How I avoid fpv burnout | flying for fun

By | November 5, 2022

Sometimes you just gotta do one for yourself.

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Hey little grinderinos before we start Today's video don't forget to check out I'm doing a little Fundraiser to try and buy 10 acres of Land to make the world's first open to The public fpv freestyle Park and Adventure RC Paradise land I'm recording This intro on October 30th the official Three month countdown to raise the money Doesn't start till November 1st and We're already at 17 000 which is insane We're already blowing past our goals so Check out donate if you can And most importantly please share the Link to with everybody you Can let's build us a drone Park on Another video Well hello there my little grinderinos Welcome to today's video today I'm not I Don't have any Grand plans I don't have Any big [ __ ] crazy blow them ups I Don't have any wacky wacky ideas for Today oh I'm gonna get hit I need to Quit walking around this way I actually Did have an idea for this really sick Video that I'm gonna have to do next Week nobody could fly today me and wind Chill come out we're just having a good Time so I was like you know what that's Gonna be today's video I'm just gonna Have a good [ __ ] time and enjoy Flying my drone normally when I got to Do videos I have to do a lot of prep and Get people together and worry about

Filming and angles and batteries and Just there's a whole lot even my shitty Little videos there's a whole lot of Production that goes into that [ __ ] so I Was trying to plan out today's video Since nobody could really fly and I was Like whatever dude I'll just save like My big Grand [ __ ] for next time I'm Gonna pull Nicholas Cage Okay let's run two for them one for you Is that yeah two for them one for you That's what he said he makes two movies You know for the general public they Want to see him in and then he makes one For himself so my ratio is about 700 to 3. So I'm just gonna hang out in the spot And I'm Gonna Fly my drone for fun and The best part is the best part usually When I make my videos I push myself to Fly really hard gotta find a good spot Gotta [ __ ] make it I don't care today At all whatever happens in this video is Gonna [ __ ] happen I don't give a [ __ ] One for me 700 for y'all so here if You'd like to watch that I'm just gonna [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is that so you wanna See what that looks like when I'm just Goofing off my drone and having fun and Not trying to [ __ ] impress anybody Here we go here here's my [ __ ] flight Today Got a buzz out 25 bucks drop 200 I got Too much and I got too fried I'm Sunny

Side Up got Yo Dad don't block my ass Got your mom trying to suck on my nuts Don't tell me money don't bite happiness When it's so happen at money by drugs Therefore by the transit of property When I'm [ __ ] up don't talk to me I Feel like it's a bunch of little bugs on Top of me help me I can't get them off Of me I can't move I'm stuck in a song For the stuck in a room where the walls Get closer next time you try [ __ ] me On bro I'll put you in the back with a Plug being toaster it's too late no one Can stop me hey Siri how do you get rid Of a body chop it up do a little bit of Karate I'm doing 90 and then sitting in A bag riding shoddy such a good boy when I was 18 but I smoked alcohol and drank Weed and now my brain turned into baked Beans don't be like me kids I'm proud [Music] My other guy sucks but he got a buzz out 25 bucks dropped 200 I got too much and I got too fried I'm Sunny Side Up got Your dad don't block my ass got your mom Trying to suck on my nuts don't tell me Money don't bite happiness when it's so Happy that money buy drugs I feel Obligated to say this kids don't do Drugs drugs are dangerous the brain can Change in ways I can't explain but it Feel like I'm stuck in a simulation who Said it is for the euthanasia the voice In my head got too persuasive the flu

Contagious everybody dead except a Couple rich white dudes and spaceships Ding ding time is up the world is ending The climate sucks I'm high and drunk Driving a cyber truck the AI talking to Me like it's trying to [ __ ] me such a Good boy when I was 18 but I smoked Alcohol and drank weed and now my brain Turned into bang themes don't be like me Kids I'm proud [Music] My other guy sucks 25 bucks dropped 200 I got too much and I got too fried I'm Sunny Side Up got Your dad don't blob Yeah it's a chill just to cut It's a cut we got a whole bench right Here well that was fun like I genuinely Genuinely enjoy just flying my [ __ ] Little drone and it kind of sucks like Every weekend I do put pressure on Myself like oh you have to get a good Pack you have to make this video on this [ __ ] so legit it is nice today just to [ __ ] hang out with the homie do our [ __ ] thing and fly some drones around Like for the fun of it you know even Though I'm making this video I'm doing a Little brain trick where I'm like you're Just flying for fun dude having fun and I am and it's so nice just to have fun I Need to do this more often all right you Know what else is fun oh yeah look at This since there's no more GoPro H in

Existence I've officially switched over To all GoPro tens and I think it's Pretty cool like there's a little bit More weight to them but the trade-off is That it has fantastic 2.7 K 240 FPS Slow-mo the [ __ ] looks [ __ ] sick so Here let's go do some building Dives and Wall rides in slow motion because that's My justification for the extra weight of The GoPro 10. enjoy this [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey how's it going now I'm back to the Talking part uh how about that drone fly I don't remember honestly it's been like A minute we just been kicking it [ __ ] [ __ ] and final drones around so I Forget where I left this video off but Here's what's important is currently see Across here's whisper see across the Street this little dive Gap was a couple Cars parked there so I don't want to Roll up in that parking lot I do really Can't see it I don't know I keep trying To show you I do really want to dive This Gap but there's cars there so I Don't want to park in the parking lot so We're gonna ninja this [ __ ] we're across The street we're gonna get our [ __ ] Ready we're gonna do a couple little Dive Gap rooskis then I'll meet you back At the house check this out Days

[Music] So that was today's video like I said in The beginning I kind of just want to Hang out with the homie and chill and Out like straight I've been having I've Been under I don't know if you know I'm Trying to get this fpv park started if You go check it out and I've Been just a little bit stressed out with That and [ __ ] everything else so Today when I couldn't figure out like a Big video to do I was like you know what Man I just want to hang out with the Homie and [ __ ] fly some drones and Have some fun and not worry about like Trying to have good packs to show off Like those were my best [ __ ] flights But you know what I don't give a [ __ ] I Had a really good time hanging out with Wind chill and flying my little [ __ ] Drones around and that was the point That was the point would I arrived Almost 700 videos out they can't all be Bangers this one was fun for me so I Appreciate you for watching everybody That did make it this far in fact if you Did make it this far as a little treat Leave a comment below I'll pick a random One before I put on my next video and I'll select one of you to send a sticker Pack to speaking of special stickers the Only way that I can possibly do YouTube For a living is because of my patrons Thank you thank you very much to all of

My patrons I don't monetize my YouTube Channel so I make exactly zero dollars Off every video my frame sales my Motor Sales aren't really enough to you know Be a career so my patreon is what I rely On we got all kinds of different tiers With different benefits go check it out Patreon.comgrinder but the ultimate top Tier I give my appreciation every single Video such as this big big thank you to My top tier patrons who are Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod Fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roca Maddie B fpv Mick27 Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv Tuan solo Volatronics WAM fpv and hemp and if you want me to say your Name just become a top tier Patron and I'll say your name at the end of every Video God I got really high I keep Eating really high before my outros Anyway thank you very much for watching These videos everybody I really Appreciate it today I was just kind of [ __ ] around next video I promise this Will be better check out Today put my patreon or if I can't the Video is over bye [Music] [Music] Having fun bot grinder that's what Today's all about just having fun watch Me rip this drone