INSTA360 X3 vs GOPRO HERO 11 – How Do They Compare?

By | October 11, 2022

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Insta360 and GoPro have recently come out with their latest and greatest action cameras, so I put them side-by-side in this comparison video. The Insta360 X3 has major upgrades from their previous X2 like a massive touchscreen, 4k single lens mode and new shooting modes. GoPro comes out with a new 8×7 sensor, 5.3k 60fps resolution on their new HERO 11.


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Now here I have two of the latest and Greatest action cameras we have the new GoPro Hero 11 and the insta 360. this is The new X3 now for those that might not Be familiar with these action cameras This is the GoPro which is a standard Action camera has the single lens here Up front and it is a 360 X3 is a dual Half inch sensor camera that does shoot 360 video with the release of the new X3 We're starting to see new features on Here they're slowly closing the gap Between these two types of cameras now One thing to note insta360 is sponsoring This video by providing me these cameras To compare but note just like all my Other videos everything I talk about is Based on my experiences using these Whether it's good or bad the pros and Cons so let's dive right into the Comparisons and you do want to stick Around because there is that one new Feature on here which has really Expedited my editing process and that's That one thing I keep thinking we're Starting to bridge the gap between these Two and of course the first thing we Always want to know is what is the price Of these two cameras the insta360 3 Comes in at 449 dollars 4.99 is what You're more than likely going to pay for The GoPro like I said there's multiple Packages out there that are very Confusing and I've talked about it in my

Previous videos but we'll just stick Around that 4.99 to 549 price because That's what the majority of people are More likely going to pay when you go Retail and just buy it either on Amazon Or at Best Buy however there are some Other subscription model deals you can Actually get through GoPro and I'll Leave that information down below either Way links will be down below for these Cameras in the video description now Size and weight of course you can see Here with the size the exit 3 is a lot Taller but it is skinnier but we do have The Dual lenses here versus a single Lens on the GoPro now as far as weight Goes the GoPro comes in 155 grams while The X3 Comes in 179 grams as for the video Resolution on the X3 we have 5.7 k at 30 Frames a second however that is shooting In 360. so while it is 5.7 that's 5.7 With both cameras but when you are Exporting out if you're shooting 360 and Exporting it back out you're still Exporting out at that 1080p however one Upgrade that insta360 did do on this Version of the X3 is that now when You're using single lens mode which is Basically you're using one or the other Lenses when you're shooting in Just One Direction the same way you would be Doing with a GoPro you now have 4K Resolution in the single lens mode which

Is a really really big deal because now You have 4K coming out of one of the Lenses and you have this new touchscreen This large 2.29 inch touchscreen which We never had in the past we had a Smaller one that honestly I hardly ever Use because it was so small now we have This huge vibrant touch screen that you Can use compared to the GoPro we only Have the touchscreen on the back but if You're doing something like Vlogs now You can actually shoot in 4k and you can See yourself in a large 2.29 inch Touchscreen on the very front touch Screen here there is no touch screen on The GoPro as far as the front touch Screen goes now with the new screen I'm Definitely finding myself using single Lens mode a lot more which is also now In 4k using it a lot more because I am Able to utilize that front screen now When it comes to field of view of course When you're in 360 you have 360 field of View that's something that the GoPro Hero 11 doesn't but even in single lens Mode right now we have 170 degree field Of view coming out of one of the lenses Here on the GoPro depending on which Stabilization mode you're in you have Anywhere between 140 to 150 155 field of View depending on like I said on which Stabilization mode every time you change Or up the stabilization it does punch in That field of view a little bit more now

The one thing new on the GoPro Hero 11 That did introduce is this new sensor Which gives you an eight by seven format Almost a square format for you to shoot In now that definitely helps you in post Processing if you want to change your Orientation if you wanted to shoot one Shot which is an 8×7 and then you can Also export that out as a horizontal Shot or a vertical shot like I said it's Almost a square format and if you're Shooting at 5.3 and you're exporting out In 4k it does give you that extra video Resolution to punch in so if you want to Export in vertical horizontal you're Able to do that with that new sensor now When it comes to image stabilization on These both of these Superior image Stabilization all these new action Cameras the GoPro has what they call Hyper smooth and instant 360 has what They call Flow State stabilization which Is this little toggle that you're able To turn on and off in studio app and What's great about both these cameras Too you do have the ability to have Those Horizon locks the one thing Different though on the X3 is that Horizon lock can be in any direct action So if you are spinning the camera around And you want to point it back this way In Horizon lock you could do that with The GoPro you are only doing Horizon Lock like I said with that single lens

Single camera so that one angle you can Do Horizon lock with now as far as Durability goes this of course will go To the GoPro because of the lens this Will always probably be the downfall of Something like a 360 camera because you Have those exposed lenses here so when We talk about action action sports Mounting this thing while you can easily Do it with the X3 and these 360 cameras You just have to make sure that it's in A place that if you know it's going to Fall over or might fall you highly risk Scratching the lenses on these types of Cameras so when it comes to action Sports or usage where you risk dropping The camera which I guess you could wrist Drop at the camera no matter what but You have a better chance of survival With the GoPro versus the X3 because Insta360 does have what they call Invisible cell selfie stick which is When you are shooting in 360 and the Camera is mounted just like that on a Stick the way it edits the two cameras Together it actually removes the stick From your video which means my kids can Hold this out just like that at any Direction and not have to worry about Framing and not have to also worry about Seeing the stick in their shots also When you're mounting this to your car or Mounting it to the bike you can get Those drone like shots where it looks

Like the camera is just out there Floating because you don't see the stick In the shot but yet you're getting this Unique angle whichever way you're Mounting this on your subject and that's The difference here with the GoPro is That if you are doing anything like Selfie and you're wide enough you will End up seeing that selfie stick in the Shot or if you're out there shooting it With my kids and if I hand this over to My kids definitely you have to really Position the camera perfectly in order For them to be in the shot now just Brings you to that one feature I talked About in the very beginning where I said It started to change how I shot and There's a feature on here called me mode The one thing with 360 in the past is That you would always have that extra Step of editing the 360 video which Takes more time the one thing with me Mode now is that when you put this Camera into me mode you're basically Shooting with both cameras but it's only Shooting towards you or towards the Subject and what it's doing is actually Compiling those two camera shots into One video everything you shoot in me Mode now is if I hold it like this now The camera is automatically going to be Shooting back here and capturing Everything compiling that into a single Video now as far as weather and

Waterproofing on these two cameras They're both rated for 33 feet Waterproof now I haven't tested it that That deep but they are rated for it Without having any case on it so as they Are out of the box rated for 33 feet now When it comes to out of camera video Quality I will give that to GoPro the GoPro video quality is really really Good and like I said if you are shooting In 360 and exporting out you you are Still exporting out those specific Frames that you're repositioning the Camera you're still exporting those out At 1080p where here your export is going To be at minimum you know 4K 5.3 K or I Mean you can always go down but you're Always going to want to probably shoot At the higher resolutions but you are Going to get that higher quality higher Resolution out of the GoPro if you are Comparing these when you're talking About shooting in 360. when it comes to Photos we do have 27 megapixels on the GoPro Hero 11 we have 72 megapixels on The insta3cx3 and we are able to achieve That 72 because we are shooting with the Two lenses you're shooting in 360. so With that you are able to get and Achieve high resolution and being 360 it Gives you that ability or option to then Reposition what frame you want out of it Later speaking of reframing this is Where the X3 is extremely powerful

Because you do not focus on the subject Anymore when you're out there shooting As much and what I mean by that is that When you're out there shooting all you Have to do is really hit record and have The camera pointed out and away from you And you know that you're shooting Everything which means later in Post-processing you can reposition that Camera in any angle and not only Reposition the camera angle you can also Export out unlimited types of clips from One single clip that's one of the Biggest benefits with 360 and that's Something you can't do of course with a Standard action camera that only has one Lens whichever way you're pointing it That's all that's shooting and that's The only thing you have to work with in Post-processing now with that said is Going to be one camera that you must Have as far as if you're gonna go grab And go very very hard to say because There's definitely huge benefits on both Sides now lucky enough I do have that Option to pick up both cameras and I Still feel like these things sit in very Similar yet different categories you Kind of have the best of both worlds With the insta360 you have 4K now Shooting from a single lens then you Have the ability to shoot 360. the one Thing about 360 and the X3 and actually All 360 cameras in general is that

You're just always worried about the Lens right here you throw this around You throw it on the ground you throw on The table you beat it up you're throwing Your pocket you almost never worry about These types of cameras and like I talked About one of the things that's helping Insta360 in this case as far as editing Goes that me mode it takes away that Step of post-processing which I talk About a lot which pushes people away I Think from 360 knowing they have to go Into another app go into another uh Environment to then do some exports that Me mode really expedites your editing Process if you know that you're going to Get the specific shot if I knew I just Want to shoot a selfie of myself or if I Just want to hook it up to a bike and Just get the bike or just get one action That I'm doing throw it into me mode hit Record and know that I'm gonna have a Single file ready to go once again who's Thanks to Intel 360 for sponsoring these Cameras of course if you guys are Interested in either one of these links Will be down below in the video Description as always if you guys got Some value from this video a big like Would be much appreciated also don't Forget to subscribe hit that Bell to be Notified when I post new videos this is Also estacio with I'll See you guys in the next video take care