HD FPV Goggle + Drone Combo for Under $650!

By | November 16, 2022

The Fat Shark Recon HD Goggles have just been announced, along with the Rotor Riot Vision 40 Micro drone! These two products offer HD FPV in 1080p in a small, affordable package. Available now at our store!

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Thank you Foreign We're taking a look at two exciting Things first off the all-new fat shark Recon HD goggles and the rotorite vision 40. these two things represent some Breaking of ground in the world of Digital fpv because we've got a really Affordable goggle that is capable of Full digital fpv a complete goggle Solution you don't need a separate Receiver you don't need you don't need Antennas you don't need antennas the Antennas are built in yes this is Everything you need other than a battery Another battery but this is everything You need to be flying in full Avatar HD And we also have a micro HD whoop which Is really kind of insane because like Back when HD first started all of the Vtx's were really large so to see all The technology getting really smaller is Really awesome yeah I think these two Things together are going to make a Really cool package that's going to help A lot of people experience hdfpv for the First time especially this time of year Where depending where you're at maybe You've got a lot of snow outside or Hurricanes because we're parking Florida Man we've got some serious storms going On so today we're just hanging out in The warehouse we're gonna rip we're Gonna have a great time

Let's look at what's going on with these Recon HD goggles so this is what it's Referred to as a box goggle so it's a Little bit different from what we've Seen with the high-end fat shark Dominator goggles where in this case There is actually just one single panel And then some Optics that helps both Eyes look at the same screen so if you If you look closely you've just got a Single Optical element but it's divided In the center so that each eye can focus On the screen you don't have that same Level of adjustability that you have With the high end Dominator where you Can adjust the spacing of the individual Displays and the focus and focus so you Do need to basically have good Vision Going into this so that means if you Have bad Vision where your contacts or I Think you can fit glasses in these I Mean one thing that I also like about These box goggles is like a lot of box Goggles that I've had experience with Are like heavy and really big like these Are really Sleek it doesn't feel like When this is on my head like it's Flopping around like to a ridiculous Extent but it is certainly bigger yeah But my neck isn't sore after using it Which is a thick so the trade-off is While it's not as like optically Advanced as something with micro Displays like the Dominator you get it

At a much more affordable price point And you get almost all of the same Features yeah so this has the Avatar System built right into it you've got Your control button here so just like on The Dominator you've got a five-way Joystick for navigating the menus got Your return button and you've got your Start and stop record because that's Right you got DVR built into the drones Your SD card slot right in the middle Just like fat shark always does the Other thing I don't see any place to Screw on antennas this has built-in Antennas which is really nice like for Form factor like you can just throw this In your bag like no worries about having To take off antennas all the time I Really like that they went this Direction with these box goggles because I feel like box goggles have like more Room in them so they can actually put Antennas in them but I've never seen Anyone do that cool so there are four Left-hand circular polarized antennas so The only trade-off there is that now you Kind of have to put your drone on left Hand circular Polaroid but all the vtx's Come with left hand right so these are Going to work perfectly with that but if You do want to tweak your setup and use Aftermarket right hand antennas these Goggles aren't going to be the best for That but I mean if you're really

Creative and you're really a bit of a DIY or you can open them up yeah you Can't open these up the antennas are Attached to the main board with u.fl Connectors so you could unplug the Built-in antennas and install your own Antennas or install SMA connectors I Think fat shark even predicted that some People might want to do that so you can See that there's actually some features Built into the molding here you could Drill out these areas and that's going To be a perfect fit connector that's Really cool these also have HDMI out Similar to the Dominator goggles there's A USBC port on the bottom you just plug That into HDMI and you can output your Video to any monitor you want yeah I Mean that's pretty sweet the only thing That this goggle is lacking versus the Higher end Dominator is the ability to Get to that high frame rate mode so that Means that these goggles max out at 60 Frames a second which is maybe a problem For some people but I mean even with the Dominators that I run I just use 1080p 60. you fly it at 60 frames I do fly at 60 frames because I definitely prefer The higher frame rate mode but it's a 1080p image it's really good so it looks Really nice and I mean I find that after A pack or two I get used to the 60 it's Fine I can fly it yeah but I mean it's Like half the price though so exactly

Still a thing exactly I mean at the Price point that this is coming in at You're not going to be upset with this Yeah We move on to the Drone this drone has The Avatar whoop board so this board Supports one for 3s and it's perfect for These little drones this drone spins 40 Millimeter props it's on 2s it's like Really fast so when the 1s version of The Avatar video transmitter was Announced a lot of people were really Excited because it was like whoops are Finally getting true digital fpv yeah But when we finally got our hands on the 1s board I think some people were a Little bit bummed that the camera was Still pretty large yeah we had lots of Plans and hopes of building 1s drones And really having like a true tiny whoop Style drone yeah but the camera's still Just a little bit too heavy so the Mission here was okay could we put Together a 2s drone that still captures The essence of that 1s indoor feel like Something that gives you that ability to Fly around your house safely and have a Good time and I think this does that Yeah I think it's really smart that they Went with having the camera right in the Center so that's the one thing is having A really heavy camera if you put it in The front or in the back it's just going To off balance the whole drone so this

Drone flies really good it still does Have 2s power in a lightweight package So if you do have access to a little bit Larger of an indoor area say a a Warehouse this thing shreds dude Hit the dive ah why is that dive messing Me up oh oh look look did you see that I Did it oh hold on let me cover up the Patches oh the edges seriously I see it Do you see there's like that when you Get bad reception the edge of the screen Turns red that's cool so that's giving You like visual feedback that your range Is low yeah I like that I'm gonna get it it's gonna get it Oh oh no I'm up there Just Turtle mode I No I'm in a thing I heard you on the Right side yep over there it's over here That's what I heard it the Drone is Basically stuck in the worst possible Place I overshot the dive and got it Pinched between the roller of the bay Door and the wall like it is pinched in There So we're gonna try rolling up the bay Door and see if maybe it'll like come up Out That's the outside where's the Drone now How has this never happened before this Is insane R.I.P this battery too oh There it is got it let's see how skilled Of a catcher I am

Here we go There it is there we go got it yep Oh my God let me unplug this thing man it's Built with a all-in-one board so that's Your escs and your flight controller all In one 25 by 25 board the video Transmitter just Stacks right on top We've got our camera mounted in a 3D Printed pot here linear intended to save Some weight I don't think it matters That much because with these drones We're not like flying really far we Tested flying around this whole Warehouse Upstairs Downstairs all Throughout on 25 milliwatts and he never Had a problem yeah so we've been saying These things are affordable the goggles They're coming in at 279 279 for the Goggles and The Vision 40 starts at 339 So that means that for less than 700 you Can be flying digital HD yeah that's Crazy to be fair that does assume that You have some stuff already that assumes You have a radio as soon as you have Your batteries chargers that sort of Stuff if you don't have any of that Stuff and you need to get started from Scratch we're gonna have different Starter kits available but still even Going with the full starter kit you're Going to be able to get every everything That you need to fly for less than eight Hundred dollars that's crazy that's nuts So I think for like this time of the

Year where you're gonna be flying more Indoors this is an awesome little Package Yeah Christmas Time's also Coming around yeah it's cool I feel like You can get one of these kits start by Flying the micro around your house and Then when you want to step up to a Bigger drone you can get yourself a five Inch still use the Recon goggles you'll Use the radio they're all really high Quality components that we have in the Bundle these things give you a really Great entry point that as you grow and Maybe get more into it you can you know Upgrade one or the other and grow in Your fpv journey without having to Replace everything like you do when Maybe you go with like DJI yeah and when You want to go into something else it's Like you got to get pretty much Everything all over again yeah I just Want to get this stupid line one here we Go start low Get the ground go up high I'm done I'm Done I'm done dude inverted perch that's Pretty good it's pretty good look at That thing up there you know dive out From the Raptors into the yellow you got To go over that rafter this one right Here Nope nah yeah one over to the left okay Ah that was it that was it but You just need to do it like a little

Better Foreign This is Tyler he's our Master tuner here At Rotary and this drone was kind of his Idea I wanted to be able to use this 1s Board this new walksdale 1s board and Get the most performance out of the Smallest possible package nice so he's Running 1002 motors with 40 millimeter Props and that is like the perfect combo From what I hear and so far yes yes What's up with the buy blades I saw a Biblings that I've always seen Tri-blades on these micros so what made You go with these uh well just from Flying it really I noticed better Performance and better efficiency out of The body blades especially running on 2s I tried playing around with tri-blade Props and even quad blades oh wow okay Got some weird vibrations so I just Stuck with the buy blades yeah it's been Good and I think with 2s you get like The ultimate performance where you're Doing legit freestyle with this little Guy versus 1s yeah still tame it down oh For sure bottle cap or just you know Finger control whatever yeah even on This I have a small throttle cap oh you Do because it's a little too crazy we've Been flying with the throttle cable at Like 90 something percent yeah so you've Been flying this thing a lot in this Warehouse right a lot of testing so I

Want to see some of your freestyle oh I Got some freestyle oh yeah yeah This best Gap that I could pull off with The little guy it's hard to see the Light was getting weird I'll say all right send it over there By the way if you guys are interested in Trying this stuff out we're having an Event here at the warehouse one of our Open houses called quads and coffee it's On November 19th I know that's going to Be pretty soon from when this video is Being published so but if you are in the Orlando area definitely stop by we'll Leave a link in the description to the Event details and if you can't make it To this one definitely subscribe to our Newsletter or join our Facebook group Where we're always talking about our Upcoming events when you can come hang Out here see where we make our videos And actually fly our drums if you guys Are interested in picking this stuff up The Recon HD is on pre-sale now get your Orders in because there are going to be A limited amount of Supply that will be Able to be delivered by Christmas Divisions we're going to start building Them right now so when you order them We'll start working on your drill we'll Get it out to you quick so if you want To get flying sooner you can pick up a Vision to use with a dominator goggle You can get that quicker in the meantime

We get to have a lot more fun with it We're having a good time yeah I just Want to keep shredding this thing man Yeah Thank you