I’m already over winter flying. #shorts #fpv

By | December 26, 2022

Oh boy oh boy my battery's already at 22. dude this cold is just absolutely Nothing I can do in this cold That doesn't kill my battery hopefully It's hyper wide looks cool I guess I should be more like in the tunnels and Stuff Uh you know I'm making this video right Now if you're even gonna see this video Bro I have no idea what I'm Doing like this kind of sucks there's Nothing to I have nothing to Film in the cold my batteries are dying I have no good idea I almost hit the out of that I'm sure I'm gonna break something in the goddamn Cold enough to go fix it this is Betaflight did I mention that I don't Fly beta flight I put beta flight on Here for the OSD which I think I Can actually just do on emu Flight Oh boy is this a tick tock is this gonna Be is this a tick tock video is this a Short thing