Insta360 X3 – MY TOP 7 FEATURES

By | September 8, 2022

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My favorite 360 camera just got a huge update. And when I saw huge, I mean a massive 2.29” touchscreen on the from the camera. The new Insta360 X3 has bumped up specs like a 1/2” sensor, wider aperture and video resolution increases in multiple modes.

Thanks to Lorenzo and Ruben for assisting with the skate pump park.


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How's it going everyone aldrin estacio Here with now this 360 Comes out with yet another camera They've been on fire this year coming Out with a bunch of new cameras Including this one right here which is Their most recent one this is the one Inch mod that goes onto the one rs Camera we now have the updated x3 which Is the next version of this one right Here which if you guys are familiar with My channel the x2 is my favorite 360 Camera and i know we'll have to go into More detail talking about each one of These what makes them all different Because i know it's kind of confusing so Make sure you guys are subscribed to the Channel because i will be having Separate videos going to more details About what the differences are and after Using this camera for the past couple Weeks now of course there's a bunch of Camera specs that have been updated We'll talk about that but more Importantly i want to talk about some of Those main features i felt that have Really been enhanced after using these Two right here so to start off let's Just quickly go through the camera specs On the updated x3 and we'll first talk About sensor size a nice bump up we do Have a half inch sensor on the new x3 a Nice little jump from the previous x2 Which had a 1 over 2.3 inch cmos sensor

When it comes to video resolution we are Still at that 5.7 k resolution however With the x3 one of the new features that They're going to be offering is full Active hdr in 5.7 when it comes to photo Resolution there is a new 72 megapixel 360 photo option on the x3 and we now Have a slightly wider aperture compared To the x2 this is an aperture of an f 1.9 the x2 had an aperture of an f 2.0 And when it comes to weather and Waterproofing we have the same depth Rating as the x2 you could bring this Into the water up to 10 meters as far as Some of the other camera features we do Have time lapse which now shoots in 8k Compared to 5k on the previous model and When it comes to different options as Far as shooting modes go we of course Have video hdr video we have time lapse Time shift bullet time loop recording Star lapse burst Interval shooting hdr photo as well as Photo mode now of course the number one Feature of shooting and having a 360 Camera if you guys aren't familiar with It is that you have these dual lenses Right here one on each side and when you Hit record and you're shooting in 360 You are shooting everything around you So you know you're never gonna miss a Shot especially when this is pointed out Just like that you're able to shoot Everything around the camera as well as

The camera lenses are actually pointed Back towards you you get to actually Shoot yourself as well with this type of Camera you don't necessarily have to Perfectly frame it every time you're Shooting everything and then all you Have to do is go back into the insta360 App and now since it did shoot Everything you can actually reposition The frame and capture and export out Specific clips from that 360 footage and Not necessarily having to focus on say The back of an action camera making sure You're uh within that frame here you Just put it near them and it'll shoot Everything now note one of the things That discourages people from shooting 360 is the fact that yes it is shooting Everything however it does take more Work in post processing because you have To reframe it so if you are the type That just wants something straight out Of camera and you just want to be able To just take that footage and start Using it they do have a single mode Option a single lens mode option here That we'll talk about however if you are Shooting 360 just note that that's the Extra step you'll need to take that Reframing which you'll either do on the Phone or on the desktop app my next Favorite feature on this thing is the Invisible selfie stick which of course That's what they've marketed since the

Very beginning but if you aren't Familiar with it basically the way the Lenses are positioned here and the way That the stitch is happening it makes it Look like the stick this right here is Not in the shot so they call it the Invisible selfie stick that way if You're out there vlogging or this is Attached to your car or bike that way You don't see the stick yeah you might See it in the shadows depending on which Direction the sun's coming at but for The most part it just looks like this Camera is floating right above your Subject one new feature i really like on The x3 and this is kind of goes back to The whole 360 thing if you don't want to Shoot 360 you are able to shoot in the Single lens mode on the x2 we were only Able to shoot 1440 on the single lens we Can now shoot 4k single lens on the x3 Also as far as audio test goes how does The audio sound i'm about a foot and a Half away from my mouth to the camera so How does the audio sound got the street Going here and for my next favorite Feature of the camera that 2.29 inch Touchscreen a huge difference compared To the previous 360 cameras and that Small screen really made it kind of Tricky to not only see it because the Text was really small but navigate when You're swiping down swiping across and Trying to just preview your video here

To be honest with you whenever i would Use this camera i would almost never Preview my footage after i shot almost Every time i go out shooting with the x3 Now because of that large screen i'm now Able to preview all of my shots i'm Easily able to navigate the 360 footage I had a couple people use this camera For the very first time they've never Used a 360 camera they were able to just Put this out go through the pump track And when they were done we quickly went Back to the footage we were able to see On that large touch screen all of the Shots and make sure especially that we Were able to compose them and get them In it that's something like i said i Didn't really do with the x2 because That screen is just way too small now When i was after shooting the Skateboarders i did want to try this new Feature on here which is called the me Mode now when you're using me mode Basically this is another thing that Also helps you cut down on editing time Which i said is more of the crutch i Would say with 360 is more of the fact That you have to do a little more Editing now what meme mode does is that It automatically frames that subject so If i'm holding the camera just like this It'll automatically frame me And shoot with those two lenses it'll Automatically capture me whichever way

I'm pointing the camera what i would Have liked from insta 360 is the ability To have both formats the 9×16 and 60×9 Already in something like an mpeg-4 and Mov file format that way you'd be able To take the file directly from the card Straight into your editing program but You still have to take it into into 360 Studio and then re-export it back out Another one that's really great about The insta360 camera and actually a lot Of their other cameras is the flow state Stabilization now speaking of Stabilization when you're talking about Action cameras you have things like Hyper smooth on the gopro you have Rocksteady on the dji osmo action here We have flow state stabilization and They also have horizon locks so Whichever way you're pointing your Camera you can actually maintain a Leveled horizon with horizon lock on the X3 next new feature we have on here is Something that i don't use as much Because on the previous cameras you had To go into a lower resolution to get a Higher frame rate but now if you wanted To get those matrix style shots where You spin it above your head you can now Shoot in 4k at 120 frames a second the One that i do like about the x3 is that They kept the form factor pretty much The same as the x2 as you can see side By side it is just a little bit thicker

Than the x2 definitely a lot thinner Than the one inch mod right here but it Is very very similar to the x2 so if you Already have an x2 you just know that The form factor is pretty much the same It is just a little bit thicker there to Of course accommodate the larger camera Sensor and that bigger screen what i do Like about insta360 is that they always Have a ton of accessories to choose from For you to get that perfect shot for Instance this is a backpack mount so i Never thought about using a backpack Mount but basically if you have a Backpack on all you strap this onto the Back of the bag and then you can adjust This right here and this will now allow You to get that behind the back shot Where it looks like someone is actually Following you with a drone when i was in Chicago i was using this one a ton this Is a 9 foot carbon fiber extension pole And this thing just keeps on going and Keeps on going and with these types of Shots if you do some Rise shots i was in chicago shooting the Bean and i was able to go through the Trees so i was able to use this for a Lot of behind the scenes work so while I'm setting up my drone i'll just put This on the table extend this thing all The way out because like i said it does Have that built-in tripod that screen as Well as a sensor upgrade to a half an

Inch all the other camera specs to go Along with it and all those new features Definitely a nice upgrade on the x3 i'm Of course going to have some upcoming Videos comparing the x2 versus the x3 Also what is the difference with this One inch sensor compared to the half Inch can you really see the difference If you guys want to see some of these Videos make sure you guys are subscribed To the channel now as far as pricing Goes i will be leaving the current Prices as far as when i'm shooting this Video i'll leave the current prices of These cameras here on screen but of Course if you guys want the most updated Prices or if you guys are looking at Picking up one of these cameras all the Links will be down below in the video Description as always if you guys got Some value from this video a big like be Much appreciated this is aldrin estacio With i'll see you guys in The next video take care