INSANE Pro Drone Footage – Community Spotlight January 2023

By | January 17, 2023

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Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

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Hey guys welcome to rotorite I'm Bobby Fpv and it is 2023 and we wanted to Start this year off by doing a community Spotlight so you guys can know to keep Your eye out for this year let's go and Get started with good old freestyle Makes sense Here odora We Love Freestyle So first up we have lucky beard fpv with Scary freestyle session too much water So let's go ahead and get into it All right so we're getting started Immediately into the sick dive and oh Nice right on the beat drop I love oh it Looks like he's got this really cool Abandoned Bridge spot I've been looking To fly a bridge spot like this for a While I thought the video paused he just like Held 90 degrees there for a second and Was looking at this guy that was really Cool I don't know it was intentional but It looked really cool it's so risky Flying that bridge right over water Because if you crash you know you're Going to go kind of straight down in the Water and drone components don't always Like to get wet so really risky flying Here really awesome flying a really cool Location lucky beard fpv I love this Video keep it up man I hope to see more Videos from the spot it's getting nice And the juicy flicks all of the Matty Flips and power Loops next up we have Clarky boy fpv with two eyes at the end

I do still freestyle I'm assuming maybe this video hasn't Posted that video in a while so it's Good to see you back and flying and post And edits that's a sick logo at the Beginning Starting off this video with some really Nice b-roll Looks like they're gonna fly really sick Abandoned spot yeah yeah this place Looks really sick I can't tell exactly What it is but it just looks like a big Abandoned warehouse with a bunch of Windows blown out and just a bunch of Grids in the sky nice I like to start we Starting with the video with a nice Juicy flick That trick right there I really love That trick I I've been trying to do it Really good lately it's kind of like an Inverse juicy flick where a juicy flick Is a fast half pitch and then a slow Roll but this one is a fast roll and a Slow pitch I really like that trick and I've seen him do it a couple times in This video so I really enjoy that trick This spot looks really sick man where Where is this because like if you are in The U.S California or Florida hit me up Because I definitely want to fly the Spot Getting it all to the proxy flowy hidden The split s gaps everything And oh there's another side I this spot

Just leveled up again I love how there's Like two elements of the spot he's Getting in some good chasing right now Looks like he's chasing uh one of his Buddies on his drone Um man this spot is sick and there's Just more stuff in the spot now there's Another little Underground Level like What does this button on have For me I really like this spot because There's a lot of stuff to fly around a Lot of gaps and I'm a really a proximity Flow pilot so that's what proximity is Flying around objects so this video is Really awesome it's getting in really Low I wonder if that spot really bad man Super sick video clerky boy fpv that was A really awesome video and really cool Spot I hope you keep pushing 2023 next Up we have have Tech fpv with rip in the Office with my fpv drone here we go Starts a video off strong with a really Nice wall ride getting really close to The wall I see so many people doing wall Rides but they're like 10 feet from Their wall it's a wall ride not a wall Next to you it's supposed to be flying Right on it so he did a really good job And oh Let's play that back again hold up He did Some really fancy Front roll pitch into a Maddie that was Really clean man and I liked how they

Got really low to the ground that's Really hard I'm gonna call it scale that It got really low to the ground there Really awesome video and I don't know Why but I really like the colors on this Video it's like Kind of flat that was a nice transition I like how we put his logo in there Man all these cool Bandos man California or USA just needs to step up Their game with the Bandos Did the Maddie again yeah he did it Really loudly around again which is Really impressive that's something That's really hard to like judge how High you are off the ground this spot is So sick why does everyone have such Thick spots you guys are killing the Flying and killing the spot finding too I really love how he's playing with his Bridge doing all the different combo Tricks you can do doing sideways power Loop power Loops power Loops Matty flips This is a really good video I love that I love I love this guy's flying Nice nice okay you've got two bumps in There but he's still up oh then he Crashed Really awesome video Cat Cafe I really Enjoyed that one and last for this good Old freestyle category we have Antonio Santos Jr with Flo forever and really Like a title because I'm a flow pilot so Automatically I want to watch this video

I love flow and this guy seems to have It already from the beginning he's doing Some nice nice split esses oh he got Really close to the tree there that was Really nice I really like this guy's style of flying It's like it's a really good flow but It's also like feels floaty like the Drone isn't always just going straight Forward like he might just be like Drifting to the side or backwards like It really just makes it feel like we Just threw the Drone up and it's just Floating and letting the wind take it Which I really really like I haven't Seen for many people and when I do see People like that it usually looks like That because maybe they don't have full Control over the Drone but this video is Different like he's in complete control Of the Drone I really love all of those Little floats he does in the air I don't Even know what to call him like with his New trick name what are we gonna call it Really enjoy this salad flying also the Motion blur Perfection my guy absolutely incredible I love motion blur and videos just like Makes it look better That was a nice inverted y'all spin Really level to the Horizon that's one Thing that a lot of people even I Sometimes struggle with is getting those Inverted jasmins perfect with the

Horizon I mean personally My Yacht like 184 degrees per second because I don't Do much yaw movements but when I try to It's really hard sometimes to get that Horizon really locked So yeah really awesome flag man I love This type of flow you have come up with A name for this style it's like floaty Flow I don't know leave in the comments Down below what you think we should call This before we go to the next category Whichever one of these videos I like Best you're going to be getting a full Babita DIY kit if you haven't heard of It this is a babito it is a 35 Millimeter prop spinning drone it's 62 Millimeter wheelbase and I created this Thing for awesome indoor freestyle Because I wanted the Drone that I can Full send flow freestyle indoors and This thing is the absolute perfect drone For that so one of you guys is gonna be Getting a DIY kit for this drone I hope You guys enjoy it so stay tuned to the End to see who wins that drum next up we Have YouTube shorts and as I was Scrolling through YouTube to find the Videos I would type in fpv freestyle and Like 90 of the videos that showed up Were shorts I had no idea that there was Even a YouTube short content set of fpv I just had to make a category for it Starting off this category we have Austinspired fpv a really clever name I

Like how we used his name and combined It Incredible so if you're unfamiliar with YouTube shorts it is kind of like a Short duration media content kind of Like Tick-Tock or Instagram reels really Quick to watch content so it's gonna be In the good old six nine by sixteen so The vertical aspect ratio I like how it Says subscribe at the top so make sure You guys go to subscribe to this guy and Everyone else will be linked in the Description to their channel oh That was a nice Matty flip I really that Was a big knife oh my gosh that's a tall Building that's like terrifying to do Because if you crash you're going Straight into the building or you're Going to the ground and you're dropping From a high speed this guy's really good At 90 flips like just seen him do two in A row This Also another really cool location it Looks like a spot I flew one time it's Called like a cement Bando Factory Nice you got the ladder dive those are Really impressive because it's like Really narrow for a really long stretch Of whey [Music] Nice this guy's really good at Mighty Flips I mean the video title is huge Maddie's technical diets and GAP

Trippies oh wait wait is this a cat Trippy no way Dang so you couldn't really see in the Video but I was able to like see before The pole had some struts and he went all The way up and even went into the Stretch that was really awesome Austin Spot I really enjoyed that video keep up The trippy and Maddie flip stuff maybe We can see some Matty flip trippy combos In the future but awesome video man I Really enjoyed that the next up we have Billy boy fpv and this video is called The skill this takes and that's juicy Flick big Power Loop oh nice that was Okay he crashed at the end that was Really sick that like let's watch it Again at the short we can watch it Really quick he did like a big Power Loop into a gap that was like this That's a like doesn't like some people May think it isn't like hard but that is Probably one of the harder tricks to do I'd say it's even harder than doing a Power Loop Gap just because it's like Vertical and you have to rest back into The Gap like that really impressive man And I I used to watch this all day I've Already watched it like five times YouTube shorts Maybe I should start trying to post some YouTube shorts and last but not least For this YouTube shorts category we have Dot fpv with dreamline so I'm assuming

You got one of his really good lines ooh Starting right by going through that Little tree branch He's moving he's going pretty fast Nice Man he's hidden some awesome little gaps [Music] Oh that was sick that was a really small Gap really impressive man so this is a Video on YouTube but it looks like it's Posted on the Drone Racing League so It's Instagram is dot fpv make sure once This video is over to hop over to Instagram and check him out that was a Really awesome video I'm definitely Gonna go take a look at his Instagram And see what more awesome types of Videos he has like that For this next category we have so Cinematic so cinematic with with M and Like at least four A's to emphasize how Cinematic it is so first up with this Category we have wolf Canyon cinematic Equity Throne oh that Is very blue but I kind of like it Okay there we go oh I like like the the Way he did the words like that I don't Even know how people do that in Premiere Pro or Da Vinci whatever they're using Um but really awesome like editing so Far and the colors of those trees looks Like it's fall time because we see a lot Of red really Pops I it's really really Amazing colors this cliff dive is also

Awesome Man imagine crashing your drone there Like I don't even know if I'd look for It I'd just be like well it's gone The way he's doing his lines really long Swoopy motions getting the lens flare Too the reason I say lens flare is Because I know for me personally a lot Of times when I'm doing my lines I will Intentionally put the camera right in a Lens flare just for a quick second so Like there's a lot of lens photos in This video so it looks really good man That's crazy I wonder where he's Standing and all of these like cinematic Videos where they're going down these Crazy Mountain Dives I wonder where They're standing and I also wonder what Video systems are using because like Typically for like is this long range Like I'm calling long range for long Range people typically use analog or I've even seen walk snow go about 30 Kilometers so I wonder where oh wait is That him no let's get on a bike It's a kind of back it's not him never Mind Oh that was nice he had a really cool Reveal shot because like the way that The cliff was lined up it was That looks really good I really liked That a lot actually And he just pointed straight down He's going low in the canyon oh that's

So pretty I want to pause it right there How do I I want to look at it as a Picture because it's really pretty Right there one minute and 59 seconds Look how pretty that is it's like right In the lens flare you could see water And man those colors the color of those Trees is just so crazy I cannot get Overlap really awesome video after your Eraser that was some some ballsy flying Because if you crash that you're not Getting that back and really awesome Editing I love the colors in that video Colors are really important part of Making a really good cinematic video and You nailed it on that one next up we Have Luke fpv Luke with two e's L-u-k-e-e fpv and this is Red Rock Canyon and I can already say cinematic Because he's got these cinematic bars It's in like a 21×9 aspect ratio which Is like what you typically see in the Movie theaters Man this is so sick It's really cool the way he did the Color of the sky it almost like CGI That's really good though like I really Like that look there was one other video I seen a long time ago that kind of Looked like this and I I really like how They did that I don't know how they Achieved that but it looks really good [Music] These rocks are amazing they turn so

Pretty sometimes like I need to go out in the world and stop Looking for Bandos for a second go look For some awesome nature and get some Awesome shots from my fpv drone Like how do I even get like that Like those look eroded from water like That's pretty pretty crazy pretty crazy Once again he's really good at doing Those cinematic motions where it's like Long sweepy turns kind of like the last Guy nope I like how he shows him so There's he's standing there his head is Pointed down and backwards of where he Was I mean I mean honestly all these Digital systems out today have just Become so good at penetration you don't Even always have to be pointing your Patches in the same direction that You're flying really awesome video man I Really enjoyed that red rock candy make Sure to go check that out links to all Of these videos in the description go Show these guys some love go subscribe Go comment go like go do all the things And last in this category we have b-rad Fpv and this video is called explosive Drone video so I'm hoping to see some Some explosions I mean it says crash Done some monsters and fmx fpv action Shots so I'm really excited to see this Already a car on fire I love it title Not clickbait oh oh Oh my gosh hold up

It's insane That's insane that car flips in this So much fire that's awesome That was I need I need to watch it again Man He got to the right place at the right Time like I'm a positive right there Like look you can see the car perfectly And the fire perfectly man that was Framed really nicely I like how you Could see that that whole explosion that Was really good man Man that's so awesome At 22 minutes And he's getting right up in there with Those monster trucks really close man Imagine if that wheel crashes under Drone does that happen to any of you Guys like you're filming some monster Trucks and you get ran over by a car if You have post it on Instagram and tag me Because I want to see what your drone Looked like after that Man that's sick Not so sick it's getting right up in There with those jumpy Motocross people Oh you can see another drone there both Getting the same shot nice Yeah that was an awesome video man that That one car shot with the explosion was Mint now our next category is similar to The last word is Cinematic but I thought This one should get its own category It's called fpv Drift Chase and I know

You guys have seen a lot of fpv drift Chase some say it's overdone and I mean It is kind of overdone but this video in Particular stands out it's really it's Just probably one of the best videos I've seen by gavar fpv You are on Instagram you've probably Seen his videos before here's a really Unique style of drift chasing where he's Like just getting super close and super High energy like he's just really Getting so much energy out of his drone And like the way he's shooting it I Don't even know I want to try it he's Just doing all the freestyle tricks Around the cars getting really close That is this guy's awesome like like Look at that like he's like less than a Foot away in between that's sick Foreign You know and I mean one thing that also Adds is this guy's colors the colors and All of his all of his videos have been Really impressive and they just look Really good which also adds to that like Cinematic aspect of it I don't even know How to describe this type of flying it's Like really it's almost chaotic like Cake chaotic cinematic fpv drift chasing That's what I'd call this like that's so Sick let's go closely got to the wheel I Gotta rewind that Like the amount of crazy Stills that you Can take from this guy's video like look

At that like how do I like look at that Right there like that is insane it looks Almost like CGI looks really good it Also helps that these cars are really Cool when they have like a lot of smoke And like a lot of and they're really Good Drifters as you can see I mean the Cars have all the logos on them so if You see a drift car with logos they're Probably pretty good We want to hear the music Also the music is really high energy Which really helps with adding that full High energy stuff Man this is insane this is insane I want to fly with this guy I want to See this guy's flying on the goggles Where are you from man I don't think You're from America I think you're from Somewhere across the a lot of water oh Oh that was hold up let me pause this I'm just gonna go through this guy's Videos and just Pause it and just screenshot it and put It on the wall and it's just so That's amazing oh oh we got wait he got Closer there I missed it Gotta go back Oh That's insane he is so close to that Tire For the last cut where we have simulator And I always love Simulator videos Because they're like kind of insane

Because like you can do stuff that like I mean probably these Pilots could also Do in real life but they have more Confidence to do in the Sim because you Don't have to worry about your quad Breaking so first up we have Leviathan Fpv and this video is titled what 2 000 Hours of velosterone looks like Leviathan is like one of the best racing Pilots in the world so this isn't a Freestyle video but like This racing Sim video like it's it's so Good it's so good it's like everything Is like lines up perfectly it's like one Of those videos that like I call like satisfying to watch because Like everything like just works out Perfectly like this is an insane video Like he's just like look at his throttle Stick look at that he's just holding Full Throttle the entire time this is One of my favorites in videos of all Time Okay this is he's doing this one track Let's see if he switches it up and this Video is like two minutes four minutes Three three and a half minutes [Music] Foreign [Music] Man that's so tight and clean let's see Oh it's just so perfect Man that's such a secret he's like Flying sideways for some of that this is

Awesome I really love this video like I Said it's just like really satisfying to Watch because everything's perfect [Music] And then maps are really cool too Dang Dang someone This track is perfect because it has a Lot of like the big long turns you can Just like ride right in there Man awesome let's see if he does another Track does he all right so this track Looks like it might be a more uh multi GP style track which means like it's Like actually feasible to make in real Life But I mean yeah I mean this it's the Same thing like I said earlier just like Super Satisfying to watch it's all perfect all Those movements are correct if that Makes sense Okay so we're on this now he looks like We're in the last track we did in this Video Man oh I love this track how it has it's Like it's it's at night but there's also A lot of lights and Sims have come so Far like Like the graphics on this are pretty Good That was satisfying it's fine that that Slalom where he's going between the big Half spheres and the lights really

Awesome Foreign Yeah really really awesome video Leviathan Yeah I don't know it's just like Mesmerizing to watch I feel like just It's so perfect so perfect so as for a Simulator category we have Redix fpv With style the way he did the fond of The video is really cool Redix is a Really awesome freestyle palette he does The the most I'd say probably the best Simulator Videos out there he's always posting Really cool content so let's see what He's got for us this time So let's just take a custom map and Liftoff really cool Oh Man that's really oh I like the way that he did that Transition from data Knight I How do you do that Yeah red X you got that awesome like Spang flow that I really like Um oh nice Cut again man this is like a Really cool video he's doing all of the Are those bars I can't tell if those bars had contact Lens but that was really cool he got Like right up in there that was really Awesome flying That was really awesome flying Okay

Dang son Dang that was crazy he just goes crazy At those bars he's like just weaving in And out of him like at like Mach 11 teen And Red X you're such an awesome pilot man I Hope to see you fly more in real life That is going to wrap it up for this Community Spotlight thank you guys so Much for watching don't forget to go in The description below and subscribe to All of these people like their videos Comment share do all the things so like I said earlier we're going to be doing a Giveaway of the babito DIY build kit so One of you featured pilots in this Community Spotlight could gets to win One of these and let's go and choose Austinspired really good video man I Love your huge money flip and Technical Dice video the first Mighty flip in the Beginning really got me such a huge Money flip with high risk because you're Going fast and if you hit the ground You're going to rig it so I hope that You enjoy your babita DIY kit hit us up On Instagram or support and We will get you hooked up with the DIY Kit for the babito it'll come with Everything you need to build one so my BB Motors which are a really high Performance micro motor they're 0802 29 700 KV it'll come with a flywheel All-in-one board

Um your fpv camera and of course the Babito frame and whenever receiver Protocol works best for you and once you Build this I want to see what you can do With this inside your house or just Around a smaller type proximity area so Really awesome video keep it up everyone All of your videos were so amazing and I Really enjoyed them and I can't wait to See what you guys keep posting in 2023 Thank you guys so much for watching this Episode of rotorad if you like this Video make sure to subscribe and smash The like button and also right next to The Subscribe button there's a little Bell to smash that to you so you can get Notified every time we post WE Post Every Monday so stay tuned for that and I'll see you guys in the next one peace [Applause] [Music]