INSTA360 – What’s the Difference?

By | December 14, 2022

Insta360 X3:
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If you are looking at Insta360 cameras to get, but might be a little confused on the differences, then this video is for you. I talk about some of the use cases of Insta360's current consumer line of 360 cameras and how I've been using them.


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Now here I have insta360s this is their Most recent or current lineup as far as Smaller consumer 360 cameras go right Here in the middle we have the insta360 One RS this is the twin Edition the Reason why they call it a twin Edition Is because it does come with a 4k camera Right there a single lens camera which Is on the front but you can also swap Out that camera with this one right here Which is a 360 camera and next we have The insta 360. this is the X3 this is a Dedicated 360 camera and coming over Here we have the big boy the insta360 One RS this one is the one inch Edition And we call it the one inch Edition Because it does have a dual one inch Sensor on both these cameras right here Now with a few different options to Choose from in this video I want to go Through with you my experience using These cameras also where I kind of feel Like they best fit as far as use cases Go so if you are in the market looking For a 360 camera and kind of confused a Little bit about which one to get in This video I want to go through with you Guys my experience using these types of Cameras all also who I feel like they're Kind of best suited for as far as each One of these now if you are looking at Getting an action camera and possibly a 360 camera and you don't have either This is where you might want to start

It's more of a traditional style or Looking action camera where you have the Camera here up front controls on the top And a screen to preview your video here On the very back if you're familiar with Something like a GoPro or with DJI the DJI action cameras this is kind of along Those same lines you are able to shoot And have that same form factor as a lot Of the action cameras on the market now The one thing that's different about Insta 360 of course is it comes modular So this one right here can be taken Apart as far as the camera goes and now You can actually put on a 360 camera Just like that just Back on here put the battery back on and Boom now you are out there shooting with A 360 camera very similar to what we Have here and that's reason why this Camera is pretty popular because of the Fact that you are getting that kind of Like two cameras in one it allows you to Have that standard kind of action camera Style and here you're also able to then Shoot 360 with that twin Edition camera Another big benefit here is that it does Come with this Mount which means if you Wanted to get a bunch of accessories to Put onto your gear so if you wanted like A helmet cam uh chess cam there are so Many accessories that do have this Two-prong setup at the very bottom of The camera once you have this modular

Setup in the case just like this this Thing is waterproof up to 16 feet the One huge advantage that insta360 does Have is their software all these cameras Do have that flow State stabilization so If you're out there running with it if It's mounted to your bike and there's a Lot of movement a lot of jitters of the Camera because you're shooting in 360 All of that can be smoothed out in that Software now for me I far as the one RS This modular setup goes I will normally Just use it as a standard 4k camera just Like this like I said this is because I Do have a couple options as far as 360s Goes so I like to personally have a Dedicated camera that can shoot just Like this like a regular action camera And then a separate camera that can Shoot just like this a dedicated 360 Camera and like I talked about earlier If you don't have either one of these Types of cameras and you want both this Is where this one comes in next thing I'm gonna talk about is this one right Here and this is by far my favorite Camera this is the insta360 X3 now if You guys haven't seen I posted a ton of Videos of the previous model which they Have here this is the Insta360x2 now the one huge difference From the X2 to the X3 as you can see Right here we have a massive screen a 2.29 inch screen on the very front of

The camera so if you do want to preview Your shots you are now able to do that Right on the spot now one of the main Reasons why I really like this camera is Because it's super slim little bit Slimmer than the 1rs and of course a lot Slimmer here than the thicker one inch Edition now that slim size does come Into play especially if you're out there Shooting and you want to have this thing As kind of I would say more aerodynamic As possible so if I am out there either Snowboarding I also want a very light Camera or if I have this thing mounted To the back of my car it just helps a Little bit with that aerodynamics plus Because the camera is a little bit Thinner than some of the other ones you Can actually get away with the camera Not being too far away this is probably The one you can have the closest to you Now as far as video resolution we do Have the same 5.7 as we do on the RS However we do have HDR shooting on the X3 as a solar content creator this is The camera I will pretty much always Have in my bag especially if I want to Document myself if I want to get some Shots of me and I want to put this thing Maybe Mount this onto my bike I want to Get some unique back angles this is the Camera I will normally bring mainly Because of its size and in form factor When they release this camera not too

Long ago they actually released a new Part of their software called me mode Which makes it super simple so if you're Not familiar with 360 in general a lot Of the drawbacks sometimes I would say Is that there's a little bit extra steps As far as editing goes because you are Editing 360. when the shooting in 360 It's shooting everything and you have The ability later in post-processing or In their studio app to then move that Footage around and pretty much get any Angle you want and Export that Particular clip or that particular angle Out some bonus features of the camera 8K Time lapse as well as 72 megapixels on The X3 and if you did want to use this Thing as more of a vlogging camera you Are still able to do that anyways but What's nice with the update here is that If you were to switch off one of the Cameras and just use one of them you can Get now 4K video out of the single lens Camera now first of how I've been using These cameras for me the use case in This one is really mounting this to Certain things I want to mount it to a Car mounted to my bike or if I want to Snowboard I just put this thing out just Like that and I can record myself Snowboarding this is probably one of my Favorite style cameras this one as well As the X2 that I've been using Especially when it comes down to

Snowboard season now going from these Style cameras over into the big boy or Bigger boy over here we have the one Inch Edition so you're able to do all The same 360 style shock you are able to Do with these except now you're just Gonna have a lot better quality because We do have a dual one inch sensor on This camera now if those aren't familiar As far as this sensor size goes the Bigger the sensor you're able to collect In a lot more light which means if you Are the type to use this thing in Scenarios where you have a lot of low Light or indoor shots this is when You're going to want to jump up to a one Inch sensored camera like we have here So if you are into things like real Estate and you want to have those indoor Virtual tours this thing also works well With the software called matterport Matterport is one of the softwares that Help you create virtual tours so if You're doing stuff like real estate you Want to map out a house and have that That virtual tour of walking through the House this is one of the popular cameras That you might want to use for that Situation you also have a little bump up On video resolution this does shoot 6K In 360 as well as 21 megapixel photos But those 21 megapixels like I said are Coming off of a larger sensored camera So quality is a lot better this type of

Camera is really good if you're going to Be putting it on a tripod just like this Put it on a stand in the middle of the Room have it as a conference camera also Have this thing for construction real Estate this is where this camera really Excels if you do want to use this in More action sports type of scenarios Because you want that higher quality you Definitely can you just want to make Sure you have a lot thicker of a stick To hold that camera in support and if You're gonna be mounting it to something You just want to make sure it is also Supported here because as this thing Being out super far and also having that Extra weight it will tend to just bend a Little bit more than it would with some Of these lighter cameras now when it Comes to price the insta360 X3 comes in At 449 dollars next we have this one here To 360 one RS this one is the twin Edition normally retails for 549 and I Believe they have some sort of holiday Special now I think it's about 50 bucks Off so maybe like 4.99 for the twin Edition and that means you get the 4k Camera here as well as that 360 mod so You're able to swap those in and out Unless we have this right here if you Want the highest quality camera this has A dual one inch sensor a co-engineered Like a camera this setup is currently

Going for 7.99 on their website and like I mentioned earlier I do have in-depth Videos on each one of these cameras so If one of them kind of appeals to you a Little bit more than the other Definitely check out the full playlist Down below I go in depth in detail on All of these cameras links to these Cameras of course will be down below in The video description and if you got Some value from this video a big like Would be much appreciated this is also With I'll see you guys in The next video take care