How to upgrade to EdgeTX (What’s EdgeTX???)

By | January 2, 2023

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00:00:00 – Eventually, you'll need to know about EdgeTX
00:01:07 – What is EdgeTX?
00:02:47 – Which is better: EdgeTX or OpenTX
00:04:20 – Download the correct version of Companion for your radio

Download EdgeTX Companion at:

Download OpenTX Companion at:

00:07:51 – Back up your radio contents
00:08:33 – Back up SD card contents

Get the Bardwell voice pack at:

Stylesuxx video about backup up EEPROM is:

00:09:15 – Upgrade using EdgeTX Buddy
00:12:19 – Upgrade SD card contents
00:14:04 – Let's see how it worked!
00:14:38 – Did I earn your support today?
00:15:53 – How to restore your backup
00:16:48 – STM32 Bootloader device won't appear (Windows only)

If your Windows machine won't show the DFU driver, try the ImmersionRC Driver Fixer. Download from:

00:17:44 – EdgeTX Buddy is not the only way!

EdgeTX manual installation guide:

00:18:35 – What next?

Want to build your own quad? My beginner-build tutorial starts at: