Insta360 Sphere Review | Shoot FPV-Style Video With a Normal Drone

By | September 1, 2022

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Filming FPV style videos is tough. You need to buy an FPV drone and — well — not crash it. Often, the hobby ends up being somewhat expensive. And sometimes frustrating, because it takes a while until you're good enough to capture breathtaking FPV videos. There is a solution for all of those out there, who love FPV videos, but don't want to spend the time and money learning how to fly actual FPV drones. Take a look at the new Insta360 Sphere camera that transforms your normal drone flights into fast and furious FPV videos.

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Flying a drone is cool [Music] Flying an fpv drone is cooler [Music] While professional Flyers excite the Masses with crazy videos average Pilots Find flying fpv drones [Music] Oftentimes a rather pricey Hobby [Music] But luckily there is a solution for the Very first time ever everyone literally Everyone can now start to create fpv Style footage [Music] [Applause] [Music] Using in all normal drone let me present This fear to you let's find out what it Is and how you can utilize it to create Fpv style footage and much more a Product link is as always in the Description right below the video click It check the current pricing of the Sphere maybe purchase it right away or Not this is fully up to you now don't Forget to leave a thumbs up and of Course don't forget to subscribe to Never again miss any of my upcoming Episodes [Music] Foreign Thingy it by the way is a 360 camera That just tends to look a little bit odd

At First Sight the manufacturer insta360 Calls the sphere an invisible camera Short disclaimer the camera is not Really invisible not that YouTube takes This video down for spreading Misinformation but what did they mean Invisible when flying a drone with an Attached 360 Degrees camera you usually End up seeing the Drone in the shot Which often time looks not too sexy it Blocks the vision and doesn't give you Creative freedom now the sphere is the First 360 Degrees camera to not record The Drone that it is attached to you can Literally enjoy an uninterrupted 360 Degrees View Filming the sphere alone looks a little Bit awkward and that's why I'm trying to Put it on the Drone which has worked out And everything sits neat and in place You can really hear nothing it sits Tight and most importantly it doesn't Block the GPS signal of the Drone but When putting the Drone down we gotta be Extra careful now because we are gonna Place it on the lens now Looks a little fragile to me They build quality of the camera system Feels good it feels much sturdier Actually than it looks that is mainly Because the sphere seems to be a one Piece structure one of the lenses of the Sphere camera points to the bottom While another one points straight to the

Top And operating it takes only two buttons One turns it on or off and another Starts or stops a recording a small and Hidden micro SD card slot keeps the Memory card safely in place you charge The battery through the installed USB Port there is also a button to check for The current battery level of the sphere And the battery by the way lasts for Around about 40 minutes and it can Luckily be replaced at any time it is Not built in which is good news Are there any major disadvantages to the Sphere camera because it is great indeed For creating fpv style footage Especially if you have no clue how to Fly an fpv drone yes there is a major Disadvantage it only fits two drone Models the first one is the DJI Air 2 Drone and the second one is the DJI air 2s drone that I'm holding in my hands Luckily the DJI air 2s drone is my Favorite drone in 2022 still so product Links to the drones can also be found in The description below the video to not Scratch the bottom lens it is advised to Use some soft fabric when grounding the Drone the manufacturer includes a neat And thick takeoff and landing pad Thankfully simply place it below the Drone at the bottom lens will not suffer From scratches before taking off don't Forget to turn the sphere on and after

Switching it on you can then set up the Camera using the insta 360 app remember That you will not be able to control the System in flight and that is why you Should not forget to hit the record Button before lifting off Interestingly the Drone stays so Balanced this is a pretty powerful Complement to both DJI the Drone Manufacturer and insta360 the creators Of the sphere only the flight time Suffers from the extra payload you will Probably have to cut your average flight Time by let's say around about four to Five minutes Capturing amazing footage for the sphere Is so simple you don't have to race you Don't have to fly any crazy Maneuvers Curves or whatsoever you don't even have To speed up you just fly regularly and Later on let the app or the software Work its magic Let's take a quick look at a couple of Recordings that I was able to capture Within a day only and that you will also Be able to capture without any extra Practice there is as shown the fake fpv Flight it's the highlight of the camera You can do rolls or twists and turns you Can dive down or race Skyward it's much Easier and safer creating fpv footage This way than using a true fpv drone Don't forget that while it looks like The Drone flew like crazy this is just a

Digital effect using the 360 Degrees Camera the Drone flew smooth and steady The whole time Also you can create tiny planets people Enjoy looking at these miniature worlds And they make for great postings on Social media one preset that I really Enjoy is the Horizon flip you can let The app create One automatically for you The scenery turns an average flight into A Sci-Fi looking experience Don't forget that you have a ton of Other creative shots that you can create With the sphere one fantastic feature For example is the automatic tracking of A subject because all angles are Constantly captured the well-functioning AI powered algorithm can keep the focus On whatever subject of a scene you're Trying to eternalize the tracking Function is an excellent tool for Editing Sports and action videos Buckle up for some specs ladies and Gentlemen this fear takes high-res Footage 5760 by 2880 pixels at up to 30 frames Per second to be precise though keep in Mind that the resolution is only that High for the total 360 Degrees that is Why if you take a look at the edited Footage the quality could still be Improved in the future compared to Regular cameras but for a 360 Degrees Camera of this size the quality is

Fairly High the aperture is set to F2 Making it possible to also capture crisp Footage during sunrise and sunset when The lighting might not be ideal insta360 Installed three color profiles to the Camera standard Vivid and log for more Professional shootings The bit rate can reach up to 100 Ambit Per second maximum though usually it Stays slightly below aside from the Specs it's pretty fascinating that the Footage looks so steady though there is No gimbal the high level of Stabilization is due to the enhanced Algorithm that insta360 uses the footage Appears smooth almost all of the time Only sometimes you can notice a slight Jitter post-production is where the Magic happens and there are many methods To get from boring to wow quickly You can either connect the sphere Wirelessly to the phone and use the Dedicated app to get started you don't Even need to download the files to your Phone which is great if you are in a Hurry or don't have any more storage Space on your phone it's a Straightforward process if you want to Slightly speed up the editing you can Indeed download the files to your phone Too whatever method you prefer once You've got the footage it's easy to get Going you can either pick from a long List of presets or you can open up the

Manual editor and add moves and twists And turns and speed ramps yourself if You are into more professional Post-production then you can remove the Teeny tiny micro SD card from the sphere Camera inserted into the computer and Get going there the footage can also be Edited using insta360s software it takes A few minutes to understand the program But once you're good to go creating Creative Clips is a smooth process you Have a few controls but once you Understand them the software is pretty Great and also rendering the files was a Fast and efficient process With a free plugin you can also work on And edit the 360 files using adobe's Premiere Pro it didn't work I tried it With three different computers and I Tried it back in the days with other 360 Cameras and I tried it again with the Sphere but the process is so tiring the Playback is stuttery it just takes a lot Of time to process the videos it's not Fun at all I tend to edit the 360 videos Using insta360's very own software then I exported from there and then import The final file to my current project That I might be working on using premium Pro this is at least how I do it After all the sphere is an excellent Tool creatives and Pilots seeking to Record fascinating fpv style footage Will love the sphere being able to

Safely record Fast and Furious footage With no additional risk is pretty Massive you don't need to practice for Years before capturing the first few Convincing fpv shots and you also won't Lose and wreck a dozen drones as you can Stick to your reliable regular drone Models By the way if you feel like purchasing The sphere then don't forget to click at The product Link in the description Below the video that way you can save Five percent off the total price check It out now hit at the link in the Description below To me personally the sphere made by Insta360 is a game changer when it comes To creating fpv style footage especially For beginners it is so much safer than Flying an fpv drone and obviously if you Are into that feeling of really standing Out there and maneuvering an fpb drone Then obviously you should get yourself An fpv flyer but if you are just into These awesome looking shots this action Like footage then the sphere by insta360 Really is a great solution and I Personally think that it didn't get the Attention that it deserves there is a Product Link in the description below The video there are also product links For the two draw models that the sphere Is made for and now what is left to say Leave a thumbs up don't forget to

Subscribe to never again miss any of my Upcoming episodes and maybe check out Another video of mine and I will be Playing around with the sphere a little More in the future I might take it on a Trip and uh It's just crazy what you can do with it It's something different this is Something I haven't really seen ever in A drone it's it's pretty unique it's Typical for insta360 they always come up With fancy ideas and sometimes the ideas Are good as with a sphere and sometimes They're a bit funny let me put it like That but at least they're always Thinking out of the box this is Something that I really like about this Company