I only flew digital fpv for a week and this is what happened.

By | October 22, 2022

Well this was surprising.
To be clear this is a me problem not a caddx problem really, the same thing happens to me on vr headsets. I am curious to see if it happens with dji or hdzero as well…

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Hey welcome to today's video everybody Today we're giving a digital another Shot Hey how's it going so last week I did a Meet up in New Orleans we all hung out Flew some drones I was having some Pretty bad analog [ __ ] video problems Basically my SMA connector I use like Mmcx to estimate connector and they were All [ __ ] up even whatever fpv hooked Me up with one that one was [ __ ] up Too having [ __ ] PP video and you know Now that I look back on it I was having Fantastic video for having no antenna on My quad but for trying to do anything it Was [ __ ] up but it got me thinking I Was like so if I ran digital would I be Having these problems you know what I Mean because there's only like the Little antennas that go right into the [ __ ] VTX and you break those you just Put a new antenna in I think like it's Pretty easy to diagnose maybe I don't Know what I was thinking I was high the Entire time so basically I was like Would I even be having these problems if I was flying digital so what I did was I Turned both my quads into digital only Quads so I'd be forced to fly it I'm Gonna strap myself in for the digital Revolution I'm gonna see what the [ __ ] Is going on can I fly exclusively Canon Analog pilot fly exclusively on digital For a week without losing his [ __ ]

Mind here we go okay right away I gotta Say this wasn't an actual like full week That I did this because Monday I was in New Orleans hosting the Meetup you are Leans look at that Tuesday it rained What do you think about this rain Biscuit So the first day that I was able to fly In Philly with this digital setup was Actually Wednesday so here we go day one Of a week Exclusively on digital let's go all Right so day one is basically just the First test of it I flashed like the Newest beta firmware onto it that I had Gotten from the homie and this one is Pretty cool because it apparently has These red borders that flash when your Video is dropping kind of like in a Video game and I think that's super [ __ ] sick but unfortunately the Ground was a hot pile of [ __ ] data Moshing garbage there's something either Wrong with the firmware or something That I did wrong I'm not sure so Whatever this was still to be determined Maybe it could be better after I got Comfortable with the range I started Trying to push it like harder you know What I mean like actually fly some Freestyle this is where the unexpected Happened I started feeling really Nauseous Foreign

Kind of feeling I had when I played just About any VR game It's motion sickness Disappointed I brought the quad back Home did some more throwing up and tried To figure out what the [ __ ] else I could Do A fanboy for life and I have no idea how The [ __ ] to use digital I was like well Maybe I did something wrong and I want To give the old walk snow the benefit of A doubt I did have it at one point Working pretty well over concrete so I Went to their official website and I Flashed the latest official version That's on their website which is like Six versions behind the one that I was Using because I was like you know maybe Maybe this [ __ ] will work you know maybe The refresh rate the latency whatever it Is that's giving me the motion sickness Maybe they've taken care of that you Know what I mean I can actually fly this Thing also during the middle of all this The mail came and I got this 1s board From uh cadix HD looks pretty sick it's The 1s whoop HD VTX board I do want to Say real quick I do appreciate cadix for Actually being an fpv company they've Been in the game for a long time and Despite my feelings with the system I do Appreciate I do applaud catex for like Actually making stuff for us you know What I mean like yeah they're trying to

Make their [ __ ] money and [ __ ] but I Feel like any time at 50 pieces like yo Catix like change this do that they Listen so I appreciate that thanks Caddix so now in addition to my Freestyle quads being outfitted with the HD system from cadix I now have a micro That I can fly so I'm complete this is Like everything I need to fly fpv all Digital I'm locked in let's [ __ ] do This thing I headed out to a different Spot this time to switch things up this Also has a little patch of concrete Because I want to test out the data Moshing a [ __ ] grass thing pack one I Took it easy I wanted to test the range Of the new build I'm so used to analog Breakup and trusting that breakup I Don't know what to do with digital as Far as safety precautions so I'm just Flying low and slow like is going to Freeze up at any moment and murder Babies now comfortable with the range it Was time to start pushing it and do some Freestyle just like the previous day After about a minute or two of the Flippy floppies I started feeling that Old familiar VR sickness feeling so I Stopped flying and went home because [ __ ] that at this point night has fallen On the Sleepy small village of Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I have This little micro HD Ripper so I was Like hey what the [ __ ] let's bust thing

This was what let's bust this thing out And give it a little flight there's Nobody on the streets it's like 2 A.M This is the most safe time to [ __ ] Rip this thing this is the uh Darwin Baby ape or whatever that is opened up And I crammed a [ __ ] 1s VTX in it I Can't talk I'm high it also has Mismatched Motors because one of them Broke because they're pieces of [ __ ] if You don't know about this drone it's Like 79 it's a big old piece of [ __ ] but It's really fun it's sick like for the Price it's totally worth it to get a Little disposable three inch so Surprisingly this fun nope so Surprisingly this flight was fun as hell Dog no data mushing breakup and I didn't Feel like I was gonna puke the entire Flight granted I wasn't going hard or Anything I was just cruising around but This was a very pleasant experience and I think this this is where for me Digital really shines just cruising Around taking it easy on a micro so now That I was stoked with this newfound Knowledge of just cruising around Basically I think when I go too fast on Digital it makes me sick like VR does so If I just cruise around and chill and Like take it easy I should be able to Enjoy flying HD so that's what we're Gonna do tomorrow day three or four Whenever it [ __ ] was I have no idea

What I'm doing anymore but let's go So Friday I woke up and I was like Digital's [ __ ] stupid Whoa Digital is [ __ ] stupid so I took all The digital vtx's out of my quads and I Put analog ones back in them and then I Did a live stream I'm ill-prepared can You tell that I'm Ill prepared for this Stream what the [ __ ] webcam I moved Yeah so cool now I'm out here um here's The thing so this is supposed to be day Five of me flying digital this was Supposed to be like the I go hardcore I Go all out this isn't testing I'm just Gonna fly freestyle like I normally Would I'm gonna put it through its Paces Through the [ __ ] test it's digital Day but uh I decided [ __ ] that that's Right around 10 p.m last night I was Like dude I don't even [ __ ] like Digital I'm gonna go fly with the homies Tomorrow it's gonna be annoying to try To like get good packs and fly this so You know what I gave up I quit it's fine To quit when things are [ __ ] stupid Don't be afraid to quit anything really But especially if they're [ __ ] stupid God I just got high I have no idea what I'm talking about but basically tldr uh I put I took out all my digital [ __ ] Last night I put all fresh new and not Fresh it's all used I put all analog [ __ ] back in it because I'm an analog

Guy I'm just gonna settle on that fact I'm too old for digital it's [ __ ] Stupid anyway iFly freestyle why the [ __ ] do I care about digital so I'm just Gonna fly my drone today I guess I don't [ __ ] know uh so sorry for your Digital Fanboys I thought you're gonna Watch this and you're gonna be like damn Bot converted he didn't it I still [ __ ] worship the devil and fly analog So [ __ ] off I don't actually worship the Devil you have to believe in the devil To worship it I believe in I worship Weed weed is tangible [Music] Foreign [Music] [ __ ] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So that didn't work out I don't like Digital I'm a fan of the analog now that Is to say this is just walk snow right It's not HD zero I will never fly DJI [ __ ] DJI this video system is perfectly Fine I don't like the company blah blah Or Shady piece of [ __ ] multinational Billionaire company I just don't care for the company I Don't want to give any money that's Straight up it I mean if you want to fly That [ __ ] right on have fun fpv's for

Fun right I ain't better than you or Nothing I just personally like to be a Little more conscious of like the Companies I give my money to write them That way there if you don't shop at Amazon Walmart I did go to Target and Look for a water bottle though so I'm Also a huge hypocrite I'm really high Again it's just not for me my entire Reasoning for doing this was like well I Wonder if it just be easier you know What I mean I wonder if I would have Less failures in the field and this just Made me [ __ ] sick like to my stomach Maybe it's because I'm older what is Today if you're watching this on the day It aired yesterday was my birthday I'm Now 42 years old so maybe my old man Eyes just can't handle [ __ ] low Refresh rates and [ __ ] like Deluxe Nails Offering currently you know what I mean Can't do it on the quest too VR makes me Sick the same way that [ __ ] digital Video makes me sick there's just too Much of a disconnect between what's Happening in my brain and that's on me Maybe you're a young spry [ __ ] Ripper Snapper or whatever you can now you can [ __ ] handle it I don't know good for You again good for you but I'm also Contentious to fly analog I actually get Pretty decent video when I set my [ __ ] Up right you know what I mean so it's Whatever like I like that Ultra fast you

Know zero latency [ __ ] I'm excited to See what HD zero is coming out with and If orca ever does anything orca orca ARCA what the [ __ ] are y'all doing we're All [ __ ] freaking out over here Tony Cake who know do you know Tony cake Tony Cake what are you all doing hit me up How's your boy let me test some [ __ ] Speaking of testing [ __ ] here are the Top people that I would love to enter a Spelling bee contest with Trent Maddie B Fpv Stompy fpv Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 juicy fpv Lucas Roca Make27 ttfpv Tuan solo volleytronics wam Fpv hemp and friends.com and j-rod fpv Let's [ __ ] spelling bee y'all also oh Yeah no Cuts [ __ ] this [ __ ] this is the Part yeah This is also the part of the video where I [ __ ] everything up this is where I say Thank you to everybody this is where I Say thank you to all all my patrons is It plugged back in it's all the way in This is where I say thank you to every Single one of my patrons for being a Patron you can see your name below or to The side on the screen or whatever again I didn't get any while I'm not gonna do That but this is everybody I don't Monetize my videos so YouTube right like YouTubers they make videos and they make Money because they monetize they do ad Revenue I think ads are [ __ ] stupid I'd rather make money by doing something

Cooler so I have a patreon so all these People's names you see they're like you Know what grinder I [ __ ] with you I like Your videos I respect your hustle that You don't put ads for us to [ __ ] Watch like a bunch of [ __ ] before we Get to your mediocre content so I'm Gonna slide you a little five don't Slide you a little five bucks everyone That's these people right here it's Everybody the patreons to me a lot of Them I send stickers to I have all kinds Of tiers with Benefits I play your video Every single Friday in my life it's a Whole [ __ ] thing it's a whole [ __ ] thing now this isn't me Advertising yes it is this is totally Advertising on patreon I also just want To say thank you to all these people This one especially right there that What am I doing with my life thank you Very much for you know being a patron Buying my [ __ ] I have a new frame out I Got Motors out all kinds of cool [ __ ] Out maybe next time will be better I'm Making up was that the last name oh that Was the last name all right say so thank You very very much to all my patrons I Said it weird thank you very much to all My patrons the top tier ones and Everybody you literally are the only Reason I'm able to continue making these Videos otherwise I don't know it gets Morbid quick that is not a threat I'm

Just really [ __ ] out okay I'm getting Out of here I promise next time we'll be Better I have some pretty big [ __ ] Planned for the next couple videos That's a lie I have like one cool video Planned where we destroy drones with Other drones so if you want to see that [ __ ] you can press subscribe you put Your little toe in the like button to Come back This is this is this is going great play The [ __ ] song [Music] [Music] Good good