It’s finally ok to use your trim switches // EDGETX HOW-TO

By | December 14, 2022

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00:00:52 – I'm going to do something different today
00:01:20 – OpenTX EdgeTX logic flow
00:02:33 – How to do it on TX16S
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00:08:51 – How to do it on Zorro
00:10:32 – Are you hungry for more? – Make your radio tell you if you're turning left too much (advanced OpenTX tutorial)

Have you ever been flying your Quadcopter in angle mode auto level mode And the accelerometer is just a little Bit out of whack and that means that the Quadcopter keeps pulling to one side and You keep having to put in Stick input to Correct for that wouldn't it be nice if You could just use your trim switches to Fix that you normally can't because as Soon as you switch from angle mode back To Acro mode I mean if you only ever fly In angle mode then yeah just use your Trim switches but as soon as you switch From angle mode back to Acro mode now Your channels aren't centered and your Quad doesn't fly right so wouldn't it be Great if we could configure our Controller so that our trim switches Only applied when we were in angle mode And then as soon as we switched to Acro Mode suddenly the channels were all Centered and the trims were ignored That's what we're going to do today it's Time for an advanced Edge TX tutorial I'm Joshua Bardwell you're gonna learn Something today I'm gonna do something a little bit Different with this video I'm going to Show you this tutorial twice because I Usually demonstrate this kind of thing On my radio Master tx16s with the big Glorious color screen and then I say all Open TX and htx radios have basically The same menu structure it's just a

Little bit different on the smaller Screen so just few figure it out but This time I'm going to show it to you on Both radios it's not going to take too Long but there's chapter markers in the Timeline down below if you feel like you Want to skip ahead and I'm going to Start by pressing the model key and then Paging to the inputs screen there's Actually a couple of different ways you Could do this like some people are Thinking why don't you use flight modes Yeah I think it makes more sense to me To do it with inputs but if you've got a Different way you would do it tell me Down in the comments how you would do it And the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to copy each of these four Inputs so the way that open TX and Edge TX sort of handle the control flow is That you've got a physical control like The stick the stick out puts a position If you will and then that goes into the Inputs which may apply a custom curve I May apply a weight and then from there It goes to the mixer which controls what Channel it goes on and how much uh that Goes out that channel and then from There it goes to the outputs which can Adjust the end points and center of the Channel and this all is way more Complicated than it needs to be it goes Back to the days when we didn't have Flight controllers and all we had was

Servos so all of the control of the Relationship between how much I move the Stick and how much the servo moves had To be handled in the radio nevertheless It gives us some opportunity to tweak Stuff like this so here in the inputs I'm going to click the jog wheel while Highlighting ale aileron that's the roll Input I'm going to choose copy and then I'm going to click again I'm going to Choose paste after and now I will have Two aileron inputs fine the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to click on The set second one And I'm going to edit it And if we scroll down here one of the Options for an input is whether trims Are applied so if I set trims to off Then when this input is active I'm just Going to hit return and back out here When the second input line is active Then trims will not be applied to this Input and when this first one is on then Trims will be applied so one of these They're exactly the same just one has Trims and one doesn't so then how do we Control which one is active and which One isn't and we're going to do that by Using the angle mode switch so for me on My radio angle mode is switch SD in the Center position that's just how I've set My radios up however you set Yours up Whatever switch position you use for Angle mode that's what you're going to

Use for this tutorial I'm going to go Into the trims off The second one I'm going to click it and Edit it if we go down here to the switch Parameter the switch parameter allows You to define whether this line is on or Off based on a switch position so Instead of scrolling through this list And trying to find the switch I can Simply move the switch to the position I Want And you'll see that it will immediately Highlight switch SD in the middle Position As the option if I then back out we can See that this line will become active When switch SD is in the middle position Except as I move the switch you'll see It's not becoming active and I think the Reason for that is that you can only Have one input line active at a time so It's just the first one that hits is the One that will become active so here's How we're going to address that we're Going to go up to the Top Line click the Jog wheel and edit and we're going to Make that one be switch and we're going To put SD in the middle position again And then what we want to do is we want To say that this first line is active Whenever switch SD is not in the middle Position and the second line is active Whenever switch SD is in the middle Position see when we're in angle mode

Versus when we're not in angle mode and The way I can accomplish that is simply By long pressing on the jog wheel and You'll see a little exclamation point Will appear here exclamation point SD The middle position and that exclamation Point is programmer speak for not so What we're saying here is if I just back Out here this first line will become Active when switch SD is not in the Middle position the second line will Become active when switch SD is in the Middle position And now what we should see is that we Have trims when we're in angle mode and No trims when we're not let's check that Out so I want you to look down here at Channel number one in my channel readout You can see that is my role Channel and If I put some trim in You can see that that will begin to go Out to the maximum trim so here we've Got maximum right trim of 24 but if I Switch to angle mode I've done it backwards I've done it Backwards I have trims when I'm in Acro Mode but not ankle mode dang it dang it Bark well let's just real quick fix that Go back to the inputs SD middle position Should Not have trims no I want trims SD middle Position has trims SD not middle Position that's not angle mode should Not have trims

Oops Okay Now then When I'm in Acro mode no trims angle Mode trims come back And of course I would repeat that for Each of the other four into the three You wouldn't do it for throttle I mean What even is throttle trim I don't know You decide but I would repeat that for The pitch roll and yaw axis and then I Can trim to my heart's content while I'm Flying and I gotta say this is more Useful than I think maybe some people Think it's not just that your Accelerometer can get out of whack and Need to be trimmed and some people say Well if your accelerometer gets whacked You're crashing anyway I don't mean what Happens when you smack a wall and the Quad literally is just like you're gonna Crash there the right thing to do is to Disarm land and then re when you re-arm It usually sorts itself out I'm talking About like I was in a whoop race once And I found that I kinda didn't like Having to constantly hold forward on the Stick as much as I was I I found it a Little bit awkward to hold forward on The stick and then also steer and I I Just put in some forward pitch trim and Trimmed forward and then the quad would Just take off and fly forward all by Itself and I could focus on steering so

There's lots of reasons why you might Decide to do this next I want to use the Radio Master Zorro to show you how this Exact same process differs when you're Working with one of these smaller black And white screen radios the radio Master Zorro the jumper tea light the freesky Qx7 all of them are going to have this Exact same interface but before I do That I just want to take a second to Remind you that I have a patreon patreon Is a website where you can subscribe to Me for as little as two dollars a month Or more if you feel like I've earned it The amount that you subscribe at is Totally up to you and you can stop Anytime you want patrons get access to My Discord server which is full of Friendly helpful people just like me who Will help you with your problems or just Chat with you about fpv then patrons Also get access to podcast downloads of My live streams if you prefer to listen To those at a podcast instead of watch Them live but mostly what patrons get is The good feeling that they're supporting The work that I do here if you enjoy Tutorials like this and you want me to Keep making them the single best way you Can make sure that keeps happening is by Joining my patreon at any dollar level If today's the day that I've earned your Support then there are links in the Video description to my patreon and if I

Haven't earned it yet maybe just got Here and you're like who is this guy Anyway hey keep watching the content I'll keep making the content maybe that Day will come so I'm going to press the Model key and it'll bring up model Select and then I'm going to page Forward till I get to the inputs screen All very familiar so far I'm going to Highlight that first one and I'm going To long press and copy And then I'm going to long press again And What about paste what can I paste it Shut up okay well Already a small difference I forgot it's Been a while since I worked with one of These radios I'm glad I did this the way That these black and white screen radios Work is if you just after copying roll Down it will automatically just sort of It's showing the extra line that I'm Going to be adding where I'm going to Add it so if I just click down one time It'll add a second copy of that line Right there then I'm going to Long click And edit And here we can go in and we can look For The switch parameter which is right here And this one is going to be SC I guess is my angle mode switch so We'll put SC middle there And if we continue down here's the trim

Option we'll set trim to Off Then if I hit return one time I can go To this first one and edit on one click And edit And I'll go down And for this one it's going to be Switched God dang it That's the middle And then if I long click okay I can Invert There we go Oh goodness me well my batteries are Dying but I think I just about finished This setup I'm glad I did that because It's been a while since I used a black And white screen radio and I kind of Forgot a couple things so I'm glad you Were along with me for that ride now if You love this style of advanced open TX Tutorial you're gonna love another video I did where I programmed the radio to Detect if you turn you know what doesn't It stink when you just turn right turn Right turn right turn right and you Never turn left or vice versa I Programmed a radio to detect when you Turned right or left too many times in a Row and then play an audio file you can Make whatever audio file you want uh and Warn you hey turn the other direction And if that sounds really interesting to You

Card right here I'll see you there