the benefit of you guys You guys get to see these cameras put Side by side bang for buck quality user Experience battery life especially I Don't think you're gonna go wrong with The DJI action 3 over the GoPro Hero 11. If you are out there looking for an All-purpose type of camera you don't Want to use your cell phone definitely These two are the best options for you As always if you guys got some value From this video a big like would be much Appreciated also thanks to our sponsor Of this video wire stock make sure you

Guys share those links Down Below in the Video description this is ultra estacio With I'll see you guys in The next video take care