How I REALLY configure my own quadcopter

By | November 3, 2022

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00:00:00 – This is MY quad. This is how I set it up.
00:01:18 – Bind the DJI vTX and goggles & update firmware

– Always ”smoke check” your new build before you plug in the first time!

00:03:06 – Root the vTX and install WTFOS

– If you have DJI FPV goggles, you need to check out ”rooting” with WTFOS

00:04:19 – Flash ELRS receiver

– My definitive ExpressLRS getting started guide

00:06:07 – Flash latest Betaflight to FC

– How to flash Betaflight
– How to set up your own Betaflight presets

00:07:50 – Betaflight Ports setup
00:08:32 – Betaflight Receiver tab setup
00:09:21 – RC Link Preset
00:10:08 – Betaflight Modes and OSD setup
00:11:42 – Misc other Betaflight setup
00:12:11 – I accidentally a BLHeli_S
00:14:23 – Flash BlueJay firmware to the ESC

– What is BlueJay and why do you want it?

00:15:14 – ESC startup music
00:16:22 – Betaflight Motor direction
00:18:01 – Is that it?
00:19:59 – How long did this take?

– The build video for my Perfect Freestyle Build!

This is exactly how far along I get into A build before I stop building and I go To the computer and I set up my Quadcopter and you guys have seen me set Up quadcopters before in lots of build Tutorials but this one's a little bit Different because this is my perfect Freestyle build I'm updating it a little Bit for 2022 and another video is going To come out about those changes but what I'm going to do in this video is take This quadcopter which is one of my Actual quad cup I haven't done any setup On it I've just plugged it in and I'm Going to take you through the setup Process and you're going to see every Single step of how I set up my own Quadcopter today I'm Joshua Bardwell You're going to learn something today And while I get ready for the very first Step I do want to let you know that this Is not going to be a super in-depth Tutorial I've got super in-depth Tutorials for most of the stuff that I'm Going to do I mostly just want you guys To be able to come along and see sort of The order that I do things the things That I do you that you might not do and Maybe the things that I leave out that You think are important which I'm sure You'll let me know about down in the Comments there are in-depth tutorials For most of this stuff and I'll have Links to them down in the video

Description if you want to check them Out of course you're also always welcome To email me and ask me if you've got any Questions the very first thing I'm going To do is I'm going to set up the video Transmitter the goggles and the receiver I like to do that stuff before I set up My flight controller so that I you know They're all just working when I set up The flight controller I can see that They're all working correctly and we're Going to start with the DJI goggles and The DJI video transmove this is a DJI Video transmitter and what I need to do Is I need to bind them and then to root Them and install wtfos what's that I did Just plug in a battery to my Quadcopter I have smoke checked this one previously This being a new build of course I would Never plug in a battery without doing a Proper smoke check and if you're not Sure how I do a smoke check then there's A link in the video description down Down below hit see more and expand the Video description the links are all down There goggles are binding and Hair unit is binding and now their unit Is bound okay and we should have picture In the goggles and sure enough we do and The goggles are telling me that the Firmware is out of date let's take care Of that next here we go I gotta activate It of course Great yes I agree to all the terms of

Course I do and the firmware that's on The video transmitter is 0608 which is The latest version Uh that's weird because that's should be Correct for my goggles wait a second Oh well now it's happy well that was Weird folks this is why I wanted to do This video with you so you could come Along with all the fun and games uh it Bound and then it said there was a Firmware problem and then they checked The firmware and the firmware was on the Latest and then it wasn't bound and now It's bound and Let's try a power cycle and see if it Works again oh man it's working Wear a message no nothing fantastic okay Now it's time to root the video Transmitter and I know that word has a Certain meaning in some other parts of The world that it doesn't have in the United States basically in computer Parlance rooting means that you unlock It so that you can install modifications To it and plugins and the main thing That I'm doing doing this for is that When you root it you can install the Plugin that lets you have the full Betaflight OSD every functionality of an Analog betaflight OSD uh in the DJI Goggles and why would you not want that Here we go again I have a tutorial about How to root the goggles what the Benefits are and so forth you should

Definitely watch that do not just dive Into this willy-nilly because they're Although it's relatively safe there are Some gotchas that would make it not work And would frustrate you all right now That it's been rooted we're going to Install Wtfos that's going to take a minute And now that that's done we will go Ahead and install the MSP OSD service That's the one that's going to give us The full betaflight OSD and with that Our DJI video transmitter is ready to go Next up expresslrs the receiver on this Build is the expressolars happy model Ep1 and I'm just going to go ahead and Flash it with expresslrs 3.0 that's the Same version of Express alerts I have on My uh on my controller one of the nice Things about Express lrs is that I don't Need to go through any bind procedure I'm just going to flash it and I would Update the firmware on any well pretty Much any receiver when I first get it Anyway and after I flash it it will just Automatically be bound to my controller Without any fussing around the receiver Has Gone Too Fast Flashing which means It's in Wi-Fi mode and I'm going to go Ahead and try to connect to it over Wi-Fi and that's how I prefer to flash The receivers you can Flash them over USB but sometimes it's Sometimes it's a little quirky and I

Just think it works more seamlessly over Wi-Fi Usually well while that's waiting I'm Just going to go ahead and hit build and Build this firmware oh here we go we are Connected that's great we'll open up a Web browser and go to 1001 and that is The receiver page and when that's done This window pops up with our newly built Firmware in it and what I like to do for My own convenience is just grab that File and drag it to the desktop just Copy that to the desktop so I know where To find it then we go back to our web Browser where it says firmware update we Will choose that file and we will update The receiver update succeeded fantastic And now if I power on my controller I should see that it is connected to This receiver And people say Express OS is hard to set Up how hard was that Okay it's hard if you don't already know How to do it It's not so bad that's how long it takes Me moving on next we're going to set up The flight controller and that means We've opened up betaflight configurator And the very first thing we're going to Do is Flash the flight controller to the Latest version of betaflight it's not a Bad idea to back up the configuration For the flight controller before you do This even if it's factory fresh you

Never know and you might need that but I've got a million of these flight Controllers so I've always I can always Find a default configuration if I need One I'm not too worried about that the Firmware name is going to be jbf7v2 and I'm going to go ahead and load that Firmware and then I'm going to hit flash Firmware and it's going to give us a Warning the board ships with the target Named jbf7 Pro that's just a development Name the actual official Target is Jbf7v2 so normally this warning might Mean I was about to flash the wrong Firmware but in this case I'm not too Worried about it I know why it's saying That I'm going to proceed alrighty now The board's been flashed we will of Course always apply custom defaults and Then we begin the configuration and I Confess that Norm normally what I would Do is I would go to the presets Tab and Here in the preset sources you'll see I Have my own GitHub repo it's not special I'm not special anybody can set one of These up I have a video about how you Could set one up it's a it's pretty it's Not for everybody but if you want to Load my presets into your betaflight Configurator you can put this Information in you can add a new source Put this information in and you can see The exact thing I'm seeing here and one Of the things in my presets repo is the

Complete configuration for my perfect Freestyle build so since I build this Exact same quadcopter a lot of the time I would just apply this preset be ready To go but I'm going to set it up for you From scratch as if it was fresh so we Can see how long it takes me and I know That my receiver is plugged into ur2 and My DJI air unit is plugged into uart one I know that because I checked the wiring Diagram before I did this take and I I Always have to remind myself T1 and R1 For the TX and RX of the air unit that's Uart1 and then down to the receiver is Uart2 T2 and R2 in the ports tab you got Uart2 with serial RX enabled that is Correct and for the DJI we're going to Have MSP enabled for uart1 and we're Going to save and reboot that's it I Don't have anything else using any uarts On this you know flight controller so All the other ones there's nothing to Set up next I like to go to the receiver Tab and I like to see if my receiver is Working always feels good when you get The receiver working So we'll just power on here And sure enough it is working I will Double check that my controls are mapped Correctly throttle yeah roll and Pitch They are correct I've got tutorials About how to set those up if they're not Mapped correctly my endpoints are Correct that's fine we're good to go

There Link in the video description to The tutorial I like to change my stick Low threshold into 10 10 of my stick High threshold to 1990 because my Endpoints are correct and therefore I Can have those values decrease the Amount of dead band at the bottom at the Edges of the stick travel that is it for This tab we will go ahead and save next We're going to go to presets and I'm Going to go to the betaflight official Presets and make them active and what I Want to do is I want to load the RC link Preset for my control link this is not Mandatory you don't have to do this but It will make the quadcopter fly just a Little bit better and I'm using Express Lrs 250 Hertz most of the time and then We're also going to choose the freestyle Fine tune which is going to change the RC smoothing the difference of smoothing Versus directness of the sticks Freestyle is pretty smooth not as smooth As racing this is a Serial elar's RX Once I've set those options I will pick And I will save and reboot the next Thing I will do is set up my aux modes And for this one I am going to use a Preset I am not going to set it up Manually because I literally use this Same preset for all of my quadcopters We'll go back to my previous private Repo we'll make it active and here we Should be able to find my Express lrs

Aux configuration and then we will pick That and while we're at it I'm also Going to set up my on-screen display This is a DJI MSP so we're going to Choose DJI wtfos and we will pick that That's going to set my OSD up and are There any others that I need to set up Oh yeah my rates will set my freestyle Rates as well and we will pick that and That's going to set up my rates my On-screen display and my aux modes boom I said I was going to show you how I do A normal setup that is how I do a normal Setup I literally do that for all of my Quadcopters just bang bang now as long As we're setting up the on-screen Display there is one more step that's Necessary for the DJI MSP on-screen Display and that is to do yeah it's DisplayPort MSP serial I always struggle To remember that DisplayPort MSP serial Equals and this is going to be one less Than the gewart so we're on uart number One so we're going to put zero and save That just tells it what you are to use To talk to the video transmitter great And at this point we should yes we have OSD in the menu in the in the goggles so That's all working right fantastic On-screen display is set up exactly how I like it that's fantastic let's just go Through here and see if there's other Stuff that I should be changing oh yeah We gotta put the craft name in JB

We're gonna put the maximum arm angle to 180 that disables that allows you to arm When the quadcopter is at any angle and That's of course I'm going to do all the Time we want the motors to beep when the Because we don't have a beeper on this Quad so we want the motors to beep Instead and we'll do that by enabling These two options And we'll save that next I think we're Going to come to the motors Tab and uh What we'll do is we will just double Check the motor order or the motor Position we really shouldn't have to do This because this flight controller and ESC are designed to work together but We'll do it anyway I would usually check This on a new build just to be sure We'll change our motor protocol to D Shot 300 we're using d-shot 300 because This flight controller the gyro only Runs at 3.2 kilohertz there's not any Real my the betaflight devs and my Personal opinion is that there's not a Real compelling reason to run any faster Than the PID lube and D shot 300 is the Same speed as a 3.2k pit Loop more or Less D shot 600 will run faster but Would have some disadvantage and a Debatable benefit uh we're going to Enable bi-directional D shot as well and We're going to save and reboot and I don't know why we would have a hundred Percent errors here

We should really not have a hundred Percent errors what if we click away and Come back That's that's too bad this is telling us That the ESC is not talking to the Flight controller but that's not true Because we heard the dude that tells us That it is talking to the flight Controller no something is not That's bad well now we should not see Any error percent because Hey I turned bi-directional off this Isn't a BL heli scsc is it surely not it Is Well I have accidentally bought a BL Heli s ESC uh I thought it was cheaper Because it was a 45 amp ESC Ared to the uh uh whatever 55 AMP one And it apparently there's more to it Than that that is also Scsc ah yeah so 86 dollars for the 32-bit ESC versus 55 for the 45 ampsc I Bought the 45 amp BL heli s and That's why it doesn't support Bi-directional D shot except it does Yeah uh we're gonna go to and this is where We're going to flash these escs and let Us use bi-directional D shot I'm going To close betaflight configurator so it's Not running in the background we'll Select this serial port and connect we Will read settings we will flash all the Escs

Firmware is BL S no the firmware is Going to be blue jay the version is Going to be I don't know zero one six And the pwm frequency is I think 24K I'll usually use a lower pwm frequency And see if I get good results because It's going to give you more more Breaking torque and more responsiveness Uh 48 would be smoother maybe but I'm Going to try 24 and see what happens at 48 be smoother let's do 48. I'll change My mind you know the thing I'm going to Miss most from blh 32 escs is my custom Mario power up startup sound Oh well I think blue jay can do startup Sounds too but I don't actually have That startup sound could it be in the Library that would be cool oh see open Melody editor select a Melody can I Search Is Mario here come on baby no Oh I see we got never going to give you Up but we don't have the Mario power up Man oh oh oh oh oh oh that's one up is That I don't think that's the same let's Try it That's not bad how do we apply the Melody Except except Except Bright melodies [Music] Oh yeah Thanks blue jay devs

I just saved thirty dollars Times three quadcopters I just saved Ninety dollars who needs to be a high Thirty two not only bla 32. okay then Let's try this again bi-directional D Shot come on baby [Music] Yes zero error percent they're talking Fantastic uh now then as I was saying We're going to start by just checking The motor positions we'll do that by Hitting reorder Motors I understand the Risk we will start and I will click on The spinning motor yes boom good boom Good boom good boom good save and next We'll do the motor Direction and I am an Old fogy who uses props in rotation I Just don't think there's an advantage on Five inch quadcopters and I've just done It forever so we are that's how we're Gonna set it up we'll do motor Direction And Uh we will let's see let's do it Individually what I'd like to do I can't always tell which way the motors Are spinning so I like to get out this Little brush that I use to clean my Keyboard and I will spin a motor like Motor number one it should be spinning That is correct order number two That is correct oh man row number three Wrong Okay so 3 we need to reverse That is correct and four

We need to reverse And that's it that's done great and then I like to do just one last little check Using the sliders fantastic motor setup Excellent I think that's it there's a flight Controller aimed the right way it is Black Box yeah we'll do black box Black Box logging rate uh So I always set up my Black Box I'm sure I've missed something but I don't know What it is accelerometer is not Calibrated oh let's calibrate the Accelerometer we'll put it flat on the Desk okay we'll calibrate the Accelerometer Now are you happy I don't actually have A PID tune for these exact Motors the Last time I PID tuned this guy I was Using the 25 millimeter Imperial motors From uh fpv cycle more about why I've Got the 2207s from zing on here uh when We do the video about the new the new Choices but um for now we're just going To leave the pit tune at the defaults And the filters I mean surely I can Enable disable gyro low pass one right Surely I can at least do that right I Mean If I've turned on RPM filtering I should Be able to do that so I guess we'll do That we'll call that the default with no Bit to all right then the last thing I'm Going to do is I'm going to type diff

All at the CLI And I'm going to save this out to a file And that file we'll just put it on my Desktop for now and I'm actually going To take and put that into my own presets Repo later after I've verified that it's 100 correct and maybe after I've PID Tuned so that when I set up the rest of These boom I could just copy it in but The next thing I think we should do is Just verify sort of that it's working So power cycle We'll just grab the quadcopter or the Controller rather And Good sign Turtle mode Turtle mode looking good working Correctly uh beeper Working correctly everything checks out I kind of feel like I must have Forgotten something if I think of what That is before I publish this video I'll Go ahead and put it in but I think I Basically just finished configuring the Quadcopter and now it's time to sort of Button it up and of course do the Pre-flight testing and so forth and all That stuff but that's it how long did This take me Um let's see the camera says I've been Recording for 51 minutes and if we look Here in my recordings folder we can see This recording started at 23.21 Uh so 11 21 pm and it is now 12 13 a.m

So just a little less than an hour and That's with me talking and explaining it To you of course uh would have gone a Little faster if I was just doing it Myself so maybe about a half hour a half Hour for a complete start to finish Configuration update firmware everything Uh it would have gone even faster if I Was allowed to use the preset to Configure my flight controller in one Swell Loop so that's what it takes That's how I'd do it if you want to know More details about how I built this why I picked the parts that are in this end So forth I've got a full build tutorial For this well I want to say this exact Quadcopter but this is actually sort of The Mark II updated Edition with an Updated flight controller a slightly Different ESC apparently a BL heli sesc Okay but I got a build tutorial for this Quadcopter and it's got a full setup Guide as well I'll put a link to that Down in the video description if you Want to check it out I'll also put a Card on screen and I'll get there easier If you gotta if you're watching Somewhere that shows you cards look Forward to More information about the changes I've Made in this build coming up later on This channel that's going to do it for Now happy flying