Is it reasonable to tell clients that deliverables will be stored only for a short period of time?

By | September 29, 2022

In today's episode we discuss a topic that most pilot seems to discount for in their service offering and that's about storing deliverables for clients.

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06:18 Today's question on how long should clients have access to final project deliverables.
07:15 Paul shares his experience working with storing data
09:43 Should pilots mention a time period to allow clients to download data?
11:18 Will pilots put off their clients by stating the system for data storage?
12:08 Offering clients a price for storing data and creating backups
15:05 How people can prepare for tough questions from clients

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Awesome episode of ask a drone you my Name is Paul as always man my name is Rob as always grateful to be sitting Here hanging out with you and man so Thankful that you would spend a few Minutes of your day with us we really Appreciate it and uh today's question Was pretty interesting it's one that We've not had before which I think is Kind of cool and by the way uh we'd love To hear from you ask get your Questions in we uh we did This show for you guys and that means Questions from you in order to give back To you and so uh whatever's on your mind Let us know we want to hear from you This is actually a very relevant good Question I'm surprised that this Particular one has not come up before Um so let's get right into Today's Show Right into the question keep things Succinct for all of you out there and Again there's a lot of questions even Sometimes they seem like simple Questions for example we were just Working with drone soccer and a kid came

Up and asked what was the best drone to Get to start a business and he had give Given the Air 2 air 2s The Mini 3 Pro and like one older drone And the way that the guy answered the Question I was kind of surprised and I Think that there's a lot of different Perspectives on what is a commercial Drone at this point because you look at The Mini 3 Which its gimbal has completely changed The way we think about gimbals and the Fact that it's now shooting portrait Mode which is what you see on your phone And so if you're in social media you're In an influencer which I don't know how Long that's going to last in this Recession that's coming up Um that can be a really great commercial Bird for you Um I think even for uh construction Companies that are trying to do social Media and you know other things yeah They're gonna need other drones for Technical Pursuits but this drone could Be great for just popping it up and Getting some content for some Instagram Reels So I think uh we would love to hear more Of your questions and I think the Environment of droning is definitely Changing Um the two questions that we're going to Be answering today while we're filming

Them today they'll come out in different Days are very relevant too like with the The Avada coming out and really Understanding am I going to build my my Cineworp skills to be able to do fly Throughs with that drone and uh I we've Got a great answer for that question Because learning fpv is is something Very unique in itself so I think we'll Have a lot of fun with that do Appreciate you being here uh sponsor of Today's show we have some great great New courses that have gone up on droneu We just got another don't crash course Done we're loading up on don't crash Courses you know the mavic 3 Enterprise Is going to be dropping this week by the Time you hear this show you're probably Gonna already have heard about it and You know with the industry constantly of Evolving you've got to stay on top of Stuff which is and you've got to stay on Top of stuff with the right ideology a Commercial ideology and if you want to Stay on top of all that stuff you've got To become a drone you member if you're Not a journey member or maybe you were a Drone you member do know that we just Put out the email that we're raising our Prices obviously we've got to match Inflation Um and I still think it's the greatest Value for drone education out there Personally obviously that might be

Biased but I really I really believe That and that makes me grateful because At the end of the day I want you to have Quality deep insightful information that Helps you make decisions to navigate This this lifestyle so that said uh if You were a member and you become a Member again you'll actually be Grandfathered into that older pricing so If you uh have been a member and you Want you're thinking about hey maybe I Should become a member again maybe I Just want to support the show get back In the community check out the new Courses like the web wedding course Check out uh you know more of the don't Crash courses check out the updated Mapping stuff you know we're always Adding to that and frankly frankly said There's so much information it's Ridiculous rapid orthomosaic class That's on there well and what we did we Talked about this is that we've offered A couple of classes that were paid for Only previously to people that sign up By midnight on September 30th and that Includes Kara's class okay and the sales Class that you did oh neat so you Actually put that out yeah guys that's I Mean that was a nine week class that you Did yeah that people paid a solid amount Of money for that you did last year so It's very still very relevant dude and That has the article formula in it it's

Like class five or six I spent three Hours on that one lesson yeah dude that That one lesson is worth of ten thousand Dollars in itself but man if you get That for becoming a member you guys Better try not to become members right Now because if you don't you are losing Out so I I mean I recently just saw a Marketing conference here at Denver Startup and they were talking about SEO And organic content and organic content Is still King it is yeah it is still King which means Rob needs to slap me Around a little bit so I do some more Articles every once in a while no no no No no that's not the answer Not the answer is not Paul do more That's right it's delegate and scanter Is Paul delegate see even I have to be Corrected all the time on on Entrepreneurial ideology yeah it's uh It's definitely a temptation to try to Do it all ourselves even at this stage Of where we're at it's a Temptation oh Yeah I could not agree more could not Agree more all right well let's get Right into today's question which is Very very relevant for all of you it's All about the timeline for deliverables How long should you give your clients to Download their assets I actually have a Story for this I had a client who I said I would host their stuff for a year And they didn't download it and a year

Went up and I set up my Google Drive to Automatically delete things after a set Period of time And it's gone and I don't have a backup And that was a fun conversation so let's Hear this question Hi Paul hi Rob uh John Paul here out of Minnesota so I have a small just a side Business offering drone work and what I'm wondering is how long should I be Hanging on to data for photos footage on My hard drive and as well as on say Google Drive when I upload it for my Clients to download Is it off-putting if I put a limit on That and I spell it out say in an Invoice tell them they have a month to Download it and then it's going to be Removed but then still maybe hang on to It for longer what is a good best Practice for that I'm just trying to Keep my costs down again as it's kind of A side business here so I appreciate you Guys help and keep up the good work Man John that is actually a really great Question and even though it affects Everybody pretty much that's doing what You do I bet most people are not even Considering that element At least not seriously enough in terms Of sort of the overall cost and relative Profitability of their business because It's not free to store that stuff no Right so but it's a great question you

Said you had a story so I mean you kind Of told it in the intro but a year yeah So is that what you tell people or what Do you say well let me give some context Here because Um you know Vic here used to use a Service that after 30 days the link Would expire to even download uh Everything it'll be wiped off of his Online cloud storage space which I Thought was really cool Um I honestly thought that was one of The best features of that tool that he Was using Um and I had done some work for a client Down in Roswell New Mexico and I told This person that I produced I think it Was four or five separate videos for him And I put it on Google Drive emailed it To him I think two or three times and I Told him in person I said I only host Stuff for a year based off of what You're paying me if you want your data To be backed up and stored for Additional time you have to pay for that And I I think I said a thousand bucks it Was four figures very low four figures Don't remember exactly how much and the Idea there if you're gonna ask for that Much money to continue to store it is to Get them to deal with themselves like It's kind of the oh like the butthole Fee yeah the yeah that's exactly For that yeah yeah yeah well it's just

Like the nursery up here that charges 280 dollars to deliver a tree and he Told me outright he's like it's kind of Like we're trying to price ourselves out Of it yeah we don't want to take you Your damn treat exactly yeah yeah yeah So this is the same thing it's like I Don't want to store your crap for more Than a year because cloud storage is Only getting more expensive not less I Mean yeah you get more space in some Cases but it's still expensive well a Year went by 15 months went by he Emailed me and I told him hey I don't Have it anymore uh it was deleted you Know and he got his his assistant you Know to reach out to me hey do you have That no I don't finally uh he got Another new assistant and another new Assistant I think he's like three Assistants deep now And I finally just stopped emailing them And I was just like uh yeah I'll get Back to you yeah I'll get back to you Yeah I'll get back to you almost as like Uh all right I've already said this like You know maybe five to seven times the Impression rate is quite high it's still Not getting through so I guess I just Need to change my message Um but this is a very real issue because I mean think about it think about if uh One of our people gave us only a month To download something

Um that may seem like a long time to Some of you but for people who are very Very busy sometimes it's not oh gosh so How would you feel right wrap your Fingers Uh what do you mean how would I feel Like what and I mean specifically how Would you feel if a client did that to You if a client if a client wait said Hey you have 30 days to download this Media that I just delivered and you just Paid for I I mean I would say well thank you or I Would download it I mean I don't know What you don't understand what's hard no No well I mean I think that's exactly The point is that there's really not a Lot of emotion in this and I think a lot Of drone Pilots are afraid to say on Their invoice or reach out to their Clients and say look I'm happy to store This data on Google Drive Dropbox box Whatever you're using Um but I'm only gonna do it for 30 days 60 days You know I think a lot of people don't Want to enforce that rule because They're afraid of having a client Relationship break down yeah and I think That that's where it's going to take a Little bit of um discernment on When you enforce and when you don't I Mean I had to actually deleted all that Content so there was no option other

Than enforcement so for me it was kind Of like I would love to sell you this Content again but I don't even have it You know like I I dumped it so because I Had an issue where I was just storing Too much data and it was getting really Expensive and it's an issue and Particularly those kinds of videos that You're doing it uh they take up a lot of Space as we know I'm not telling you Guys anything you don't know and John One of the what really stuck out to me Is you said is it or would it be Off-putting And uh that makes me think of something Else that I won't bring up here it's Kind of funny it doesn't matter No well sorry number one yeah I guess You could say it doesn't matter but Number two I don't even think it is I Mean I think it's just like create your System I would say to incorporate into Your system some reminder emails so you Can document look this email went out or Three emails went out I'd like I don't Know let's say you give six months and I Don't know what the magic number is is a Year magic whatever Um like you said vic would use 30 days Which that seems pretty short to me but If that's your system that's your system And I guarantee you'll start to train Your clients accordingly And I don't know I mean you could also

You could buy drives and sort of store Them off sites or I don't know would you Do that would you consider I did do that And it was very expensive I think what I Think the solution is to offer a pricing Table and say you know everyone offers Their packages and few people think About the time to actually store the Data I would put a disclaimer on every Invoice and just say look your data will Be stored in the cloud for you to Download for let's say 60 days past that 60-day period up until 90 days if you Don't remove it there is a grace period You know we'll charge you a hundred Bucks so you can download it again after 90 days it's gone yeah and you can't do Anything about it you can think about Setting up you know backup protocols and Whatnot of like well you can have 60 Days to download it and from 61 days to 120 if you still want your data it's Going to be a 250 charge you know or Have some sort of pricing table Um some people will because they've had Their data stolen or lost some people Will say you know what I'm going to Spend the extra 400 bucks you store my My stuff for a year yeah or you could Even make suggestions we suggest these Options as great options for you to Store your data yeah give them some help Because a lot of these folks they might You know they don't necessarily work in

The digital world like you do or like we Do and so it is a little bit uh Intimidating to know where to store it And what to do with it so help them out In that regard as part of your systems Um but no there's I don't think there's Anything wrong with uh with telling People that you'll only have it for a Short period of time yeah not yet and I Think it's all about how you go about it Yeah because if you're like Look rob you can only get it for 30 days What do you expect from me right yes no One No One's Gonna respond positively to That and say yeah uh well Rob after you Know multiple attempts to make sure that You got that data I tried to go out of My way to ensure that I communicated With you because I know that we're all Human and sometimes we get caught up in Things unfortunately I have a business To run and my clients don't pay for Storage and so if I keep storing things I'm going to run up bills that eat into My margins and I can't live anymore so I Mean you understand why I have these Policies and systems right you know it's All about how it's just all about how so It usually is if you need a lesson in How to speak to your clients there are About 1300 episodes where you can watch Paul learning from Rob on exactly how to Do that Uh we're all learning life is a learning

Curve on that bombshell that's gonna do It for us today my name is Paul I'm Rob This is ask tronio Foreign [Music]