I can’t believe how good this radio feels // RADIOMASTER BOXER REVIEW

By | December 15, 2022

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00:00:00 – Is this better than the TX16S?
00:00:58 – A “new” form factor for RC controller
00:01:45 – The ergonomics are SO good
00:04:44 – It runs EdgeTX. What does that mean?
00:05:32 – It plays Tetris?
00:06:31 – Switch layout

https://youtu.be/F6xTZkAfpR0 – Use the 6pos switch to change rate profile in Betaflight

https://youtu.be/GL6Uw1ClpG8 – Use the 6pos switch to change LED color on a quadcopter

00:07:34 – Should swtich location is less than perfect
00:09:00 – USB, trainer port, charging
00:10:43 – Massive battery bay
00:12:29 – v4 Hall Effect gimbals (vs. AG01?)

https://youtu.be/NU0F5BXIb4E – My review of the AG01 gimbal

00:16:46 – Removable RPSMA antenna
00:17:30 – Available 4-in-1 module
00:18:44 – Available 1W internal ELRS module

https://youtu.be/J3Hg2f7RL1A – ExpressLRS getting started guide

00:21:06 – Boxer's smaller screen has consequences
00:23:07 – Should I switch?