How can I perform low elevation mapping with my drone?

By | December 27, 2022

Today's show is a short quick one where we address the minimum height a drone can fly for conducting a mapping mission.

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01:40 Today's question on how low a drone can fly for a photogrammetry mission
02:48 What's the minimum a drone can fly for a mapping mission
03:31 Our recommendation for acquisition of data at low heights

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Interesting episode of ask droneo Hopefully we can help you better Navigate the Drone industry my name is Paul my name is Rob thank you for Joining us spending a few minutes today With us ask for your Questions get them in we want to hear From you we definitely do today's Question all about understanding how low Can you map We have an alternative solution Rob and This alternative solution reminds me of A reel that I posted on my story Yesterday which is a guy trying to order Coffee from a barista and the Barista Hands him the coffee in the first scene And says Merry Christmas and the guy Says what if I don't celebrate Christmas Blah blah and in the second scene she Hands him the coffee and she says happy Holidays and he's like well why can't we Just say Merry Christmas and in the Third scene she spits in the cup and Says go yourself and he's like Finally good service Oh gosh no

Oh I love that one so we have an alternate Route uh it will not involve spitting in Your coffee though so welcome to the Show oh my gosh on that note Oh let's play that question play that Funky question Hey Dron you my name is Mark I'm a Beginner pilot interested in mapping Cemeteries for historic preservation for My use case I want to fly double grid Missions for input in the photogrammetry Software at low elevations I have a pair to Nafi and have been Frustrated with the available flight Planning apps I've tried multiple Desktop and mobile apps as well as hacks With the Drone All with no luck pix4d captures my go-to App but it doesn't allow autonomous Missions below 10 meters Before switching to the DJI Suite of Products I want to make sure I'm not Going to get into the same situation Any advice on navigating the right mix Of drone an app for the hobbyist that Wants to do photogrammetry on a budget Thank you Oh goodness mark thank you for the Question thank you very much you know I Gotta say this is a question that I've Not heard before where you're asking how Low can I fly in still Matt oh that's What we assume I thought you were going

To say you've never heard of someone Wanting to map a cemetery I don't think I've heard that either well everyone's Just dying to get in there Rob oh geez I'm sorry I apologize for that anyways Um so the speculation because I was Wondering why is it why would he want to Fly that low your speculation is that he Wants to get the names the names on the Tombstones are Tombstone detail yeah Yeah probably true so but does he need To fly that low for that and well okay So I think it's always good to have a Good base layer map so doing his double Grid 25 feet above the trees or mocha Whatever that is is going to be a great Base setup can he map below he said 10 Meters uh or about uh what would that be 33 feet or so Um will these other third-party apps Even if he's flying DJI let him fly that Low the answer is Oh I didn't know there was a minimum There is yeah and picks where do you Capture on a phantom I think it's 60 Feet wow but here's the thing in pix4d For reflight mode showcasing the Benefits of free flight mode here at ask Drone you Um he can fly as low as he wants and so What I would recommend is that you take Certain sections of the cemetery and Just fly orbits check out our class

Comprehensive uh mapping and go to the Acquisition section where we talk about Free flights and talk about the formula For free flights to maintain overlap But uh he could fly as low as he want to As low as he wants to and he can also Capture all of that facade data for Those tombstones but he's got to have a Base layer map like a double grid to Throw it into and I would recommend Doing it with a phantom he could Probably do it with his enough he as Well if you got a A good Sony camera you Could do that or another alternative Gfy here's your coffee Um is he could take his iPhone on an Osmo and I do recommend having some sort Of gimbal because if there's too much Roll in the camera it won't work but you Could take your camera and walk around With an osmo and shoot orbits that way As well and then connect the data now Pro level tip for 3D reconstruction I Recommend utilizing the same camera System For your entire data set otherwise you Have multiple blocks and blocking errors And you're going to have weird holes in Your map in certain places so for Example with a phantom if you shot your Double grid with a phantom fly the free Fight with a phantom if you have the Enoughy and which anafi do you have Because the enafi AI is actually really

Good and has free fly mode built into it It's called free lapse mode you could Use that mode fly your double grid do Your free Laps on the ground pair Everything together if it doesn't Actually take all the data and make one 3D model then check out uh exercise Number three in our mapping class about How to you can merge two data sets uh I Think I can't remember if it was a Webinar or Advanced mapping resources But I went over another methodology and I don't think it's in the course it's Called aligning data so there's merging Two projects into one but then there's Aligning data which you can run step one And pix40 mapper with all of the images And then create manual tie points uh Essentially like legs of a table and Distribute them throughout your map and Then you can get all the data to align Together into one 3D model but boom There you go so for the double grid how What elevation should you be at oh I I Mentioned that he should be 25 feet Above mocha mocha minimum obstacle Clearance altitude okay yeah I I think That that would be the best I know he Wants to fly really low but again with Facade data I'm guessing he wants Tombstone information you're going to be Wanting you know a higher oblique tilt You're going to be wanting to shoot Orbits and so that's why I mentioned

Aligning the orbital data set into the Double grid to make it look nice and Peachy clean so essentially also what I Hear you saying is that his concern with The not having access to all the the Third party apps it doesn't really Matter he can do it without all that if It's the enough AI yes I think that's What you said yeah yeah so yeah yeah he It's called free lapse mode it's right By the uh time lapse mode just FYI so And it's the same as free flight where It measures how much you move and then It snaps the shutter so yeah awesome Check it out and don't forget the rules Of acquisition and highly oblique Settings like don't ever get sky in the Imagery and ensure the 20 of the image Is referenced by the ground that's going To do it for our show today check out The comprehensive mapping course where You can learn to create just about any Deliverable and we go over multiple Types of photogrammetric software that's Gonna do it for us today my name is Paul I'm Rob this is ask drone you Foreign [Music]