Learning Flips | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 4

By | November 28, 2022

One of the easiest maneuvers to start with when getting into freestyle flying is the flip. Flips are executed by using the pitch axis- with upward pitch resulting in a front flip and downward pitch in a backflip.

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Today on fpv 101 we're going to teach You how to do a flip one of the easiest Maneuvers to start with when getting Into freestyle flying is the flip flips Are executed using the pitch axis with An upward pitch resulting in a front Flip and a downward pitch resulting in a Back flip so let's jump into the Simulator the first thing you want to do When attempting this or any new maneuver Is to get a lot of altitude this is Especially important in real life as it Will leave you room for error with Plenty of altitude you'll not only have Time to complete the move but you also Have time to correct your flight Characteristics if you over or Undershoot it that extra room will also Allow you to bail out of the trick Completely if need be when flipping your Initial reaction may be to throttle Throughout the whole maneuver which is Incorrect by throttling throughout the Maneuver you'll be accelerating in every Direction throughout the flip this can Be especially dangerous when you're Fully inverted and beginner Pilots can Quickly find themselves rocketing back Towards the ground instead you want to Punch throttle then drop it back down to Zero before executing a flip this will Give you the extra speed you need and You could ride the drone's inertia Forward to completion of the maneuver

Before ramping up the throttle again So let's punch up to full stick drop Throttle and Pitch forward Backflip Punch up to full stick drop throttle Pitch backward As you can see it's easy to complete This trick only to find yourself looking At the ground or up at the sky so what You'll really want to practice is Catching the horizon line level yourself Out with the horizon line the point Where the ground and the sky meet then Try to end your maneuver in the same Place practice this for both front flips And back flips until you've mastered the Timing bury the speed of your flips as Well to get used to different hang times Remember the speed of your flip is Directly connected to how you tune the Pitch rate of your drone the higher your Pitch rate the faster you'll be able to Flip it full stick deflection But be warned changing your rates will Also change the sensitivity of your Sticks so any increase or decrease will Cause you to have to relearn the muscle Memory even for simple maneuvers