Learning Immelmann Turns | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 14

By | December 18, 2022

In drone flying, an Immelmann turn is basically half a powerloop, which is then rolled out of at the top, resulting in level flight in the opposite direction at a higher altitude. In the freestyle community, we most often see this trick done in parking structures, with a drone exiting out of one level of the parking structure and reentering on a higher level.

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You may not have heard of immelman turns But they have a long history in aviation Named after World War one ace pilot Max Immelman it was originally developed as An aerial combat maneuver for fixed-wing Aircraft in drone flying an imelman turn Is basically half a power Loop which is Then rolled out of at the top resulting In level flight in the opposite Direction at a higher altitude so let's Give it a try on the U.S Air Force night Mode map one of my favorite places to Practice this maneuver is the blimp We're going to enter through the lower Level here exit out the other side and Then re-enter the blimp through the Higher gaps the first half of this Maneuver is exactly what you practice With power loops We're going to throttle up and Pitch Back so that we're accelerating up and Through part of a back flip into a near Inversion You're going to continue to pitch in Throttle so that you start flying Backward a little bit and then do a Cross-coordinated roll to carry that Momentum from backward flight through to Forward flight A cross-coordinated roll here instead of A regular roll will allow you to keep More momentum a regular roll will end You looking at the sky which pitches you Back and slows you down ideally you want

To end with a slightly downward pitch to Maintain your momentum And there you have it the immelman turn