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Insta360 is back with a completely reimagined 360 video mount, designed for the DJI Mavic Air 2 / 2S. This simplified camera system allow you to fly your GPS drone the same way as you normally would, but now you get to capture everything around you in 360. Fly, record, reframe and export all the dynamic footage you capture in the Insta360 desktop Studio App.

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Um Thank you [Music] So Now insta360 the one who is known for These cameras right here the go 2 as Well as the insta 360 1rs and 1r lineup Are back again and i say back again with A new 360 drone mount is because i Actually reviewed their very first one Back in 2020 and when they did release This mount it was made for the mavic pro And mavic 2 pro and as you can see here When they released it it was actually All custom 3d printed we have a camera Here at top another one here at the very Bottom i want to put it down because It's going to touch the bottom but There's a camera here at the very top And bottom and if you're familiar with The insta 360 cameras in general it's Basically taking one of these cameras Right here and splitting it apart now It's a 360 is back with what they're Calling the insta 360 sphere and this New mount is designed for the mavic air 2 as well as the air 2s frames they Basically took all the knowledge they Got from this rig and made an actual Molded piece that fits onto these drones Right here with an integrated camera as You can see camera here up top another One here at the bottom and everything is All built in we have the battery on one

Side as well as your recording module Here at the bottom there's actually an Sd card built into it got the power Button right there as well as the record Button now who is this rig really Designed for it kind of reminds me about 360 cameras in general there's Definitely times where a 360 camera does Make sense when out there shooting but For me as far as how i use 360 cameras i Will normally use it in conjunction with Other cameras now when it comes to Drones and 360 cameras the idea behind This is to get some more dynamic types Of shots very similar to what you might Be able to achieve with an fpv drone However there's definitely a big Difference with the types of footage That comes out of it while they're Trying to mimic that i think fpv drones In general have a much more fluid more Natural look to it here it's a little Different because of the fact that You're actually doing reframing Post-production and not necessarily Flying it in a particular way now who Does that benefit it benefits people Like myself that are normally gps flyers I have the air 2 as well as the air 2s And if you wanted to add in some more Dynamic types of shots into your stories That's when you might be able to drop This on there and fly just as you Normally would as you're flying your air

2 or air 2s and then in post processing You can grab that 360 footage that the Drone is shooting reframe it and then Export out specific types of clips to Use in your story first we'll talk about Is the installation this rig is now Super simple compared especially this One right here all you have to do to Install it is open that up turn it over Line up the sensor holes there's holes For your bottom sensors right there at The very bottom and once you line those Up then you just have to flip the drum Back over and then there's a nice easy Little buckle And that is it access to your light your Sensors here at the very bottom and the Biggest thing they fixed on this new Setup here is that you don't have the Issue of losing gps like you did with This one right here on this rig right Here it was covering up the gps signal So if you're out there flying it would Always switch from gps to attitude mode Or pretty much manual mode and you would Lose gps which means if you lost gps the Drone will kind of start floating and Kind of hovering with the wind so the Biggest thing of here is that now you Can reliably send your drone up in the Air i was able to take this out thousand Two thousand feet away one benefit of a System like this is that a lot of people Would like to strap on 360 cameras to

The drone and it's normally done by some Sort of harness Something that's dangling down below Here it is all integrated so when you Are flying this and when you open up all The footage in your studio app it Basically gives you an invisible drone Because the way that the cameras are Situated here and the way that the Stitch lines happen you actually cannot See the drone in all of your footage now As far as camera specs go we're still at The 5.7 k 360 degrees of course and your Frame rates are up to 30 frames so 30 25 And 24. as far as aperture goes 2.0 Aperture so nice wide open aperture as Well as a 7.2 millimeter equivalent lens Of course that 360 lens we have two of Those one on top and one on bottom not Only will the camera shoot video we also Have photo capabilities here we do have Photos up to 6k resolution in photos you Are able to shoot in jpeg and raw and There's also a bunch of different photo Options you can use on this camera we'll Also talk about some of the limitations Of that in the app in a bit as far as Color profiles there are three of them Standard vivid and they also have a flat Log profile if you want to do a little More post processing after the fact but At least they have a few different ones Right out of the gate and as far as Weights

Drop this right onto my scale we are at 193 grams so of course you're gonna be Adding that onto something like this Which is your air 2s and if i were to Remove that We're at 785 grams total with this package as far As battery of this rig it's a 1050 Milliamp battery takes about 100 minutes To charge this up and it has the Sd card right over here i kind of wish That that sd card was another place Because it's kind of funky how to pop That out but it does have an sd card Slot right there as well as the power And record another cool feature you Could do in the studio app is ai Tracking so if you want to track a Subject you don't really have to Actually follow the subject perfectly You just have to follow in a general Direction and you can actually turn on Ai tracking in the app and the ai Tracking will actually move the camera Around and track that subject that you Selected as far as charging goes it is Usbc now the one thing i did test is That i wasn't able to just plug this in And then pull my data like pull my video From the card through here so i believe It's just charging but i'll double check That again because i did do it on two of My laptops it will normally show up uh i Mean if it were to work it would

Normally just show up on my desktop but It didn't so i think this might be Charging only you can't pull data from It one thing to know because of that Extra weight you're also going to be Decreasing your flight time so one thing I was monitoring when i was out there Flying is just checking your battery is Leveled what insta360 is saying it'll Reduce it about 20 or so so just make Sure that if you are flying check your Battery levels all the time and also the Drone will be a little bit louder It will be a little bit louder up in the Air because the drone is working a Little bit harder to lift that extra Weight so one thing that did change is When i was going out there i would look For areas kind of pockets to fly in for Instance if there's a bunch of trees Around i would try to find a pocket an Opening so i'd fly the drone straight up Because i know that this camera right Here would be able to get all of those Trees fly it straight through that way And that's something you would never Really think about doing with a camera Like that i flew over at the pier and Same thing i just flew the drone Straight under the pier nice and steady And then in the studio app i was able to Reframe that footage because the fact It's shooting in 360 i'm able to see the Top of the pier or the bottom side of

The pier as well as the water and you're Able to do just different reframing you Can make it look like the drone is Spinning around where it's really not Because it's just flying straight Another different perspective you want To think about too is that when you come Up upon a building or a structure that's Pretty high what's cool is that you just Bring the drone right next to it and Then all you do is press up on your Remote control and just fly the drone Straight up in the air then once you Open up the studio app you can use this Camera to see your drone flying up and Then if you come back down all you do is Fly straight down then you can use this Camera here and look straight down so Kind of gives you those different Illusions those different effects that You normally get if you were to do a Dive with an fpv drone you get something Kind of similar to that with a rig like This now when i first put the mount on The one thing as you can see here once You put it down on the ground it does Sit kind of funky kind of sit at an Angle so one thing i was like is it Going to even fly properly is it Balanced enough but note that if it is Sitting this way once you take off it'll Just level back out and you normally Want to have the drone just sit there All my flights once i had the drone

Hover and it kind of just settled in it Was just like flying the drone normally There was no real balance issues with The platform so here i have the lens Cover on the cameras and you always want To use these lens covers when you're Transporting it but they also come with Lens guards little guards that go on top Of the lens but either way you're going To want to keep both of these and they Also include a drone landing pad for you To take off and land from you're always Going to want to use something like this Because of the fact that the camera does Sit lower than the landing legs so it's Always going to touch the ground first And this soft landing pad definitely Will help that out if you're wondering If you can hand catch and launch it yes You can however like i said in my Previous hand launching hand catch Videos don't do that unless you are Familiar with your drone because the app Requires you to have wi-fi or bluetooth Connection for you to monitor what you See on the app when you're out there Flying that distance away from your Phone app won't connect so you won't be Able to necessarily see a preview of What you're seeing on camera that's the Reason why you'll still use the dji fly App to do all of your flying and just Know that you're capturing everything in 360. however if you want to try

Switching modes while you're up in the Air that's something you're not able to Do so if you wanted to go into photo Mode while you're up there flying you Can't really do that because you have to Have direct connection with the app and The drone and if the drone is way up in The air that bluetooth and wi-fi Connection as far as the app goes won't Work so you have to bring the drone back In then you're able to switch out a Couple of the modes for instance i went From video mode then i reconnected it While i was actually still hovering went Into photo mode and with photos like i Said if you're if you're out there Flying you can't actually see where You're flying and shooting so if you Want to take photos while you're out There the one thing you do is just Switch it over to interval photo Shooting that way you'll just fly and The drone will automatically take photos Every however seconds you designate to i Think i put it for like every three Seconds it'll just take a new photo so There are some limitations to that but Like i said if you're mostly focused Around shooting video that's what this Rig is for the one thing i do like in The app is a feature called snap wizard What's cool about snap wizard is that Once you open up your footage on your App you're now able to see everything on

Your phone in 360. so what's nice about That is that if you just want to do some Quick pans you're able to do that on the Phone you have to swipe across the Screen and then you can actually export That out quickly for something like Social media one tip before you get out There flying is the fact you want to Make sure it's recording whether you Activate it through the app or you press The record button here make sure you see That little red light on there because If it's not recording once the drone is Up in the air you're not able to connect To it via the app so that's one thing to Note is that you just want to make sure You're recording because you would hate To go out there film a bunch of things And come to find out that the drone Wasn't recording anything overall super Impressed on how far they've come this Thing came out in 2020 so it's been About two and a half years or so since They came out with this one this thing Is completely redone and it's just nice That they've kept going with it i mean a Lot of people thought that they just Kind of stopped using it or stopped you Know kind of promoting this one and they Kind of went back to the drawing board And created this one they fixed all Those things that we had all the issues We had with this especially the gps one You weren't able to fly this thing out

There far because you would go right Into attitude mode and it just wasn't Reliable enough if you were out there Flying and didn't know how to control it You didn't want to put it out there Great distances here you're definitely Able to do that a lot safer so if you Are looking at adding some more dynamic Types of drone footage to your overall Story the links to the insta360 sphere Of course will be down below in the Video description as always if you guys Got some value from the video a big like Would be much appreciated of course if You guys want to see more stuff on Insta360 like the go to insta360 one rs I'll leave the links to all those videos Down below in the video description this Is alden estacio with I'll see you guys in the next video take Care [Music] [Music] You