How I filmed a cinematic ebike [ad] for Hovsco HovAlpha

By | January 14, 2023

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Hovsco wants a commercial for their bike? Ok? I'll shoot one with my FPV drone and show you the whole behind-the-scenes process!

I was totally unprepared for how much freaking fun it was bombing up and down hills with this bike. I wanna go fast, but I'm not a super athlete mountain biker. The electric motor in this bike makes me as fast in real life as I am in my dreams. It hits 15-20 mph with almost zero effort, if I turn up the variable-strength assist to the max. Or I can dial it down to extend range and give myself a bit of a workout.

Thanks to Evan Turner (headsupfpv) for helping with this video. Evan is a world-class racing drone champion and professional cinematic FPV pilot. Evan's company FlyFive33 makes amazing racing drone parts:

00:00:00 – I just wanted a “free” bike
00:00:33 – Start with a concept for the shoot
00:01:46 – Scout the location and plan shots
00:02:30 – FAA regulations and compliance
00:03:56 – How to pick the right drone
00:06:01 – How much uptilt for chasing?
00:06:34 – Revewing Evan's flights
00:09:07 – Reviewing JB's flight
00:11:05 – The audio from the drone is NOT usable
00:12:04 – Sponsor Segment: Hovsco HovAlpha eBike
00:15:48 – Overview of the editing process
00:15:58 – Stabilize with Reelsteady or Gyroflow
00:16:23 – Select music (bpm choice is critical)
00:17:05 – Color correct and grade
00:18:42 – Match the cuts to the audio
00:19:37 – The final result!

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And then I did something really dumb I Agreed to make a Show reel for this E-bike in order to get the e-bike for Free this is not really an interesting Shot Okay he's gonna turn around I don't know a lot about chasing Vehicles making commercials planning a Shoot when I invited you out here to Show you my new e-bike I actually Invited you out here to help me show These guys how a pro Plans a commercial shoot and executes it Yeah I'm excited to do it I'm Joshua Bardwell you're gonna learn something Today well the good news is that I Didn't agree to actually make a whole Commercial for for hosco in exchange for This bike I told them that in the middle Of this video I would do a little Two-minute sponsor spot we'll get to That later so I don't think we need to Plan like an entire commercial yeah Let's just focus on let's say you've Been subbed into this and you're going To get the Drone shots that they're Gonna put into a bigger commercial okay Okay and typically what I would always Do a 30 to 45 second clip and I always Like to have some form of like a variety Like I don't want a bunch of shots I Don't want all these orbits I don't want A bunch of chasing I like to have some Variety so for one we need to figure out

Where we're going to shoot or maybe the Different locations that we're going to Shoot okay um and then we can come up With kind of a shot list used in the Environment that's where fpv is so Valuable is that it can use the Environment to its Advantage you can Come off the trees come off the water Wherever it is and really showcase where You are while also having that action And that Dynamic shot so we need to First Scout the location and that's Something that's important in all shoots You can kind of visualize I like to Visualize Soul like line of sight some People like to fly around in their Scouts or whatever I typically like to Be on like boots on the ground look Around and just get an idea of what the Environment is Foreign [Music] What you don't want to do with fpv or if You want to utilize fpv the best that it Possibly can be you don't want to do Right next to the subject tracking them Or I mean you can do that and that's Something that's important but You don't want to just stick to that What you want to showcase after you Showcase the Drone and The machine that you're using and play To its strength do stuff this Dynamic Fly low Fly Fast wrapping things you

Want to show that fpv can do something That no other camera can do and that's What provides you value is you can do Something with your particular machine That nothing else can Another thing we got to talk about is Rules and regulations so we're in the United States so we have to fly According to FAA rules one thing to keep In mind is this is a commercial shoot I Have accepted compensation in order in Exchange for this shoot and I monetize My YouTube channel so anytime you got Those that kind of thing going on it's a 107 operation what kind of things do we Need to think about here in order for This to be a legal 107 operation yeah so We're definitely going to look and use Something like Loft air and then that'll Give you an idea of what the airspace is Around is like Following the rules is like especially On bigger and bigger jobs but really all The time it's super important you don't Want anything to come back as far as you Weren't supposed to fly here and get Into trouble because the first thing They're going to do is revoke your 107 And then now you can't do professional Work anymore so we're going to check What the uh If there are any restrictions for this Area and we're going to check what the Maximum altitude we can fly at is and

The good news is We are currently In a 50-foot ceiling just uh over that Direction is a zero foot ceiling because There's an airport not too far from us Yeah but uh just that direction is a 100 Foot ceiling perfect so I think we're Good to go as long as we don't go over By the lake beautiful all right since I Move you riding the bike and you're Going to be flying we're going to have To grab one of these people over here And just ask them to stand out of the Shot so I can keep an eye on the Drone And be the visual Observer for you okay We got to decide what drone we're gonna Fly so how do you pick we're gonna be Chasing a bike okay how would you pick a Drone to chase a bike versus a drone to Let's say if somebody was walking or Running versus chasing a car when you're Flying around Talent like we are today You have to you know you have to keep Them safe so that safety is going to be Key in anything that you do and when We're flying most likely in a lot of These shots in close proximity you're Going to be going at speed like this if You're flying something that could Potentially harm you while you're going 15 miles an hour then that is what you Want to stay away from so we're Definitely going to be flying a guarded Drone of some kind so uh how about this

Little guy here this is the gap RC Cinebot 3-0 it's a three inch cineworth And we've got the GoPro Bones on it when Looking at a cinema what makes things Fly way better in my experience is these Nice thin guards like this you could you Wouldn't even necessarily call this a Duct it's not doing anything for the Thrust but it is guarding like you can Tap this and they would be safe it's Lightweight and what you really gain From it being a guarded drone versus a Ducted drone is the ability to fly at Speed with better like when there's a Duct it starts doing all these weird Things you get these shakes and it'll Twist and follow the sky but a guarded Drone like this most of them and I Assume this one perform really well at These speeds that we're doing today on a Bike one thing that's really important Is to know how fast said subject is Going to be going so that's where you Would kind of talk through it and you Can try different speeds and say you Know this thing has a speedometer so say That it's a 10 miles an hour and try and Be as consistent as you can one thing That is really difficult with fpv is if The subject cannot go a consistent speed Or if it's not easy to predict so if Somebody's just going out there like if I were to tell you just go right around The bike and I'm gonna get something

Cool it would be really difficult to get Good shots but if I say okay you're Going to write at this speed going on This road and you're going to stop here Speed up here whatever then that's where You can protect and get ahead of the Subject and really start to make Something that's better than just you're Chasing a random guy [Music] Like that but that is pretty sweet I Think we don't want that for use on a Professional probably not it does look Cool though that's that shoulder button How much up till do you think you're Going to want so I tried to set it I um I try and err on the side of lower than Higher I don't like to have too much Sky You know you don't want to be especially When you're doing any kind of slowing Down you don't want to have to look up At the sky yeah I'd rather be lower and Then be able to look down on the subject Be the side so I think this is what Would you call it 10 15. I mean that's Like 15 at like maybe at most yeah and Then we're gonna try our best to match The camera the GoPro the best we can Yeah okay before we go we're gonna wipe Our lens and check that the best we can [Music] All right so I think I was waiting for You to get a new one so yeah a lot of This is just hovering waiting for the

Years you're looking for me to get on Get on my one what's the one for people Who don't know yeah so I was talking About that as I was flying so yeah this Was my the one right behind that tree so I was kind of waiting and then I would Kind of turn and then I really wanted Just the viewer to feel the tree coming By and then to drop in and the first one I was a little bit early so just talked A lot about how there was a timing Aspect to it that's nice yeah you're Right a ducted drone wow you really yeah Whipped around it a ducted drone really Would have had a problem uh would that Die with that turn and that turn it's Just gonna be horrendous as well you Like 10 they're like obviously it's the Comfort of the rider but like you could Definitely go fast faster because it's Like okay as far as like I gotta go Faster I'll yeah on this one I'll try And go maybe 15. okay because you want To feel the action like if it's if Something is really going slow at some Point you start to feel it that's going Slow well it'd be good to have a little Variety of speed too yeah I mean you Could get some shots of just like Cruising and riding you know I'm happy I'm riding my bike you can get some more Action shots where you're you're pumping The pump of the pedals that's nice too Oh that's nice that's got some potential

Near the end I started trying to dive in And then kind of drop in in front of you And fly backwards a little bit using my Momentum so are you trying to think of This as kind of like a runner or are you Trying to get a series of individual Shots that will cut together yeah so Series of shots so just moments like oh This isn't a one take shot but trying to Get a bunch of different moments so yeah You'll see kind of pull off reset boom Get in the next one and make the most of It I do see that you're not doing a lot Of like just tracking chasing you're Doing a lot of sort of dynamic movements Around yeah you want to be unique you Don't want to yeah if you're just Sitting there chasing like sure we can Get those and we can knock those out but That is not what fpv drone is really Used for okay Did you follow me up here in the woods At all Super super dark with the sun in the Shot like that that's kind of cool if You're low and the sun's kind of Silhouette silhouetting that's kind of Cool oh nice oh I like that the shadow I Like that oh and then then just right Into a close shot yeah nice nice well I Want you to fly okay okay he's pretty Much at his one First dive I found the tree and I dove In and I didn't get as close to you as I

Wanted to get it I like I was way behind You Um and then I was high And then I yeah I got around but like it Just didn't feel like that was So now I kind of didn't know what to do With myself it just so I chased you but That's that's kind of a useless shot Right that's not really used so like Stop do something interesting Um so I tried to do another Dive In That I like if I come in a little closer Yeah see it was behind you if I had dove In like that and been a little closer to Like freaking Michael Bay he loves that Shot yeah yeah That's kind of cool not I think I could Be closer for sure so like this is what I'm thinking the whole time I'm doing it I'm like okay next time I'm gonna do it Better yeah exactly and that's why it's Useful to review footage like that yeah Look at it and be like oh well now that I see it and you also have to keep in Mind when you're doing flying with real Study especially Um you don't want to be super tight Because it's going to crop in oh right So if that's the thing and you try to Pick up you get a feel for it Um after doing a lot of it but you don't Want to be super tied in because real Study will take a little bit further so Again I kind of just got stuck behind I

Was like stop don't do that go to the Next shot it's hard so I'm gonna try to Do like a a shot where I'm opposing you And I'm coming towards you and whip Around that I kind of liked I just kind Of pushed yeah [Applause] Um might need more setup I don't know And then here there's just nothing I can Do but I actually kind of like I kind of Like the movement on this one it's a Cool because you can just you feel like You're in the trail with them you know Yeah I kind of like like it it's okay You know I think the framing was good That Turner like coming to a stop there Was good as well you were just you Slowed down right with me and I came to Got off and I wished I had kind of Punched out and yeah because I didn't Really end the shot in a in a coherent Way so Evan there's one more thing that We didn't discuss and that is the audio You can't use the live audio from the GoPro right exactly so what do you what Do professionals do well somebody way Smarter uh and brighter than I would get A microphone or maybe lots of Microphones there's some jobs where they Have a microphone all our microphones on The subject around the subject and then I guess somebody in sound design can go In and they do that without the Drone so They get the subject to run without the

Drone for example today you just had Your mic on on the bike and you just did Some blank runs no drone just going up And down having some fun but where else They can use the audio from that to mix In with the Drone clip so you're not Going to use the Drone audio or anything Like that there's all the wind noise you Can't use the live audio at all because The Drone is in the audio and you just Don't want that you don't want that you Want to feel like what yeah make it look Like a bird is flying around getting all These great shots and then they can put In the audio from the blank run so That's something that is done a lot Especially on these fpv type shoots and Again there it can get as elaborate or As simple as you want to be now that we Got all the footage captured you might Think we're done but actually that's Only half the job the next step is Picking the music editing the footage Color grading it and of course producing The final result and I'm going to show You that process as well as introduce You to somebody you've never met before After we take care of paying the bills This is the hosco Hove Alpha e-bike this Is actually my first e-bike and I kind Of like okay so it's a bike but then It's got an electric motor so you don't Have to Pedal too hard but I was really Unprepared for how much freaking fun I

Had blasting this thing up and down Those tracks while we were shooting this Video you know you watch mountain bikes And so forth on like YouTube or Television and all those apps fleets With their powerful legs are bombing up And down mountains and I want to do that But I'm not a powerful athlete so I just Get really tired and then I stop but With this thing there is a 750 watt Electric motor in the back Hub and as Soon as I start to Pedal it just kicks In and takes over and makes it feel like I am five times more powerful than I Really am so right now that's at uh Assistance level three We're going 21 miles an hour up this Hill And we're just cooking I mean like I'm barely pushing Let's do it start from zero with the Thumb with the thumb press ready here we Go slow it down here we go and go Oh yeah 17 miles an hour 18 18. okay 18. coming to the end of the Road Yeah so you know The whole Alpha's motor has a torque Based sensor that detects how hard You're pushing on the pedals and Smoothly applies the power from the Motor proportional to how hard you're Pushing on the pedals just as I start to

Pedal It just starts to push in a very natural Way so that especially like when you're Trying to go slow and you really need Precise control Of the Speed of the bike to make like a tight Turn It's not just oh oh get in there see it Just really eases on the power there In a controllable way that lets you it's Just like riding a bike the battery on The whole Alpha is 960 Watt hours and What that means in the real world is That you'll get about 60 miles of range In pure electric mode or if you're Willing to do some of the work you'll Get as much as 80 miles of range when a Manufacturer makes an e-bike it's really Important that they remember that it is A bike and not just an a vehicle that They're trying to Pawn off on somebody Who doesn't know any better homesco Supplies the HOV Alpha and all of their Bikes with top tier equipment Shimano Shifter and derailleur and hydraulic Disc brakes yes bikes apparently have Hydraulic disc brakes now I uh thanks to hopesco for sponsoring This video if you're interested in Learning more about this and the other Products that they make there's a link Down in the video description to their Website and now it is time to talk about

The editing process and show you the Final result and just like when I needed A pilot to like make a commercial I Thought of Evan Turner and brought him In to do the heavy lifting when it comes To editing a video like this and Especially the color grading I'm not Actually the best person for the job I Would like to introduce my editor Fabio Pancera to begin we are going to divide This in three phases one is the real Steady go the second one is the editing And it will be done in Premiere third One is going to be the color correction And the color grading so if you're Watching this video I assume that you Are somewhat familiar with GoPros and Their stabilization with the real steady Go but for those of you that don't know Basically it's a software that uses the Gyroscopic data recorded inside the GoPro while you're shooting the video in Order to stabilize it uh basically at The millimeter for the American friends I guess Quarter of an inch I don't even so we Also have to deal with the audio of Course there is uh the sound effects That we're going to use and there are Also songs music in general for today we Are going to use epidemic sound which is Basically an online library that you can Pay for having basically all the Contents you have there you can use them

Even for commercial use whether you use Epidemic sound or anything else remember That the BPM of the song is going to Inevitably give the pace of your edit so Be careful when you choose that the Nightmare is when you finish the edit You're not convinced you can't just Change the song you have to re-edit Everything to the beat and it's not Pleasant so regarding the editing there Are two School of thoughts one is color Correction and color grading first and Then edit and the other one that is Basically the opposite so the color Grading has to be done last I'm not Going to tell you whether one is better Than any other but I'm just more used to One which is color correction and color Grading first the grading is inevitably Going to set the mood of the of the Video colors are really important it's Important to choose a palette that makes Sense with your environment and with the Subject that you want to show in fact in This case we have some kind of we call It a wine collar in Italy the bike is a Specific color that kind of tends sort Of to blend in a bit with wood and in General with the trees in the forest so We want to make it pop and at the same Time we don't want to over saturate the All the vegetation and all the plants That there are in the shot it is really Really important to make the subject

Come alive sometimes even at the expense Of the beautiful background that you Have set your shot in of course it's Extremely important that you choose Colors you like however never never Never never forget to ask the client if He has some reference in mind because This could speed up things it could Potentially avoid redos that you might Have to do in case you choose some Colors that the client doesn't like so As I said I color corrected and graded First so me not being a sound guy I have To help myself through the edit by Placing markers at what might not train Here think that is the right beat for The right Cuts then I proceed to check The beginning and the end of the clip Trim them so I essentially delete Everything that is not relevant keep the Best takes put them together and start To do the edit so like Evan was saying While shooting it's important to kind of Create a story throughout the video just Play with the shots a bit and try to Find what makes sense what doesn't make Sense put them together try to create a Story and really focus on the product And of course first you can use some Techniques like speed ramps like Slow-mos just remember that you have to Do it in this phase not later because if You change any duration of a clip Basically you are a bit screwed because

You have to redo everything again to Make it match with the music and here is The final result [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Like we just went out there and kind of Farted around for like three hours and Then yeah it's so good that's so good For the amount of work we put in I'm so Impressed Um I got to say thank you to Fabio first Of all I can't believe what you did with This video man the whole thing is Amazing uh thank you to Evan Turner his Company fly 533 link to the video Description he makes racing drones uh as Well as a million other things that he Does uh and also thanks to hosco for Sponsoring this video yes it's cool that I got a bike out of it I did want the Bike Um but also it's cool that it inspired Me to get this video which is a little Bit outside of what I normally would do So hope you enjoyed it Looking forward to more See in the next one