I came back for revenge | fpv freesyle

By | November 30, 2022

The homies came to town to rip so i had to show up.

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So I saw this meme on the internet it Was hilarious it was funny it was all The different fpv people and the memes That corresponded to them and mine was This kid like talking really fast Standing really close to the camera and It was funny I I didn't get it I don't Had to ask everyone because you stand Close to the camera dog and I was like [ __ ] do I really and I look at my videos And I'm like damn I do and I was Thinking about it and it's whatever the Meme was [ __ ] hilarious But I want you to see something this is My little workbench here's where I put My little light and my little tripod or Whatever this is all the room that I Have I have like no [ __ ] room in my House because it's tiny so I put my Camera here and I stand there and I Guess that's why I'm close to the camera Because I live in a [ __ ] tiny home That Meme was pretty funny I just saw it In Discord I think it was on Facebook Though you should go watch it it has Like I don't even know how to find it All right time to go fly got out of the Banana [ __ ] flying banana I'm at the wrong spot they parked in the Good spot that's a shitty spot back There we're gonna go to the good spot God it's not because he's a 16 oh not 16 Mil should do it how's this for far away

Is this far enough away I'm just kidding I could [ __ ] take a joke well thanks Chuck at the news desk here we are uh We're at this Bando that I've flown a Million times I didn't fly for a couple Months because I was like I just want to Fly something else but Sky High was like Hey you want to fly it and I was like oh My God yes I want nothing more than to Fly the [ __ ] school again so here we Are we got some homies out here we're Gonna be ripping I brought oh yeah look At this I brought my weebleed Gates These Weebly gates are so big that you Can use them for [ __ ] five inch so I'm hopefully gonna do something cool With that we have activities free PB J Props for all y'all should have came out Man this is a [ __ ] great day I made Sandwiches and [ __ ] all right so playing This video was I don't give a [ __ ] I Just wanted to fly my drone at the School with the homie so let's get a Warm-up rip in and see how this goes I Haven't like ripped ripped here in a [ __ ] minute and I'm super excited About it so I don't want to talk anymore Is this in focus Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Controls [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Yeah yeah How many times [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All I want [Music] To say it again [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign I'm not looking either Got it let's do the blue ones [Music] Appears that there's something wrong With this motor on this quad so quad one You're down plug two you're up Damn you're not gonna see none of these Crashes because the GoPro stopped Recording but [ __ ] I hate this this is a perfectly Good 10. perfectly good nothing's Cracked on it but it's broken now

Because I slammed too damn hard memory Card at least work yeah memory card is Okay GoPro don't work as the 11 is the 11 better can it take slams better Because look at this a brand new GoPro Not turning on [Music] Um [Music] [Music] [Music] Travel [Music] I mean you could take off from uh Hang on a second Ready [Music] [Music] [Music] Crackers [Music] I'm gonna Vlog behind you don't be Frightened oh damn it broke that [ __ ] GoPro that sucks but what a great day This is a great day just hanging out With the homies flying drones at the old School spot I'm gonna get hit I'm gonna Get [ __ ] And it creamed by this damn drone can't Have a big old Grand Adventure every Time sometimes it's fun just to hang out With your homies at the abandoned school And fly a little toy helicopters around Let's go home let's name some patrons

And end this video Well that's the end of the video I'm Done I'm gonna go but before I do I want To say a big shout out to Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod fpv Juicy fpv Lucas Roka Maddie bfpv netcat Fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent Ttfpv-1 solo volatronics while I'm Fpvfriends.com really do appreciate Everybody watching these stupid videos If you haven't pressed the Subscribe Thing go ahead and do that check out Fpvpark.com and if you want one of my Super sweet ugly Christmas sweaters Designed by Zorro check out Shopblockgrinder.com they're for sale Now and you get it before the holidays Pissed off your grandma all right play The stupid song [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music]