Learning Inverted Lookbacks | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 11

By | December 12, 2022

You don’t always need to complete a maneuver right away. In fact, sometimes it’s more fun to segment your trick, especially when trying to track something interesting. One great example of a segmented move is the inverted lookback which is essentially a segmented flip.

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You don't always need to complete a Maneuver right away in fact sometimes It's more fun to segment a trick Especially if you're tracking something Interesting a great example of a Segmented move is the inverted look back Which is essentially a segmented flip Let's try it on the US Air Force night Mode map when doing an inverted look Back you'll need to get plenty of Altitude when you have enough room to Fall punch up to Full Throttle drop it Back down to zero and do a half flip you Want to fully invert and catch that Horizon line as your drone continues to Ride the inertia forward when you really Start feeling gravity pulling you down Just complete the flip and throttle back Up this move is a lot of fun to do when Flying over obstacles or through gaps Especially ones that are high up Segmented moves like this one can also Be easily improvised on Just because you start a maneuver with a Flip Doesn't mean you can't end it with a Roll