Iceland by Drone in 4K | Nordic Poem with Amazing Impressions

By | April 21, 2021

Experience Iceland from above. Sea, volcanos, glaciers and much more.
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That's why my main business is all about drones. I capture the world from above. And I share my experiences, knowledge, and the best new inventions with you.
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Ice and mountains Void meets land the storm is coming Will it expand a storm that's passing Rocks And these few walls cliffs Memories and trees A storm is coming from the sea it's Chasing you And hunting me wondering Whispering you better keep It's soft dear storm The storm is coming to meet fire a fight A friendship a desire A storm is coming to meet ice It's passing snow a white disguise It's passing mountains all around it's Passing land And void no sound The storm is coming [Music] Yet to come Thank you guys for watching this video Of mine there is a product link in the Description below this pretty video if You want to check out the current Pricing of the dji air to estrone or if You want to purchase it right away And there's also another link there that You should check out And it leads you to my course filming With drones that course teaches you Everything that you need to know About creating beautiful cinematography With

Your drone and you can save up to 15 When entering the code air to s But of course this code is not valid Until Forever it is gonna last maybe a month Maybe two you never know check it out All interesting links of the day can be Found in the description below the video Thank you for watching and i again Forgot how to say goodbye in icelandic i Asked my girlfriend like 16 times what Is it again Bless bless I'm not so good even though i'm i mean i Okay i Anyways have a good day which Which au revoir How do i say uh Flawless but icelandic it's a pretty Difficult language my friends I mean the vikings they had a tough Accent