Hdzero box goggles! | Emax Transporter 2 hd

By | December 20, 2022

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00:00 Intro
00:19 unboxing
02:10 fitment
03:52 stuff for nerds
04:51 test flight
6:00 test flight 2
08:22 analog comparison
09:42 final thoughts


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Hey everybody Welcome to today's video Are you interested in trying HD zero Do you have any HD zero goggles well now You can because emacs makes these HD Zero box goggles is it in the shot All right here they are the Emax Transporter 2 HD HD zero goggles let's See what's inside this box As you can see inside the Box you get The goggles themselves with the little Screen here some pieces of paper Some more oh this is the updating cable That you need to update your hd0 VTX and Your goggles and all that because You update the VTX from the goggles Comes with a USBC cord because you Charge it via USBC it has an internal Battery and it comes with two of these Little rubber ducky antennas I only have One but it did come with two I lost the Other one somehow I actually already Filmed my flying portion of this I'm Filming the unboxing second but showing It first it's a whole mind now Let's get into the goggles these are This this is the same shell as the emat What is this this is the same shell as The Emax goggles that I've reviewed Before they're a little ready to fly Kits and all that they're they're They're they're they're beginner goggles They're definitely beginner goggles what You do is kind of pull that out on both Sides now my issues with these it's the

Same shell so I know I have the same Issue is they don't go out far enough I Have to hold them a little bit farther From my face for everything to be clear I can't find my glasses so it's folk and Whatever it's kind of uh it's kind of my Problem the thing I do love about these Though is this the screen is detachable It just magnets on so on my other ones I Just took this off and this is my main Little like DVR screen you know what I Mean I watch this I record people's Flights I take it to the field I'm like Oh let me watch you fly on my screen so I have to turn my goggles on it looks Like now I have one for HD zero and it's Got a little fan on the back that's About the only difference I can see as Far as the screen is it's got a little Fan on the back and it's got some more Buttons wait does the other one have Some little buttons No on the other one the buttons are on The side like right there on this one They're on the back booba doop it's got A fan and of course it has ht0 inside The goggles seem to be the exact same Shell as all the other kits and like I Was saying for me personally they kind Of have to be like about that far away For me to like see clearly otherwise They're blurry but I just I have bad Eyes you know I kind of want to like I kind of just want to let go and see

What happens should I do it I'll pull These out and I'll just let them go and See what happens Wow kind of jammed into my Eye so as far as the fit like their box Goggles it has a strap right here you Got a little velcro strap on top right Here and make that shorter yo thing on The side right there to adjust That I just they don't I don't like box Goggles I have a big nose maybe or Something and the nose doesn't cut out Right it's they're on there like you can Fly like you're gonna be able to fly a Drone with these goggles no no problem Whatsoever I'm just spoiled and I have To have orcas or something like that That's very nice but these work these Totally work so here's what we're gonna Do I'm gonna drive to the field I'm Gonna get a couple packs in on these Goggles I'm gonna bring y'all with me And I'm gonna forget the fact that I Don't like box goggles you know what I Mean I'm not going to hold that against These I'm gonna pretend like I'm a new Pilot I just got some freaking goggles And I'm stoked to go fly so I'm just Gonna go out there and have a good time I'm Gonna Fly my little drone oh let me Show you the Drone real quick so this is The Emax HD zero buying and fly three And a half inch uh Predator Hawk I think I think it's the Predator Hawk I'll I'll

Put the name there if that's the Incorrect name but we're gonna call it The Predator Hawk don't make fun of my Propellers these are only t-mount three Inch props that I have I have no other One so I had to put on like some Cinema props from another project that I was working on but it's kind of cool Man this is just like a little Park Cruiser like it definitely has a lift Because of the props and just cruises Around it's got HD zero it's kind of the Perfect little drone to do that if you Want to check this out there will be a Link in the description but that's Enough talking out of me let's head over To the field and see how this thing does This is the whoop the ht-0 whoop board So it's a 200 milliwatt VTX I got the E-max box goggles let's see what we can Do oh yeah before we go to the Field real quick Um I forgot that these are the specs in Case you you like reading numbers and Things these are the specs of the Goggles and if you don't wait till the End they're 239 dollars Yeah they're 239 dollars You wanna know a little secret while I'm Setting these up actually and putting The antennas on and I don't um I Haven't actually filmed the unboxing of This yet I haven't oh did I bring the Antennas I've been filming in boxing yet

This is the daytime and I'm just gonna Do the flight now like the middle of the Video and then I'm gonna go home I'm Gonna film The unboxing and the intro And then I'm gonna film the uh outro Isn't that weird did I do that that's How my videos work I film the middle Sometimes those battery's gonna die I'm Gonna run a battery with the rubber Duckies that come with it just to see What like the stock experience would be For somebody like just grabbing these oh Boy and I'll do a second pack with the Antennas that I run normally on my analog goggles because it's Right hand CHP or whatever hey oh God This is a me thing I need glasses Oh me I guess we'll just go fly all Blurry Um I can't oh this is this is mad worry for Me this blurry for you is the camera or is this just me I think it's Just me Okay A little breakup halfway through The field I'm just gonna Cruise it there's some Break up there ah okay see I'm way over Here if you can see me I can't because Blurry as a A seal arrest should hold so let's see How the signal does I don't want to walk I'll just drive my car in this

Field I've done it before I'll do it Again breaking up breaking up I don't Want to walk quite yet we'll do the Range push when a better antennas on We'll we'll push the range when I better Antennas on okay so I went ahead and I Put on the antennas that I use on my Analog goggles these are the exact two Antennas that I use on my orcas My analog goggles these are my rider Dies right here actually this one isn't My good true RC broke so I just put on This fox here but it's working out fine This right here though is true I see Patches is my little guy right Here give him a little kiss is anybody Looking at me oh my God these people are staring at me I think this is my 667th video that I've made by the way The last video that I made was like my 666th that's some information you have Now One thing I did notice is oh What did I notice yeah okay so when the Cloud was uh when the quad is real close I had worse no this is bad video These Are rchp right I've could have sworn Oh this is rchp I see 200 milliwatts yep R1 Oh I feel like I'm getting worse video With these antennas and those rubber Duckies I was gonna try to go all the way to the End of the field but it ain't looking so

Hot even right here Damn them breakups and hmm let's See let's see oh oh if I go higher Maybe I'm trying to point my patch at it I Mean I feel like I could have gone this Far with the rubber duckies let's see What happens if I turn around if we just Lose all video no not bad not Bad not bad I don't know if I can hit That Gap I don't know if they're Scraggle I just keep it oh losing a bit Of video there just keep it steady All right 200 milliwatts I ain't Expecting much but I feel like we're Getting worse performance on these antennas man that is a little uh A little disappointing there maybe I Should uh put on the rubber duckies and Fight around again some more Oh that's bad that's bad that's we're Gonna lose video we're gonna have to Land this I'm behind myself So that that's probably why That yeah definitely because I'm behind Myself because once we come directly Ahead you know what I'm gonna go stand Outside real quick I'm not gonna narrate I'm gonna go stand outside and see if That helps and give this thing a damn Chance in hell to look good all right so I'm standing outside of the car now Using the antennas that I use for my Analog setup and I honestly don't know If the video is better or any better

Than the rubber duckies here's the test Right here kind of going through this Gauntlet of trees to see if it'll break Up now I trust analog to always come Back I haven't flown HD zero enough to Know when it'll come back but it does as You can see here it looks just fine but I really really wanted to compare it to My analog signal so I'm going to take my Cinnaboop I'm going to put it on 200 Milliwatts just like the HD zero is and I'm gonna try to fly the same little Path to see what breakup looks like on Analog versus HD zero This is my beloved 10 about 30. I'm Gonna switch it down to 200 milliwatts On this analog VTX and I'm gonna fly From here to there and we can do a Little comparison how well that hd0 does On 200 milliwatts versus how my go-to Analog setup does on 200 milliwatts in The exact same area that's interesting I Think maybe watch this cinewoof set to 200 milliwatts I'm just gonna leave it On the DVR is this oh this battery is Almost dead anyway what Is this just gonna drop all right well Let's see how 200 milliwatts on a analog Gets us over HD I feel like the hd0 was Flashing like that was at this point Uh man I'm so used to analog too you Know what I mean I'm not gonna be able To be like that was much worse or better Or anything because I I know what my

Analog's gonna look like when I fly Through it I feel like ht's air was Breaking up similarly right here let's Go through the same little set of trees That we did to induce that breakup I want to say it's about the same I'm Gonna say it's about the same HD zero Just breaks up differently you get that Kind of like little squares and rainbow rather than a good old analog you Know how you just get that static Everywhere Same same sort of breakup I'm going to Say I remember when I came around here It was pretty bad yeah yeah same thing Up until I got to about these trees Although this is you know this is the Cinebot uh buying a fly and I have a Really nice module in here the TBS Fusion so this is I'm impressed actually You know considering all that I'm pretty Impressed uh with how HD zero did on Just those emacs goggles in a 200 Milliwatt VTX man not too bad not too Bad All right I'm back home that was the HD Zero Emax budget goggle video that was My video that I made on the max goggles Obligation fulfilled now you may want to Know what I think of these personally Personally I'm getting the HD zero Goggles straight up from HD zero but it Was like 500 if you want to spend half That money and get some box goggles you

Can these do exist the screen that comes Out is pretty freaking cool I am a fan Of that I'm stoked that I now have like A little removable HD zero screen I Should see if you can just buy that Separately you want to try HD zero and You don't want to buy the official HD Zero goggles you can try these out Through half the price and they have a Little removal screen that I think is Cool here's something else I appreciate Is all my patrons this is literally 80 Of my income patreon.com grinder if you Want to throw me a couple bucks a month Because you appreciate my videos I would Love if you would do that it's a holiday Season everybody's feeling generous or Some oh no you're broke because Yeah yeah that's fine understandable I Do have to say huge shout out to Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod Fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roca MattyB fpv Netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent ttfpb 12 solo volatronics and hemp And friends.com thank you very much for My top tier patrons if you want me to Say your name at the end of every video I make you can become a top tier Patron Today or wherever the wherever the thing Is thank you very much for watching this Little review video everybody I promise Next review will be better press Subscribe if you haven't done that yet Because I'm trying to get the 40 000

Subscribers I'm super close help a young Man live his dream of getting 40 000 YouTube subscribers it's been my dream For over 74 years now I'm almost to my Goal if you help me out with that I Would really appreciate it all right Here's a song that I didn't make Foreign [Music] [Music] Goggles